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Anabolic steroids – steroids is to buy protein pharmacological agents that mimic the action of male sex hormone – testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. Anabolic steroids accelerates protein synthesis within the cells, which leads to pronounced muscle hypertrophy (generally referred to as the process anabolism), resulting in widely use in bodybuilding. The action of anabolic steroids is conventionally divided into two areas: the activity of anabolic and androgenic activity. The word “anabolic” comes from the Greek “anabolein”, which translates as “to build”, the word “androgen” comes from the word “andros” and “genein”, which translates as “a man to do” or “omuzhestvlyat”.


Anabolic steroids are a large number of synonyms:

  • anabolic
  • Androgens
  • AU (abbr.Anabolic steroid)
  • AAS (abbr.Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids – official name at foreign literature)
  • Steroids
  • Vitamins (slang name in bodybuilding)
  • Chemistry (slang name in bodybuilding)

The history of anabolic steroids

The use of anabolic steroids dates back to their identification and isolation. Medical use of the extract of the testicles of animals began in the late 19th Mastebolin (drostanolone propionate) century. In 1931, Adolf Butenandt managed to isolate 15 mg of androstenone of 10 000 liters of urine. This anabolic steroid was subsequently synthesized Leopold Ruzicka in 1934.Protein buy steroids

In 1930 it was already known that the extract of testes contained a more powerful anabolic steroid than androstenone. Three groups of scientists, funded by competing pharmaceutical companies, three from different countries: the Netherlands, Nazi Germany and Switzerland began to search for more powerful components. Thus, in May 1935, Karoly Gyula David, E. Dingemanse, J. Freud and Ernst Laqueur succeeded in isolating crystalline testosterone. The hormone was so named based on their origin: the dough – egg, sterol – steroid structure, and ending -one, which suggests that the substance is a ketone.

The chemical synthesis of testosterone from cholesterol was produced in the same year Butenandt and G. Hanisch. Within a week after the event, the third group Ruzicka and A. Wettstein made ​​an application to patent a new method of chemical synthesis of testosterone. Ruzicka and Butenandt received for his invention, the Nobel Prize in 1939.

Clinical trials on humans, including oral administration of methyltestosterone and testosterone propionate injections, begun in 1937.

The first mention of an anabolic steroid strength sports history dates back to 1938, when it comes to testosterone propionate in correspondence editor Strength and Health magazine. There are rumors that Nazi Germany used anabolic steroids on soldiers, in order to increase aggression and stamina, but at present this evidence does not have official confirmation. However, Adolf Hitler himself received injections of anabolic steroids, according to his personal physician. Anabolic steroids were used by the Nazis in experiments on concentration camp inmates. In other countries, anabolic steroids used for the treatment and rehabilitation of malnourished prisoners, who were released from the camps.

Improvement of the anabolic properties of testosterone conducted in the 1940s in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries such as East Germany, where anabolic steroids began to be used to improve performance Olympic weightlifters. In response to the success of Russian weightlifters, the US Olympic team doctor, to Dr. John Ziegler, began to work with chemists to develop an anabolic steroid with less androgenic activity, with the result that was obtained methandrostenolone. The new drug was approved by FDA in 1958. Most often it is prescribed for the treatment of severe burns and the elderly, but most of methandrostenolone consumed in bodybuilding and other power sports. Dr. John Ziegler prescribed only small doses to athletes, but he later said that in athletes who exceed the dosage occurred prostate hypertrophy and testicular atrophy.

In 1976, anabolic steroids have been banned by the International Olympic Committee, this ends the story of their legitimate use in sport, and after 10 years of special tests for anabolic steroids in urine have been developed.

The search for new anabolic steroids

Currently, the diversity of anabolic steroids and their modifications are based on four main ideas:

  • Alkylationat -17 alpha position methyl or ethyl group to preventing destruction drugs at liver, makes possible oral reception at form of
  • esterificationat Beta -17 position, which makes a drug soluble at fats, and It allows create depot at tissues that resolves long time, such way considerably increasingduration (up of a few months) anabolic Injectable steroids Changing the ring structure of an anabolic steroid relates to oral and parenteral drugs, is associated with the desire to enhance the anabolic index.
  • Changes in the structure, which prevents the conversion of steroids into estrogen.

The mechanism of action of steroids

The mechanism of action of anabolic steroids is not like the effect of peptide hormones. Once in the blood, steroid molecules spread throughout the body, where they react with skeletal muscle cells, sebaceous glands, hair follicles, certain areas of the brain and some endocrine glands. Anabolic steroids are fat-soluble and therefore can penetrate the cell membrane consisting of fats inside the cells anabolic steroids react (bind) with androgen receptors nucleus and cytoplasm. The activated androgen receptors transmit a signal inside the cell nucleus, resulting in changing expression of genes are activated or processes that send signals to other parts of the cell. The result is a stimulation of the synthesis of nucleic acid species and starts the formation of new protein molecules.

The effect of anabolic steroids on muscle mass increase is due to the following mechanisms:

  • anabolic
  • reduced recovery time
  • decreases the effect of catabolic hormones (cortisol and others.)
  • shift cell differentiation toward the muscle, reducing adipose formation
  • acceleration of metabolic reactions, due to which there is fat decay

The effects of anabolic steroids

The effects of anabolic steroids are divided into two main categories: anabolic and androgenic.

  • A significant increase in muscle mass (10.5 kg per month)
  • The increase in power rates
  • Increased stamina and performance
  • Increase in the number of red blood cells
  • Strengthening bone
  • The reduction of fat reserves
  • masculinization
  • virilization
  • prostate Hypertrophy
  • testicular atrophy
  • hair Loss

What shows that pursued only in bodybuilding anabolic effects. Currently under development steroids, which have a pronounced anabolic effect and low androgenic. The indicator, which reflects the ratio is called anabolic index. At this point, almost all anabolic steroids have androgenic effects.

Side effects of anabolic steroids

The side effects are listed according to frequency of occurrence.

  • Irritability or “steroid rage”
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Acne(acne rash)
  • Increased libido (sometimes regarded as a useful effect)
  • Depression
  • fluid retention
  • Increasing cholesterol levels (as a result – atherosclerosis)
  • Gynecomastia (cause only those anabolic steroids, which are converted into estrogen)
  • Masculinization in women
  • Liver damage (peculiar to those drugs that havea methyl group at -17 alpha position)
  • seborrhea
  • Hypertrophy of the myocardium with the development of ischemia
  • Stopping the growth in young age
  • Hair loss (rarely)
  • Decreased libido
  • Impotence
  • Addictive (obsessivea wish repeat course)
  • Reduced sperm production
  • Infertility
  • Testicular atrophy (in overdose and long-term courses)
  • Depression
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Almost all side effects are reversible, except in cases of abuse. The same pattern is largely determined complications pharmacological profile of the drug, some are more secure than others. Modern drugs are practically devoid of side effects and complications if taken according to the instructions.

Avoiding side effects

  • Do not exceed the recommended dose
  • Do not combine multiple anabolic steroids, if not stipulated rate
  • Do not exceed the duration of the course
  • Women are generally not recommended to take anabolic steroids or to make a choice of preparations with high anabolic index.
  • Do not use anabolic steroids under the age of 20 years
  • Be sure to include in PCT course, it will significantly reduce or prevent many side effects.

These recommendations can reduce the frequency of side effects to 1% or below, and to maintain muscle mass and typed results.

Anabolic steroids in bodybuilding

Anabolic steroids are used in bodybuilding in the first place in order to increase muscle mass and strength indicators. In addition, steroids help to maintain muscle mass during drying and working on relief, help to increase training performance by increasing endurance and strength.


When muscle recruitment intake of anabolic steroids should be combined with systematic weight training, high-calorie diet and sports nutrition. From sports nutrition simultaneously with steroids is desirable to use the protein in large amounts, because it is needed to build their own proteins can also take creatine, vitamin-mineral complex, as well as additives for PCT.

Features workouts with steroids

A major factor in the successful application of anabolic steroids is a correct reorganization of the training. In general, training in the use of steroids is not much different from conventional training programs, but there are some accents and features that we will discuss in this article.

Classical training program:

  • Training program for beginners
  • Training program for professionals

You can engage in these programs, following a number of conditions to obtain maximum results.

It is known that it is possible and it is necessary to train more often and more intensively in the use of steroids. However, this does not imply that you have to pace yourself every day stress. Muscles as well as in conventional training needs rest. Optimal load one muscle group 1 every 4-7 days. To do this, you can make a triple split-training (to break all the muscle groups into 3 parts, each of which will fall on a certain day) and engage in a day. Do not forget that you need to sleep at least 8 – 10 hours a day.

Number of sets and repetitions are not different from the usual training:

  • Exercises – 2-3 per muscle group
  • Sets – 3 per exercise
  • Repetitions – 6-8
  1. Duration of training

The optimal duration of exercise 1-2 hours.

Steroids greatly increase the power rates in the short term, at the same time the level of the strength of tendons and cartilage remains the same, so that the risk of injury increases. Therefore, always perform a thorough warm-up. If you get seriously injured, the efficiency rate will fall sharply, as you can not continue with the full training.

  1. High-intensity training

You need to create the maximum growth promoting effects on the muscles during the cycle. This can be achieved through a progressive increase in the scale and the use of elements supertreninga.

Start cycle with medium intensity workout (your usual training) and throughout the cycle, constantly increase the intensity. Each new exercise you have to work with heavier weights, so that after each visit to the gym muscles will get overstimulation that provide intensive muscle growth.

Do not increase the load sharply since the beginning of the cycle, as in this case, will not be enough room for progress in the future, besides it is dangerous to health.Optimally, to achieve 30% of weights gradually increasing from the beginning of the cycle to its end.

Training after the course of anabolic steroids

It is important to know not only how to train during the cycle, but also after it. At the end of the reception of anabolic steroids testosterone level falls below the original, and if during this period did not take appropriate preventive measures, then a month later all will be lost.

After the cycle is required PCT

As soon as you stop taking anabolic steroids, begin to reduce the intensity of your workouts. The concept of intensity comprises primarily weight and the amount of exercise and the duration of the workout. The greater the intensity – the more the muscles are subjected to load.

So, if you started with the cycle of 100% intensity to the end of the cycle reached 130%, a week after the cycle rate should be reduced to 70%, and 2 weeks to 50%!

Thus, 2 weeks after the cycle, you must deal with much lighter weights, and out of the room without feeling tired. If you continue to be engaged on the same program, your muscles will quickly break down under the influence of powerful catabolic processes.

After 4 weeks after the cycle can increase the load to 80%, even after 2 weeks up to 100% and then continue to engage in regular program.

Side effects of steroids

It’s no secret that anabolic steroids – this is one of the most effective means for a set of lean muscle mass and increase strength. However, many do not even know half the side effects and most importantly, how to deal with them. In this article, we will try not only to describe the main side effects of steroids, but also to give practical advice to reduce damage from steroids.

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It is worth noting that most of the negative effects can be prevented if you follow simple guidelines, associated primarily with the choice of drugs, duration of course, doses and PCT (post-cycle therapy). All data are from reputable foreign sources, which are listed in the notes.

General measures for the prevention of harm

  • Do not use large doses of drugs
  • Do not make the course duration 2 months
  • Choose speakers that are less suppress the production of testosterone
  • Give preference to funds that are not toxic to the liver
  • Useanti-estrogens for restoration secretion testosterone and prevention gynecomastia

Contraindications to receive steroids

  • Do not use anabolic steroids under the age of 21, since at a young age may cause irreversible harm: hormonal changes and stop growth, as a result of the closure of the bone growth zones.
  • We do not recommend the use of steroids in women.Masculinization irreversible.
  • Heart disease is also an absolute contraindication, as the administration of drugs can lead to an exacerbation of the disease.
  • Renal and hepatic impairment
  • Uncompensated hypertension
  • Prostate Benign tumor
  • Expressed atherosclerosis

Special cases

Suppression of natural testosterone

Inhibition of secretion of endogenous testosterone – it is an inevitable consequence of taking anabolic agents. When introduced into the body of hormones, endocrine system, a signal of excessive increase in the concentration of plasma, which in turn leads to the suppression of the production in the testes.

This so-called feedback mechanism. The body is constantly striving to homeostasis, and if the concentration of a particular hormone begins to rise, it is fixed receptors and endocrine system reduces the production of this hormone to restore endocrine balance. Thus virtually all regulated secretion of hormones.

With increasing concentration of nandrolone in the blood testosterone level in the plasma starts to decline mirror, then the process is reversed.

Fortunately, this side effect is reversible. To reduce the harm of steroids to minimize the need to use gonadotropin – a tool capable of effectively increasing the production of testosterone, as well as prevent atrophy of the testes.

Our body constantly produces gonadotropin, that it supports the function of the testes (throughout the sexual activity). During the course of the steroid generation gonadotropin suppressed and testes begin to atrophy. Exogenous gonadotropin can restore hormonal balance and preserve the function of the testes.

The doses of gonadotropin dependent on “power” of the steroid course. If the rate does not exceed the duration of 4 weeks, one drug is used in small doses, it need not gonadotropin. If the duration of the course more than 4 weeks, the dosage is too high, use 2 or more of the anabolic agents: do 2 gonadotropin injection a week for 500 – 1000 IU, starting from the third week of the course.

You can often hear the opinion that the introduction of gonadotropin only necessary for the end of the course, but this is wrong, because in this case testicular tissue will not receive stimulation for a long time, and begin to atrophy, and this can not be allowed. The introduction of gonadotropin throughout the course allows you to achieve the maximum of physiological balance of hormones in the body and maintain sexual function. It should also be emphasized that the need for its use in this case is not connected with a set of mass, and security, which is why small dosages are needed.

To restore the secretion of testosterone has been successfully used tamoxifen 20 mg daily for 2-3 weeks after the course.

liver damage

Liver damage – is one of the most well-known side effects, but its real significance is rather low. The media often focus attention on this issue, as an inevitable consequence of the use of anabolic steroids.

Firstly, liver damage caused only tableted form preparations which have a methyl group in position 17. This group prevents the destruction of the drug in the liver, however, making it toxic to it. Secondly, the side effects on the liver occurs only at very high doses used.

As a confirmation of these words can bring results Fluoxymesterone research, Dianabol and Winstrol in laboratory animals. Scientists have determined that damage to the liver tissue occurs only at doses that are 10 times higher recommended. For example, methandrostenolone toxic properties begin to appear only at a daily dose higher than 80 mg daily, while the recommended dose is about 20-30 mg.

Another study has already been carried out on humans. Two groups of athletes, in which one of the participants used steroids and other trained using only natural products were evaluated for changes in the liver. Athletes who use steroids in high doses had signs of liver damage, but after 3 months, there was no change. Thus, it can be concluded that the adverse effects on the liver are reversible.

  • Do not exceed the recommended dose
  • do not use the 17-alkylated products
  • give preference to the injectable form, they are safe for the liver


Gynecomastia after taking anabolic drugs

Gynecomastia – is a benign growth of the mammary glands in males. This side effect is very unpleasant, but there is only nonsense, because it is very easy to avoid.

Gynecomastia cause only those drugs that are converted into estrogen (methandrostenolone, testosterone, Sustanon et al.).

Nandrolone, Boldenone, Primobolan, Winstrol, Anavar, etc. -. Almost never cause gynecomastia.

If you plan to use drugs that aromatize to estrogen, you start taking anti-estrogens (tamoxifen 10-20 mg per day) starting from the second week of the course. The drug is easily purchased at a pharmacy. This gives almost 100% guarantee of safety.

Very often you can hear the stupid advice such as: anti-estrogens should be used only after completion of the course, or only when the first signs of gynecomastia. This is a serious error, by which so many athletes have gynecomastia. Anti-estrogens should be used throughout the course, gynecomastia is irreversible, so it must be profilaktirovat rather than treat!

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Acne (acne)

Another common side effect. Acne occurs due to the fact that anabolic agents increase the secretion of sebum, which leads to inflammation of the hair follicles and the formation of acne. Especially pronounced this effect in vysokoandrogennyh drugs.

  • Keep the skin clean
  • Highly effectivea drug Accutane

Raising the level of cholesterol in the blood

Anabolic steroids can lower high density lipoprotein (good), and increase low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol). Hypothetically, this could lead to atherosclerosis.

However, in practice this does not happen, because of the short duration of the effect. 4-6 weeks high cholesterol does not lead to changes in the organs and blood vessels, and after drug withdrawal cholesterol level returned to the original.

It should be noted that there is a rise in cholesterol is not always, and these side effects have not all drugs.

  • Take during the course of omega-3 fatty acids
  • Limit consumption of chicken egg yolks and animal fats

Cardiovascular problems

It is known that the use of anabolic steroids is associated with diseases of the cardiovascular system. This is probably correlated with their effects on cholesterol. In addition, the abuse of drugs in this group can cause hypertrophy of the heart ventricles. However, it is worth noting that this brings, and strength training.

  • Do not make long courses, and do not use high doses
  • Include aerobic exercise training program
  • Observe the recommendations outlined in the previous section about cholesterol

High blood pressure

This problem occurs due to the fact that the AU:

  • Pull sodium in the body
  • constricts blood vessels
  • Increase the volume of circulating blood

Normal blood pressure should be below 140/90 mm Hg. Art. Systematically measure the level of blood pressure with a tonometer.

This side effect of steroids is quite easily removed with 50 mg of metoprolol and 5 mg Enalapril. If this is not sufficient, it is possible to increase the dosage until antihypertensives blood pressure normalization.

Kidney problems

The kidneys perform the blood filtration and removal of adverse exchange products from the body. Acceptance of anabolic steroids can increase the burden on the kidneys, but the drugs do not have a direct toxic effect, and load increase is due to increased blood pressure, as described in the section above.

There steroids (e.g. nandrolone) used even for the treatment of certain renal diseases.

  • Normalization of blood pressure

mental health problems

Increased aggression – this is a very rare side effect of steroids, which occurs in less than 3-5% of cases, when using large doses.

One study found that the main role is played by temperament, and if you are not inclined to aggression in everyday life, the use of the AU will not lead to this problem.


Anabolic steroids can promote the development of alopecia in men, than when it applies only to the scalp while the hair on other parts of the body may be slightly thicken.

Scientists believe that hair loss is associated with the gene, which is located on the X chromosome, so the speaker can trigger this process only if there is a genetic predisposition. If your family on the paternal and maternal lines nobody had alopecia, then you, too, it is obviously not threatened. Otherwise, it is almost inevitable process.

The reason steroids contribute to baldness is dihydrotestosterone, so you can use those drugs that are not converted to this metabolite.

  • Use the speaker, which is not convertedat dihydrotestosterone
  • To prevent baldness successfully used Finasteride , however,a drug It has quite a lot of side effects
  • Has proven the effectiveness of Minoxidil ( cream )

The formation of blood clots

Usage of anabolic preparations increases the prothrombin time or, in other words, an increase in blood clotting. In the rare cases in older people it may increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, which occur due to the formation of mikrotrombov supply vessels.

To eliminate the harm of steroids for the heart, over the age of 40 is recommended to use antiplatelet agents. The ideal solution – Aspirin 100 mg per day (one quarter tablets) active drug inhibits platelet aggregation and eliminates the possibility of blood clots in the vessels.


Virilization or masculinization – is irreversible changes in the female body, which are associated with the acquisition of masculine traits: deepening of the voice, breast atrophy, hypertrophy of the clitoris, men’s facial features, and others.

These symptoms often occur especially when using low anabolic drugs index.

Stopping the growth of

This is an irreversible condition. It applies only at a young age, when bone growth zone has not yet been closed. For this reason it is not recommended to take anabolic steroids under the age of 21 years.

Especially pronounced this effect in flavoring preparations.

prostate Hypertrophy

First of all I must say that steroidal agents only in rare cases, contribute to the increase of the prostate, and this happens usually after the age of 40, in the presence of a genetic predisposition.

The main reason, as in the case of alopecia, extends dihydrotestosterone.

As prevention and treatment has been successfully used Finasteride.


It would be correct to say no to infertility and sterility of the time, due to changes in hormonal levels in the body. Fortunately, it is completely reversible condition.

For faster recovery using antiestrogens (tamoxifen) and human chorionic gonadotropin, according to the schemes described above.

testicular atrophy

Through the feedback mechanism, which has been mentioned above, reduces the production of the natural gonadotropin. This hormone stimulates the testes permanently, if its concentration is reduced testicular tissue begin to atrophy.

Testicular atrophy can be reversible in severe cases! This in turn may result in impotence.

Fortunately, it is easy to prevent gonadotropin via injection, according to the scheme described above. Testicular atrophy is extremely rare and only when using large doses during long courses.

Gonadotropin required only during prolonged courses (over 1.5-2 months) using large doses.