Anabolic steroids for sale

Anabolic steroids for saleAnabolic steroids for sale

Hello again! We were always glad to see you on our site. Today’s topic will be anabolic steroids. This theme is always current in the circles of both amateurs and professionals, especially professionals. But what are these drugs, how they act on the athletes, what their advantages are, what shortcomings knows not everyone. So today we decided to bring you a bit of useful knowledge in this area. Just want to say that the article is for informational purposes and in no way does not agitate the use of steroids, rather the opposite. So, let’s begin.

What are anabolic steroids?

Anabolic steroids – that is to say, a synthetic version of the hormone testosterone. That is, in fact, it is the same hormone that is produced in our body, it’s just created artificially in special laboratories. However, it is still not one hundred percent copy of “our” testosterone, and not only because it is synthetic. In general, testosterone has two characteristic features. One of them – androgen, is responsible for the fact that men differ from women, in other words, creates the division by sex. And the second – anabolic, just the same, and helps to increase muscle size. So if steroids were completely identical to our natural hormones, their reception would be accompanied by enhanced androgenic effect which, in turn, would facilitate early baldness and prostate problems.

The creators of anabolic steroids can be said to have improved their copy of the natural hormone, and provided them with enhanced anabolic function and reduced function of the androgen. So this is the main difference from the natural synthetic testosterone.

Generally steroids initially released as a medical device. In the first place they were needed for people in the age, as long as possible to maintain their muscles in good condition. But because of unpleasant side effects, this method proved to be ineffective. Now, anabolic Oxydrolone (oxymetholone) steroids are still used in medicine and their main task is to accelerate the recovery of patients after major operations. But in this process, we will not go into details, because we were much more interested in learning about the use of steroids in bodybuilding. Right?

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The action of anabolic steroids on athletes

So, we all know how the muscle growth, if not, in short, this process looks like. Man training with weights and gives the muscles completely familiar to them load. From this structure of damaged muscle fibers and multiple microfractures appear. After that, the body begins to heal and restore them. At the end of this process, gaps are a little more space and, accordingly, all the muscle as a whole increases and becomes stronger. For more information, you can see in the article about how muscles grow.

An ordinary human muscle recovery process and healing of microscopic lasts 48 to 72 hours. And when you consider that not everything we eat right and do not supply the body with the necessary amount for the growth of muscle protein, this time can increase significantly.

Anabolic steroids significantly accelerate recovery processes. As an athlete, who sits on the Farm, the muscles recover after a workout in about a day. This gives him the opportunity to train more often, longer and harder without fear of overtraining. Moreover, with the use of pharmacology where the athlete is gaining greater muscle mass than it allows him to “genetic ceiling”.

If we talk in more detail about the action of steroids on the body, it is possible to identify some key characteristics of steroid:

  • Acceleration of protein synthesis, thereby, athletes can significantly increase the intensity of their workouts.
  • Accelerate muscle growth
  • The increase in the growth rate of power performance
  • Increased general and strength endurance
  • Changing metabolism.Athletes increases and accelerates the formation of creatine in the Moslem, glycogen accumulates at large volumes directly at muscles and fat burning processes pass much

All this together at times increases the impact of training and as mentioned above, allows you to train more often and more intensively, which ultimately leads to a more rapid achievement of results.

However, the biggest problem is that there is no such a steroid, which would include all of these properties. For example Deca-Durabolin® or as it is referred to simply as “Deca” prevents the catabolic processes and thus preserves muscle mass from destruction in the long-term and intensive training. Other properties he does not. Therefore, to cover the whole range of the above-described advantages of steroids, you need to take not only the “Deco”, and several other varieties of steroids. In addition to all this, to anabolic steroids, “earned” in full force, the athletes will have to train at maximum capacity with furious intensity that not everyone can afford …

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Anabolic steroids have different properties

Side effects of anabolic steroids

If everything was so smooth and anabolics carried the only useful properties, huge guys among us would be so much more. After all, steroids do work and can bring athletes phenomenal results, but there is a downside.

Now the use of steroids – it’s the prerogative of professional sports, where athletes are at risk, and sometimes deliberately sacrifice their health for the sake of great victories and world fame. In the amateur bodybuilding, and in any other power sports, the use Oral steroids of steroids in most cases unjustified and is a consequence of human greed and stupidity. Everyone wants to get everything at once, but often it is necessary to pay for their own health.

So, what is fraught with the dark side of steroids? What unpleasant consequences await the athletes who decided to go on a course of sports pharmacology?

The most common pobochka, which are fraught with anabolic steroids – it’s slow but steady destruction of the liver. Next list continues to this unpleasant fact, as a violation of sexual desire and production of testosterone by the body. It is reasonable that the first sexual glands slow down “production processes” male hormone, since it from the outside, together with steroids, supplied more than enough. And then completely stop their work, and very often, even after taking steroids their work is not restored.

Further, one can see the emergence of cardiac arrhythmias and increased blood pressure. Along with this increase, and blood cholesterol levels, which in turn can cause the formation of thrombi and subsequent death in the event of separation.

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Often, steroid use is accompanied by the appearance on the skin of the face and back acne and acne, change in voice and increased aggressiveness. Men can observe the phenomenon of gynecomastia, ie the growth of the mammary glands, and women – baldness and deepening of voice.

In general, in fact, the unpleasant effects of steroid use can be much more. The above are only the main ones.


But why, after all, even knowing about all the unpleasant consequences of people use steroids not only in professional sport but also in amateur? The answer as always is in our human nature. We all think that this contact does not happen and everything will be fine. Kursanov other once and stop. In addition, if you search, you can find a lot of information that refutes all of the above and approve the safety of steroids, with their proper reception.

Perhaps there is truth, because the creators of steroid hormones is clearly not set a goal to harm the person. But let’s think logically and to think a head. If it was safe, it would become prohibit steroids and doping to call them? Like any other medicine, anabolic steroids are something cure, but something maimed. It is a fact. The only question is, how are inadequate, the two extremes, and how much your benefit will be more losses. After all, the main purpose of sports, friends – is the promotion of health, and taking steroids, you deprive sport of its basic meaning. Think about it.

On this note, the philosophical story about steroids came to an end. We hope that the information was interesting and useful for you. If it was true, then stay with us, friends, add us to your favorites, and check back often to see you soon in the new releases. Till!