Anavar (oxandrolone) [oxandrolone]

ANAVAR HUBEI (OXANDROLONE)Title Anavar – this old brand name oral steroid oxandrolone, first produced in the United States in 1964 by Searle. This product was conceived as anabolic very “soft” action, which could even be used to stimulate growth in children. In this regard, we may have thought that the “steroids lead to stunted growth.” But this is most often to blame for the excess estrogen produced by most steroids, and that’s why the girls stop growing earlier than boys, and so women are generally lower than men. Oxandrolone aromatization not exposed and therefore the anabolic effect of the drug promotes the growth of muscle and bone in length.Women tolerate this steroid in small amounts and at one time he was recommended for the treatment of osteoporosis. But due to the rapid change of attitude in society to steroids in the 1980s, the city, recommend receiving oxandrolone become less and less. The decline in sales has forced companies to cease production of steroid Searle in 1989 and since then it has not sold in US pharmacies. oxandrolone tablets again appeared on the US market under the new trade name Oxandrin, issued by BTG. The company bought the rights to produce the steroid from Searle and is now releasing it to treat patients with HIV / AIDS. Many athletes gladly accepted the news as Anavar was very popular for a long time.

Anavar anabolic is mild, has a low androgenic activity. This is largely due to the fact that it is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. At first glance it may seem that these characteristics make it a steroid androgen, but in fact it is not, because it does not have the ability to interact with the enzyme 5-alpha and it does not turn into a “strong” dihydro form. Oxandrolone is not as active as testosterone, which is much stronger effect in the tissues sensitive to androgen action than in the muscles, which is associated with the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Oxandrolone virtually identical functions as in muscle tissues and the tissues sensitive to androgen action, ie. E. In the scalp and prostate. The same characteristics observed and Primobolan and Winstrol, which are also not dihydrotestosterone derivatives have a pronounced androgenic effect.

Anavar is known as a good means of contributing to the development of quality and strength characteristics of the muscle, although its “soft” action makes this steroid unsuitable for building muscle.Athletes often use it during periods of “drying” of muscles, when there is a problem with fluid retention. Men are advised to take an average of 15-25 mg (6-10 tab.) Per day, which is sufficient to achieve visible results. Subsequently this may be combined with a steroid such as the anabolic Primobolan® Winstrol® and to make more prominent muscle and solid without excess liquid. Such combinations are used very frequently and can significantly change the appearance of your body. It is also possible to additionally use such strong androgens, not subject to flavoring as Halotestine®, Proviron® or trenbolone. In this case, androgens make your muscles very hard, but it will contribute to the accumulation of fat in the body. Many athletes do take oxandrolone during a cycle of muscle build-up, but usually together with testosterone or Dianabol. The main purpose in this case – the accumulation of good strength and relief of muscle mass.Anavar is practically safe for women who are afraid of masculinization, as such acts do not occur while taking this steroid in small amounts. Daily treatment with 5 mg lead to a significant increase in muscle without causing other side effects of androgenic agents. If there is a great desire, a woman can take extra mild anabolics like Primobolan®, Winstrol® or Durabolin. In such cases, there is a more rapid and noticeable muscle growth, but it is possible and the development of muscles on the type of androgen.

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Studies related to Anavar reception in a small amount, show that this drug has little effect on the production of endogenous testosterone. Thus, if only use this steroid, eliminating the need for additional tools such as Clomid® / Nolvadex® or HCG. This is due to the fact that Anavar does not convert to estrogen, which, as we know, has a significant impact on the production of natural testosterone. The lack of estrogen, which stimulates the development of negative processes can increase the dosage of the steroid before it becomes noticeable lack of testosterone. But when taking large amounts of the drug still has a decline of testosterone in the body as well as in the reception of any other anabolic / androgenic steroid. This explains the fact that, while the presence of estrogen is very important, but also stimulates the action of androgens reverse braking process. In this case, if you are taking this medicine in an amount necessary for muscle growth, then restore the desired level of natural testosterone may be difficult.

Anavar is also an oral steroid, in which the chemical structure is a group of C 17 alpha alkylated. Such changes in the chemical structure often lead to liver lesions in humans. However, despite that oxandrolone it is usually easy to carry. Although tests for liver enzymes may show elevated results, in reality, this is rarely the steroid causes any harm to the liver. These “Bio-Technology General” indicate that oxandrolone dissolves before the end of the processing by the liver as other oral steroids. This confirms the fact that the third part of the received oxandrolone remains unchanged when gets into the urine. This is probably due to the more gentle action of the steroid compared to the toxic effect on the liver to other oral steroids.These findings are supported by studies of the action of oxandrolone compared with other drugs as methyltestosterone, norethandrolone, fluoxymesterone and methandriol. In these studies, it was shown that oxandrolone causes very little delay sulfobromftaleina (BSP, the indicator of the liver operation) among all tested oral steroidov.20 mg oxandrolone cause BSP retention by 72% less than the same amount of fluoxymesterone, given the fact that both of these means comprise changes in its structure which are toxic to the liver. These experimental data with the positive feedback from athletes about the absence of any problems while taking oxandrolone, suggest that this steroid is the most suitable of all oral steroids for long cycles. Taking into account all of the above, one should not completely exclude the possibility of liver damage.

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At one time it was thought that oxandrolone is suitable for the reduction of elevated cholesterol or triglycerides. Initial studies in this area have shown that this agent promotes reduction in total cholesterol and triglycerides in some patients with high content of lipids (fats) in the blood. These data were considered first indication that oxandrolone is a tool that reduces the level of lipids. However, later researchers found that lowering cholesterol is associated with the redistribution of the ratio between the “good” (IDPs) and “bad” (NPL) cholesterol and leads to adverse consequences. All this “nullifying” oxandrolone any positive effect on the cholesterol or triglycerides, and it is dangerous for the reception for a long period because of the risk of heart disease. Today we understand that steroids cause adverse changes in fat metabolism and completely useless for restoring the process of fat breakdown. Oxandrolone, as one of oral steroids may be the most dangerous to use than any of the esterified injectables, as testosterone or nandrolone.

Oxandrolone is always in demand on the black market and, although he was again released in the United States, do not count on the fact that it is easy to find. Very high prices for Oxandrin, marketed by BTG, making it inaccessible to the black market. In pharmacies, the pills are sold at a price of $ 4 each, which are much more expensive than the price at which the firm Searle was selling the drug 10 years ago. Last time on the black market, you can find only the Italian version of oxandrolone SPA, manufactured. It comes to 30 tablets per box, 2 plates of foil and plastic 15 tablets. These tablets are usually sold for $ 1-2 each, which are much cheaper than the drug manufactured in the United States. Italian product performed well, although perhaps not the most effective way. In order to earn as much as possible in the sales of this steroid, which enjoys high demand, the Mexican firm Ttokkyo released version 2.5 mg. The company works hard to create a product that is in great demand by amateur athletes. Product form 2.5 mg well sold out, so that manufacturers are doubled dose to 5 mg per tablet. Both products Ttokkyo sold in plastic bottles of 100 tablets each at a price of $ 1. In addition, there are organizations sending out the main drugs of oxandrolone in the mail COD in capsules of 5 mg and 10 mg, for a very “convenient” prices. We met such preparations, issued in Spain, France and Brazil. It is obvious that when you buy hard to fake it or not, so buying them you are always at risk.

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When buying oxandrolone quite easy to protect yourself from buying fakes, since there are only two officially released the drug, which can be found on the black market. One of them – an Italian drug Oxandrolone. It is available in tablets, packed in foil and strips of plastic pieces 15, two strips in a box.Plastic side of each strip – white, it is not transparent, and tablets can be seen, only having opened the packaging. This product is sold only in a pack and never sold in small bottles. Second, legally marketed product is a Mexican version of oxandrolone company Ttokkyo. This product (release form of 2.5 mg and 5 mg) is sold in plastic bottles of 100 tablets with a protective holographic label. There is also another legal version of this steroid produced in the United States under the name Oxandrin, but it is almost impossible to find on the black market because of high prices and a careful control over sales. It can be purchased only at pharmacies. The old trademark Anavar (firm Searle) is no longer available, therefore, any product with the same name is a fake. Such drugs are still found on the market.