Back-quick! How to speed up the build-back.

How to speed up the build-backIt is hard to imagine, but your muscles are asleep, even when you are awake. And it is proved by science! Brain “permits” to cut only a small number of muscle fibers. The remaining fibers are “asleep” in the reserve. So, as you may sweated on strength training, yourmuscles are able to demonstrate no more than 15-17% of its potential capacity. That is why bodybuilding is so difficult. As a result, mnogopovtornoy “pump” their diameter increases only working fiber. Because they are few, and the return of training extends over many years.

More recently, scientists have presented an unexpected surprise. It Androxin (trenbolone mix) turns out that the brain can “outsmart”!Sleeping fiber “wake up” if they … stretch.

This discovery forms the basis of the new methodology behind the training . It guarantees a unique fast hypertrophy! The first complex number are “broad” stretching , and the deadlift . These exercises provide strong enforcement stretching all muscle of the back of the array.

 Вem Growth hormones postural you need to do deadlift from the floor. It only provides the exceptional stress stretching back muscles , which “includes” additional muscle fibers!


pull-ups 3 1 10-15
Deadlift 4 6,8,10,12
Link to the belt in the frame 4 6,8,10,12
Link to the belt with one hand in the slope 4 12
Pulling up with extra. weights 4 2 to the “failure”
Pullovery head down 3 12-15
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