Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

How to become a faster mercury?

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Bodybuilder sexPro bodybuilders sometimes say: behold, they say, bumpkin. Yes, many of us ignore stretching suck and do not engage in sports activities, which need high muscular coordination. As a result, some people is not the power to tie the laces on your own shoes. Meanwhile, the bodybuilder – this is a real competitor, which does not cost anything to transfer the passive power of their muscles in an active dynamic form. If you do not believe me, remember the giants of football, who manage to run straight at a speed close to the Olympic sprint record. A wrestler? Guys, weighing half a hundredweight, simply twist back flip! What to do? And that’s it!

Do heavy athletics a boost!

Every week, make it a difficult exercise on a “set 3-4 × 3-6 reps.” Whenever Oxydrolone (oxymetholone) it is necessary to tear the bar off the floor! If you do not go out, you first get your hands on the first phase – the rise in the chest. Then – separately! – Push to the chest from the racks.After a couple of months of this training you will be walking, dancing as if on springs!

Take one leg presses. Fast!

This is the explosive pushing one foot platform usual place you slowly squeezing it with both feet. Exercise develops muscle coordination leg muscles. Your gait will be surprisingly easy! It is understood that the weight must be small. No power of Records!The main thing – is to achieve the maximum possible speed! 2-3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

There is not anything better than a simple rope!

For a long time to explain, but it is most useful “aerobics” in Fat burners the world! Well coached breathing real hard and in addition develops muscle coordination. First try proprygat 5 sets of 30 seconds. Then bring the set duration of up to 1 minute. Again, 5 sets!

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Running – it’s just ahead? No!

It is best to develop a common muscle coordination body running back, ie backwards. You can run a snake, and it is possible – in a straight line. The main thing – to run backwards! Measure the distance of 50-60 meters, and start backing away. You’ll be amazed how difficult it is! When more or less familiar with this, start to add speed – up to the maximum!

Run sprints!

What an athlete, if you can not run with the speed of a cannon ball? Measure the distance to the stadium 25 meters and rush ahead! When he reaches the finish line without stopping the turns and fly back. Running? One more turn and then go ahead! Finish! During training it is necessary to do 5-10 of these “triple” running out. Remember: run in a straight line – it’s old! That’s new! Are you struggling dispersed and then the muscles are strained to the last muscle to stop you, rotated 180 degrees and then “shoot” forward!