How to become great? mass recruitment Basics

071017-N-0995C-008 PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii (Oct. 17, 2007) - Chief Mineman Kevin Sperling, an officer recruiter at Navy Recruiting Processing Station Honolulu, presses two 105-pound dumbbells to exercise his chest during a workout in Bloch Arena Gym at Naval Station Pearl Harbor. Sperling has been in the sport of bodybuilding for the past 10 years and was proclaimed ÒMr. HawaiiÓ in the 29th Hawaiian Islands Bodybuilding and Figure Championships held June 30. Most recently, he garnered a 10th place finish in the U.S.A. Body Building Championship, held in Las Vegas, July 27-28. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Eric J. Cutright (RELEASED)

For many young athletes become cherished goal weight gain. The question is how to become a large, sometimes does not go out of their heads (of course, that now refers to the increase in weight due to gain muscle mass). But here’s the problem – for most beginners gym, this goal still remains unattained.These months, and maybe years go to the gym, but the result is almost zero. As a result – disappointment and termination of training. But why is this happening? Let’s try to understand, and will not repeat the mistakes of others. Ready? Let’s start.

Body weight can be increased by increasing the weight of the two components – fat and muscle. Also, your weight may grow due to the increase of bones and internal organs. As for the fat, here everything is clear – every second of our time increases the body weight in this way. But we have something you want to be more due to the muscles, right? That’s why we go to the gym to plow up a Trenol 100 (trenbolone enanthate) sweat. By the way, the truth, in athletes with a solid experience of training, body weight increased not only due to muscle tissue, but also because of the characteristic for this sport, increased bone width. Yes, yes, training with weights not only make your muscles stronger and bigger, but also thicken and strengthening your bones, which is also very cool.

So how can we still succeed and become big? In fact, it is relatively simple. Yah? – you ask. Why, then, very few people seeking these successes? And the answer to this question is also very simple – few people understand and observe the principles of bodybuilding. People come to the gym, thinking that the whole essence of bodybuilding thoughtless rise of iron, saying “the more I Naquin pancakes at the bar, the more the bank grown” or “more often and longer than I will to do, the faster will look like Arnold.” And these errors can still list a lot. This approach to training can be compared with what you have got to repair mechanical watches with a hammer. First of all, you need to understand the basis of the sport and only if your workout will yield results. And it’s not as difficult as it may seem to some.

How to become great? Let’s face it

A typical question of “snowdrop” – how much weight I type for a month or a year? Now the Internet can be seen dozens and perhaps hundreds of “miracle-schemes”, which will guarantee an increase in the weight of 1 kilo per week and all it’s a secret, you are willing to sell for a ridiculous sum. God, what a scam! If there was such a method, then it would be worth much more. Or the miracle drugs, bracelets, etc., which disperse the process of weight gain up to “speed of light”. And, unfortunately, this charlatan marketing works and closes his eyes to many newcomers to the true essence of the question.

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Very fast growth of muscle mass, you can show only in that case, when you have this mass disposal. That is, for example, you have reached the mark of 100 kg weight. Then, for some reason we abandoned the training and after a certain time, your weight became 80 kg. But once again you will take up training, work such a feature of our body as “muscle memory” in more detail in the framework of this article we will talk about it will not, but if in a few words, thanks to this “memory” to the former weight of 100 kg, can be reached very quickly.

Also very large weight gain observed in the rate of newcomers “iron” sport. Due to the fact that their bodies have not experienced anything like it, he will respond very well to load, especially if you are well-prepared for the training program. That way an example of such a program . You can expect to gain muscle weight 1.5 kilograms a month.

But the situation is quite different if you are not a beginner, but an athlete with a certain experience. There is already a mass recruitment rate drops significantly. And in order to further stimulate your muscles to grow, of the training, which was at the initial stage it will not be Growth hormones increase muscle tablets to buy enough. Usually this time is when you get to the mark on the scale in the 80-90 kilogram, of course, provided that it is the mass of muscle, not fat. From this period, tune in to what you will gain an average of about 5-7 kg of muscle per year. Such is the harsh truth of life and the need to look into her eyes.

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But in general, of course, these figures are approximate, and in each case subject to change. That’s how quickly a person “trample” mass depends – genetics, gender, length of training, nutrition, training schemes, taking anabolic steroids, etc. And if your genetics do not change, then you can experiment with other factors.

As described above, the Cubs quickly added in a mass, but when they move on to the advanced training stage, then, unfortunately, mass set speed slows down, because the body has already begun to get used to physical activity, and it needs to be “surprise” something new. For example to change the training program for the more advanced, such as this. Or change your diet – perhaps dramatically, as is possible only by making some changes.But in any case, the recruitment of the masses, will have to proceed much more slowly, if you decide to play around with chemistry, but it’s a slippery slope, my friends …

Nutrition and weight

In bodybuilding, the aim of which is, first of all, a set of muscle mass, nutrition plays a key role, on a level with themselves training. Because without a good supply even the best thought-out and no training will give you the desired weight. You need to provide your body with the necessary amount of calories to start the process of muscle growth. It is important to make your diet similar to the following balance:

► Carbohydrates – energy sources for exercise should be about 60% of the total amount received calories per day.

► Proteins – “construction materials” to build new muscle tissue, should be 25-30% of your daily caloric

► fats – substances that contribute to the maintenance of hormonal and act as back-up power sources should not exceed 10-15% of your daily calories.

For more information on nutrition for weight set, read this article.

Methodology training

Here the most important role is played by a variety of training. Therefore, it is best to use the principle of periodization, micro or macro. What does it mean? So this is something that you periodically change your training system, the relatively light, then heavy. You can, for example, to work a month with lighter weights and higher reps in sets, and the next month watching and using only the heavy weight and a small number of repetitions. As for the definitions of “micro” and “macro” in the periodization of training, then it means that you can alternate between light and heavy training as each workout (micro-periodization) and, for example, every six months (macro periodization).

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Also, to give variety of training, you can change its intensity, order of exercises, just do the exercises, while the rest between sets and between workouts, etc. Reception increase diversity training, there are many. The main thing – it does not give your muscles get used to the monotonous load. So you will constantly encourage them to respond to a new loading new growth. Plus, various training involves both fast and slow muscle fibers. Again, more on them we will not dwell in this article, but let’s say that the difference between them is that one is responsible for muscle strength, and others for their volume. A good material for the inspection and application, will be our article ” How to gain weight .”

How much protein?

The average rate of protein for the average person is about 70-80 grams per day. But, not to mention bodybuilders, this rule will be negligible for people leading an active lifestyle. It has been proved that for the growth of muscle, the body needs much more protein than recommended by the “daily rate”. To better understand this, read the material about how muscles grow.

You, as a person who wants to become more and gain muscle mass, you need to eat about 2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. Why is that? Yes, because you need first – to maintain the same level of your current muscle tissue, and secondly – to build new ones, and for that we need resources, in which role and act proteins, they are the same proteins.

Here, perhaps, and all my friends. Of course the article has been very general nature and may for some seem rather vague, but nevertheless, we hope that it introduced some clarity to the issue of increasing the size of your body. Of course, there are many nuances that simply can not be explained in a single release, so ask questions in the comments and read our other materials gradually collecting the crumbs of all “strategy” training.