The best exercises in the gym

best exercises in the gymYou know what are the main advantage of the exercises at the gym in front of the same barbell or dumbbells? Now, of course you can hear a lot of opinions about this, but nevertheless, the main difference between it and the advantage that the movement trajectory is correct as possible, in order to accurately work on a given muscle group or separately taken muscle. In other words, the technique of the same exercise performed free weight and in the simulator will be very much different than when the benefit simulators.

Second, but no less important difference is that the risk of injury on the simulator much smaller than with other exercise equipment. By and large, the exercises at the gym, give you a unique opportunity to experiment with the number of sets, reps, weight complications, execution speed, rest intervals, and other principles of bodybuilding without risking anything to hurt yourself. Naturally, however, these experiments have to take place within a reasonable …

Of course at the simulator has its drawbacks, as they are complementary tools in the set strength and mass and can not be the basis for the training. However, in conjunction with the competent major basic exercises, exercises at the gym, at times enhance the effect of your Sustaject 250 (testosterone mix) workouts. That is why, in today’s article, we decided to give you an overview of the best exercises that are performed in the gym and give a solid increase in muscle size and strength of their performance. Let’s start!

Smith simulator

The real find for beginners iron sport and an indispensable tool for experienced athletes. The former can easily learn the proper technique to perform many basic exercises, and the latter to withdraw its training to a higher quality level. For more information on this simulator, read our review “Smith Machine – a brilliant trainer.”

1 /  bench press. In carrying out this exercise in Smith’s simulator, you can put your elbows as far as the correct position – perpendicular to the floor. It would seem, because it can be done with a conventional bar, but alas, in practice, many inadvertently violate this rule, especially beginners. Also, in order to stress the emphasis is on the most part on the pectoral muscles, the bar must be lowered closer to the neck, which is very difficult and dangerous to do when working with free weights.

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2 / Squat. With Smith machine can be “upgraded” standard sit-ups and increase the burden on certain muscle groups. For example, if you set a foot in front of the trunk about 20 cm. This technique greatly complicate the work of the quadriceps and accordingly focus on them more load. Another embodiment of the load change in the simulator – it is widely dissolve the socks on the sides, so you have a greater degree, load the inner thighs.However, at the same time, keep your knees and have been directed towards the socks, in other words, also were widely separated. This will protect you from unpleasant consequences in the form of injury.

3 /  Traction. Various traction exercises for back muscles produce remarkable results when they are using to the full and in a pyramid, but not adding, and subtracting the weight of the workers. That is, for example, you do pull in the slope by doing 6 repetitions in the first set, and then, the same or have a little less in the second and the third, after Bates a little weight and do another 5-6 approaches to capacity, and lastly, generally perform forced reps.Believe me, you will feel like your back is dried away from the load.


Exercises on block simulators provide an opportunity to work out the muscles to a new level – sverhkachestvenno and as accurately as possible. The peculiarity of the fact that the work is mainly focused on a specific muscle group that is very useful for “grinding” and “dobivku” muscles after a hard base.

4 / Crossovers. Capable of aiming to work the chest muscles, shifting the emphasis load, depending on the position of your torso. Therefore, by performing this exercise, rotate the torso upright position, slightly inclined forward.

5 / Dilutions lying. One can perform both on the horizontal bar and on the bench with slopes downwards or upwards. Exercise works out the chest, better than analogue with Bodybuilding motivation dumbbells, as there are practically excluded from the work of the forearm and chest load test in a positive or in a negative phase of the movement.

6 /  The rise of the biceps. The same story as the previous exercise – you will greatly facilitate the work of his forearms, concentrating on biceps load. Also in this exercise it is very easy to vary the load without changing the weight – just step back a little and you will be easier to overcome the weight, or vice versa, move closer to the simulator and the former weight will be heavier. This technique is well suited for Pumping biceps.

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7 / Bench to the bottom. An indispensable exercise for “dobivku” triceps. The existence of different handles will help even more quality to work those muscles, depending on your goals. However, remember that in order to achieve the maximum load and the complete isolation of the triceps, stand at a minimum distance from the simulator.

8 / thrust to the chest. It is very effective exercises for trapezoids, but in contrast to the bench to the bottom, then you need to move away from the simulator. Link to the chest would work even better if you use the principle of staggered sets.

9 / legs Bringing in the block. One of the best exercises in the gym, but for some reason, a number of non-executable. Here, the work included leading the thigh muscles, the development of which will give your feet an impressive sight.

10 / Raising hand by hand. Good exercise, the insulating medium of the deltoid muscle. By analogy with the dilutions of lying, then your shoulders, are under stress throughout the amplitude of the forearm, in turn, will experience less stress, allowing you to concentrate on the deltas.

11 / leg curls while lying down. There is no better exercise for the hamstrings isolation, so the performance of his written all athletes from beginners to pros. It is very easy in terms of performance and technology is very cool, from the point of view of efficiency.

12 / leg curl standing. Similar to the previous option, but with some differences. Vo-pervyh you do the exercises at a time for each leg, allowing you to better focus on the degree of the hamstrings and vo-vtoryh, you save yourself from stress in the lower back, which can be done in a prone position, especially when working with a solid weight.

13 / Leg Extension. The degree of isolation of the quadriceps in this exercise, just rolls. Usually it is used in three cases:

-for warm front squats

– For “shalifovki” and “dobivku” quadriceps after squats and presses his feet

– At the end of leg exercise, with light weight in order to “inflate” quads in fresh blood.

14 / Thrust upper block. This is nothing but a “block” option pull-ups. The effect is almost the same, but the ability to vary the weight can be attributed to it in the category of the best exercises in the gym. Suitable for those who still can not perform the specified number of sets and repetitions on the bar, as well as for the elaboration of the best back, after the same pull-ups.

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15 / Thrust the lower block. This exercise can be attributed to the block variant of thrust rod in the slope. As with any horizontal rod, it works on the development of exercise a greater degree, middle back, and in thickness. Recall that the vertical thrust, develop back wide.

The rest of the simulators

16 / leg press. It’s kind of an insulating version of sit-ups, although the “base” of this exercise is through the roof.The peculiarity of it is that you can modify your leg muscles, without the participation of the muscles of the back, as well, have the opportunity, by changing the distance between the feet and the provisions of socks, varying emphases on different parts of the thigh muscle load.

17 / Hack Squat. It is also possible to vary the load as well as the leg press, but on the trajectory is no longer an exercise similar to the classic squat, which gives it a more natural from the point of view of the anatomic muscle function.

18 / Rise on your toes while sitting. This exercise is good in that the load vector then sent straight to the calf muscles. In contrast to the same, rises on his toes in the block or with a barbell, weight there is, of course, is much smaller, but the quality of the load will be more isolated. To bring the load to the limit, keep the body not straight, and lean forward.

That’s actually saying, and the entire list, which included the best exercises in the gym. Of course, these exercises are not a panacea and there are many others, but if we choose favorites, the list of exercises will look that way. Be sure to include them in the list of the training systems in order to achieve the desired result as soon as possible.