Bodybuilder sex

Bodybuilder sexThere is a question about the compatibility of sex and bodybuilding. There are a variety of opinions about sexuality of an athlete may influence the effectiveness of training, strength endurance, etc. Many argue that sex interferes with the normal recovery after an intense workout, and also to practice it is impossible to have sex, as this will negatively affect the effectiveness of the workout. Others argue that frequent sex life, has a positive effect on endurance athletes, and progress in strength.
Let’s see, what is true what is fiction. How compatible sex and bodybuilding .
Of course, both versions quite convincingly, but as always, the correct answer is in the middle. To find this, a middle ground, need to be thoroughly investigated in both versions.
So, the problem is that after intense exercise, the body needs to recover, and the best way to this recovery was affected by a strong, healthy sleep. It was during this period of time, when you sleep, your body can effectively replenish the energy of valuable substances. Also, during sleep is super compensation of muscle fibers, to which all are so eager bodybuilders.
Many athletes who are supporters of the version about abstinence  female bodybuilder sex, claiming that frequent sexual life interfere with healthy sleep, relaxation, restoring the body after exercise. Thus, the muscle does not recover effectively, and then all is stagnation.
In addition, in the semen, there is a large amount of protein, which is so necessary for the regeneration of muscle fibers and their growth. Frequent sex, in particular emit sex before bedtime, contributes to a large loss of protein and energy. After sexual intercourse, the body by passing the costs of energy resources, protein for recovery after exercise, and needs to allocate those same resources to rebuild the semen.
Even experts say that bodybuilder sex takes too much energy resources of the person, such as for example zinc (metal), which plays a not unimportant role in the recovery.
But given these rather strong arguments that have been mentioned above, there are also followers, that regular sex a very positive effect on the health of the athlete. And they bring a very convincing way of asserting that they are right.
Some athletes noted the high contents of male hormone in the blood (testosterone). This figure is very significantly affects male functioning in a positive sense. High levels of testosterone in the body, is responsible for human sexuality, his self-confidence. Also, the same people, with high contents of male hormone in the blood, have excellent performance in strength endurance, but also capable of rapid recovery after intense exercise.
How to increase testosterone levels in blood naturally? Workout in a gym, this is one of the most effective ways that increase blood levels of testosterone, but not for a long period of time. Of course, you need to know how to bodybuilding. that would not only increase the levels of a male hormone in the blood, but also how not to hurt yourself. To maintain a constant high level, need a regular sex life. And what about abstinence from sexual activity, it is proven that it has a very negative impact on men’s health, emotional well-being of the athlete.
Regarding protein, regular sex supporters argue that the loss of protein gay bodybuilder sex is not significant, just a couple grams. If an athlete will drink a protein mix before bed, then a lack of protein after sex you should not worry.
For a long time, many sports doctors not to restrict the athlete from frequent sexual contact, this is because during sex, to be spent only 300 calories, but as a result athletes have increased levels of testosterone and that contributes to better recovery. Sex plays a vital role in building muscle, as it promotes the natural production of testosterone.
From all the above facts we can confidently say that regular sex life better than ever, affects the performance of the athlete, his psychological and emotional state. Abstinence, negative impact on overall health. Nature is not stupid, just nothing happens. Sex and bodybuilding very compatible.
After sex, especially before going to sleep better to drink high-containing, protein, protein-carbohydrate mixture (weight gainers. proteins). Before training, it is also advisable to consume a mixture of protein and carbohydrates to increase the effectiveness of your training.
Good luck with bodybuilding and regular sex life!;)
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