Bodybuilding: 15 athlete the necessary books

Bodybuilding 15 athlete the necessary booksThe Fix Body presents 15 books on bodybuilding and athleticism on strength exercises and training.This selection is actually a useful universal tool for audiences both beginners strength training, and experienced practitioners athletes and coaches who will be able to offer it as an illustrative and reference material to students. Thanks to the work with the information provided dealing will be able to form in the mind clear, correct way exercises that will definitely qualitative advantage over a simple external copying of training forms and actions. 1. Joe Weider. . Body building system athleticism not only improves the power quality and makes a person physically harmonious; athleticism is an amazing world where educated will, perseverance and dedication, it is a qualitatively different way of life and thinking. In this extraordinary world and takes you book Joe Weider. In it, he details, maybe even too carefully, it talks about the developed athletic system. If we are to be precise, it is not a textbook in our traditional understanding. Course athleticism Vader set out in the form of easy conversation a highly qualified professional with your readers, supporters and followers of “the game with the iron.” His talk will make you think creatively, tell you how to become an outstanding personality as to reveal their identities. You will find in the book compelling evidence that athleticism can and should be practiced at any age. Men, he makes you stronger and more confident, more attractive women and the graceful children, he is a must. 2. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. Bodybuilding as a system of exercises it is the most effective and efficient way for the strengthening and development of the human body muscle. Some people think of bodybuilding only intense form of competition, and not sports. However, I believe that for several reasons he has every right to be called a sport. One of them is the huge number of sports efforts invested in training, the development of the Anadrol Hubei (oxymetholone) muscles and preparing for competitions. Another – a high level of athletic requirements for performances; that is, the pose and the warm-up on the stage. Later, we’ll talk in more detail about this, but in order to pose, it is necessary to make a sports during the competition, tense and relax the muscles, hold postures for an hour or more (and do it really well, at a high energy level and maintaining complete control over the body) a feat comparable to the twelve rounds of boxing in the fight for the world title in the heavyweight division. 3. Stuart McRobert. Think! Bodybuilding without steroids.  In any case, sooner or later comes a Copernicus. In bodybuilding this “overthrower bases” was unknown bodybuilder Stuart McRobert, who lives in a remote province of bodybuilding – on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. For many years he is ineffectual “rocked” by a well-known popular methods, until finally asked a heretical question: can these techniques do not give returns because they are wrong? At first glance, this suggestion seems silly uniforms. In fact, what about the great champions, “pumped up” by such methods mountains muscles? But that’s the whole point is that these champions are not sinless in the sense of steroids, and our hero for nothing did not want to mess with “chemistry”.Moreover, it is for nothing that he could not accept the idea that the “chemistry” – this is the only way out of the impasse in which sooner or later turns every fan after a more or less successful initial training period, 4. Stuart McRobert. 2. Think  Steroids – the greatest evil for the world of bodybuilding. And it’s not that they are hopelessly crippled health of hundreds of thousands of bodybuilders.Much more harm steroids have caused to those who never in the hands not holding. Imagine all the current champions, “fed” on steroids, categorically deny that they ever ate. His “success” they are usually credited with special training methods. Their example was followed by millions of “dummies”, and then naively surprised that the “system” in their case, for some reason, did not work. Here it is necessary to clarify that the methodological basis of “temporary bodybuilding constitute complexes developed in the early 60s. But just then and I started steroid boom. Then steroids, as they say, went “underground” and the methods themselves have remained. It is clear that all these methodological system, born on the basis of the practice of receiving the horse doses of steroids are not suitable for ordinary fans.I repeat that such methodological scheme worked, they need to “supplement” steroid pharmacology. 5. Mike Mentzer. Supertrening.This book is written for those who sincerely wish to learn the theoretical foundations of bodybuilding. Based on recent research, I would like to help the reader get rid of misconceptions, “savvy” theoretically. In this book the first time I spend distinction between primary and secondary, fundamental and alluvial. Without awareness of this difference, believe me, it is impossible to master any science! The material for the book were the personal observations of the training my players, understanding the laws of logic in their application in practice. I can say without false modesty: I was able to make exciting discoveries to come to an exciting conclusion and to formulate a range of hypotheses. Hopefully, they will not leave indifferent readers of my previous works. And possibly attract the attention of new ones. The last three years of my life I would call joyful and enlightening journey into the world of scientific knowledge.And the outcome of this journey I want to share with those who think with me “in unison.” 6. Robert Spector. . High-intensity training in questions and answers First of all, let’s give a clear definition – what intensity? Intensity is defined as the single most critical factor needed for successful training. “Intensity” – is the amount of force developed by you during the exercise, which is expressed as a percentage of your maximum possible effort in this exercise. The intensity has nothing to do with a specific weight you use, or what percentage is used by you in the exercise weight to your maximum disposable weight in this exercise. “Intensity” – is, if you want the value of “difficulties” that you experience during exercise. 7. Judd Biasiotto. How to become an elite …. “How to become an elite” is a priceless collection of very exciting and informative lectures by Dr. Biasiotto that he read all over the world from 1985 to 1995. You may find that some of his speech, listed here are different from those of his speeches, you actually heard. Texts of lectures have been changed, and in order to avoid a repetition of some of the lectures were excluded repetitive stories. However, you can be sure that all the information and all the stories in this collection will be performed at least once. 8. John McCallum. Keys to success.John McCallum, both literally and metaphorically, to give form to a whole generation who want to pump up with his incomparable ability to both entertain and educate. A series of his first articles, published under the title “key to progress”, has become a classic and, apart from the fact that the work of John and to this day are the source of inspiration for modern sports writer elite, many still believe that the articles – the best of everything that has ever been written in this field. We present to you the articles in exactly the order in which they first be published in the journal “Strength and Health” from June 1965 to November 1972. In the appendix you will find eight articles, also goes in “Strength and Health” – these articles preceded the official start of the series “The keys to progress.”Among them – have become classics of John article about measurements and breathing squats. 9. Wendy Leigh. Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Arnold Schwarzenegger – is the personification of the classic hero of the poor become rich. He conquered America. Now, eighteen years after he first came to her land. Arnold is about to become the owner of the most precious gems – the object of adoration of many romantic admirers of America, niece of John F. Kennedy – Maria Shriver. In the eyes of the press the story of Arnold Schwarzenegger – a great American saga of struggle for survival, triumph and success, inspiring tale of an immigrant, do not miss your chance. However, this is not the whole truth. While the guests, with bated breath, expecting the appearance of the bride in the church, an outside observer might classify them into groups and small groups, where everyone was a part of the past, and Arnold would be fraught with one of the many keys to understanding his life’s journey. The presence of these people was not only a clear indication of one of the most delightful qualities of Arnold Schwarzenegger – his loyalty to his friends, but also a constant attachment to those who helped him to achieve tremendous success. They came from everywhere – from Germany and Austria – the witnesses of his troubled past. There was also a group of British builders headed by Uegom Bennett, jealously preserves the secrets of youth Arnold errors. And American bodybuilders – who had known Arnold for the first years of stay in the United States, when he was defeated. And those disbelieving in him, whom he then conquered and subjugated. 10. B. Protasenko. Think! Or “Supertrening” without errors. Downloadbody – the self-regulatory system that seeks to maintain a constant internal environment. Physical activity has a significant impact on the internal environment and the muscles of the whole body, displacing many biochemical constants of the level characteristic of the rest of homeostasis, a state corresponding to homeostasis activities. The extent of these changes depends on the nature and intensity of physical activity and individual responses to it organism, reflecting the level of fitness. Immediately after exercise, the body begins a process seeking to restore the original state corresponding to the rest homeostasis, in the course of these processes are fixed changes, allowing in the future to minimize the disturbance of the internal environment under similar loads. 11. Frederick C. Hatfield.Comprehensive guidance on the development of strength. Athleticism, being a power sport, unusually widespread for the first ten years of its existence. Since the beginning of his registration as an amateur sport under the auspices of the ADA (American Athletic Union) in 1968, athletics has been around for thousands of fans and can be proud of it. Athletes involved in sports requiring great physical strength, – the players, putter, sprinters, basketball and many other use athleticism as the basis for gaining fitness. In the US alone, there are 50,000 athletes involved athleticism as an independent sport, and using it as a means of finding the right physical condition. And that number continues to grow as an increasing number of athletes are beginning to understand the enormous advantage that they can get by increasing your physical strength and power. 12. Stuart McRobert. Hands Titan.  Do you want to tell, what the “secret” of the success of my program for hands? In fact, everything is very simple. It is impossible to build big arms is not rack up the total weight of muscle. And for this it is necessary to do basic exercises: squats, bench presses, deadlifts, pull-ups, push-ups and bench presses. And at the same time to increase the weight burdening – gradually and continuously. That’s all. If you so want, you can include some sets lifting barbell biceps. But specific exercises for the triceps, you do not need. They only injure the elbow joints.Remember, bench press – the most important exercise for triceps! Push-ups and chest presses standing with their load too great. So, forget the stupid exercises to isolate! Train base, plenty of rest, eat health s hands are themselves grow up to 40 cm and more! 13. YES.Borkin. Bodybuilding for the lazy.  competently, knowingly, rationally, with health benefits build muscle fast and at the same time spend a minimum of effort will help the material presented in this book. Too lazy to come to your aid, and you can build a beautiful body. 14. Brooks Kubik. Training Dinosaurs. Forgotten secrets of the strength and development of the body. In your hands – a welcome guide to strength training, written by Brooks Kubik – national champion in bench press and the author of many articles published in the best journals of strength training. This book was written for those of us who are interested in power, rather than its visibility; for the first time in one book, he recounts many of the most productive methods – not only increase muscle “mass”, but development really functional muscles in the best traditions of the past athletes. If you are looking for an alternative way of training for the development of a really genuine power, then you have purchased is the book you need! 15. Kurt Brungardt. Body-building.Training the abdominal muscles.  The abdominal muscles are located in the center of your body. They are involved in almost every movement you perpetrated. In fact, they are the foundation of your strength and power. Whenever picking up anything, bending, turning, shifting gravity or trying to keep the balance of the body, you are using your abdominals as the source of your physical strength.Strong, trained abdominal muscles needed for proper posture and prevent problems that may arise in connection with the loin. That is why the abdominal muscles are a key area of your physical well-being. Good luck with your training!