Bodybuilding, smoking and alcohol

Bodybuilding, smoking and alcoholBodybuilding, smoking and alcohol if they are compatible or not?What effect does smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages on the bodybuilder? Most people can imagine. Let’s look at what actually happens in the body and what to expect from these bad habits.

The effect of smoking and alcohol consumption is terrible. And not just for bodybuilders. These bad habits are harmful to health and significantly impair the person’s appearance. The effects of smoking and drinking alcohol are terrible and dangerous.

Bodybuilders make their bodies more beautiful and feel confident about their fitness and health. If you have a question, how to achieve your goals affected by smoking and alcohol, to be sure, these habits will not help you in achieving the objectives

Tobacco contains more than 4,000 different chemicals that act on your body. Most harmful substances – is nicotine, carbon monoxide, and a liquid resin.

The effect of nicotine:

Nicotine – is a drug. People do not even imagine how Growth hormones bad an effect that has nicotine. Like many drugs, nicotine is absorbed by blood. After 7-8 seconds, the brain begins to react. It has been observed that nicotine sometimes changes a person and property of his body, if a person smokes for a long time. For example, changing the frequency and depth of breathing.

Harmful effects:

• Increases the heartbeat

• Increases production of hormones

• Blood Pressure Grows

• Changing of blood clotting

• There are changes in the metabolism

The action of carbon monoxide:

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas. Up to 15% of blood Buy clomiphene citrate smoker contains carbon monoxide instead of oxygen. And oxygen is necessary for normal functioning of cells and tissues.

When in a short period of time reduces the amount of oxygen is supplied, there are problems with growth, recovery and assimilation of nutrients such as protein. We all know how important the growth, recovery and nutrient absorption for bodybuilders.

Carbon monoxide is dangerous and has “electric effect” on the activity of the heart. Carbon monoxide and causes other changes in the blood, especially with the proviso that smoking dieting (on the walls of the heart arteries arise fat).

This drug leads to heart problems, a blockage of the arteries and serious violations of circulation of blood. Women who smoke are at risk of future health of the fetus because the fetus will receive less oxygen than they need for health.

The action of the liquid resin:

70% of the liquid resin, which is a person inhales when smoking, into the lungs. The liquid resin causes lung damage, narrowed biocides produces mucus in the bronchi, which hurts small hairs that protect the lungs from infection.

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The risk of smokers:

• Premature aging

• 83% of patients with diseased lungs smoking

• 90% of patients who have problems with bronchitis and emphysema, – a smokers

• 17% of people with coronary heart disease have these health problems due to smoking

• Smokers higher risk of premature death than nonsmokers

• Smoking doubles the risk of coronary heart disease

The diseases associated with smoking:

• Cardiac ischemia

• The risk of infertility

• Tobacco amblyopia (visual impairment)

• Atherosclerosis (deposition of fat in the walls of blood vessels and a violation of elasticity of blood vessels)

• Gangrene

• cancer (lung, mouth, nose, throat, larynx, esophagus, pancreas, bladder, stomach, kidney, leukemia)

• Constantly recurring respiratory tract infections

• Damage to the lungs, the violation of their functions

• Chronic bronchitis, emphysema

• Stomach ulcer

Female bodybuilders and smoking:

Lung cancer, breast cancer – these are diseases that primarily occur in women who smoke. Both men and women are at risk of coronary heart disease, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other diseases related to smoking.

Bodybuilders, women have an increased risk of the disease:

• miscarriage and other serious problems during pregnancy

• The risk of premature births

• Menopause, starting at 2-4 years ahead

• Heart attacks

• Increased risk of osteoporosis (it is especially scary for bodybuilders)

Second hand smoke:

If you do not smoke, it does not mean that you are safe. Passive smoking – is the process by which a non-smoker person breathes smoke a cigarette smoker. It is also dangerous. Smoke irritates the eyes, nose, throat, there is a risk of respiratory disease, migraines, dizziness, weakness, cough, shortness of breath, allergies, coronary artery disease as well as lung function disorders.

It is useful to quit smoking:

• Improved breathing

• Improved ability to overcome physical stress

• Termination of cough and reducing mucus in the bronchi

• There is a growing sense of smell

• Normalization heartbeat

• Reduce the risk of diseases associated with smoking

about alcohol

Like smoking, alcohol is very dangerous and is a really bad habit. When I say “alcohol”, I mean beer, wine, liquor. Alcohol is a depressant, it adversely affects the nervous system. However, it is also a stimulant. Alcohol in all acts differently. The younger you are when you start to drink alcohol, the worse and more dangerous consequences of this bad habit.

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Alcohol affects:


Blood vessels dilate admission of alcohol in the blood. This causes a rush of blood to the skin, while accelerating blood flow changes in body temperature. The blood rushes to the skin, the body warms more than usual. People who drink alcohol in the winter, not so fast freeze.


Alcohol acts on the brain like a downer. Man loses sensitivity, he has reduced vision, hearing deteriorates. This occurs in almost all cases, the use of alcohol. To go straight to the brain needs control. And under the influence of alcohol brain works much worse, so a drunken man is staggering, his coordination of movement disrupted. Breathing and heart rate, which are controlled by the brain become more frequent under the influence of alcohol.


The liver converts the alcohol into energy. As a result, it produces carbon dioxide and water. People who are in a state of intoxication, drinking more than their body can process.


Alcohol does not allow the body to get rid of the chemicals. When a person drinks alcohol, his body secretes more urine than usual. For the bodybuilder is threatening dehydration. Under the influence of alcohol a person loses more water than usual, resulting in dehydration occurs. Once a person drinks alcohol, he feels very thirsty. In the most severe cases, the body can not function properly due to dehydration.


Alcohol reduces the amount of blood flowing to the muscles. Including the heart muscle. Alcohol causes muscle weakness and deterioration of their condition. Is this want Bodybuilders? No, they need a healthy heart, and alcohol causes deterioration of the heart.

Results of intoxication:

• Hangover

• Sleep disorders

• Irritability, anger, fatigue

• Tremors

• Physical weakness, strong heartbeat

• The slowness and clumsiness

• Inability to think clearly

• Reduced flexibility


Alcohol is absorbed as other food, but it contains more calories. According to the nutritional drink has the lowest rates, but by the content of calories – high. Every bodybuilder needs nutrition and nutritional products. And the empty calories that do not provide. So why bodybuilders drink alcoholic beverages? Keep in mind that alcohol is not beneficial. Many bodybuilders avoid drinking.

Some facts about alcohol:

Factors that determine the effect provided by alcohol:

• Time of use of alcoholic beverages;

• Amount;

• On an empty stomach lies drunk or not;

• Your weight;

• 0,5 hour is enough to understand the effect provided by alcohol;

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•, a person falls into a coma and may die if you drink too much alcohol and the fast, alcohol poisoning can occur;

• Continued use of alcohol can impair consciousness and mental abilities and cause death;

• The person sobers up only after a certain time;

• For a full hour is shown the effects that alcohol on the body.

Alcohol can cause:

• Respiratory diseases;

• Coma;

• Of death;

• proceedings;

• Accidents;

• Loss of self-control;

• Aggression;

• Weight Loss;

• Poor digestion;

• Violation of the nervous system;

• Diseases of the heart;

• Memory impairment;

• Fatigue;

• Cancer.


Smoking and drinking – a bad habit. If you are a bodybuilder, for full disclosure of the potential need to quit smoking and drinking. Smoking impairs breathing, causing health problems and have a negative effect on the heart.

Alcohol brings only harm. Bodybuilders tend to nutrition, they need to “grow up” and become stronger. Many dream of competitions. Smoking and alcohol interfere with the implementation of these plans, which are achieved without bad habits is not easy.

You can compare the bodybuilder who smoke and drink alcohol with those who do not. Bodybuilder who does not drink and does not smoke, looks great, has a slender body. He can go to the podium and win. A man without bad habits add years of life itself, in contrast to the one who smokes and alcohol abuse.

It is very difficult to convince someone to give up their bad habits. We are doing everything possible to convince these people to lead a healthy lifestyle. We try to show what can happen as a result of smoking and alcohol consumption.

They must fear that is harmful to the body. We are confident that no one can convince someone that the bad thing is that he loves. The man himself must come to the right decision. We can only provide the necessary information and “food for thought”.

If people with addictions do not believe and do not think about the harm done by the body, they will not succeed. And if bodybuilder cast their bad habits, it will be twice as successful. This topic is about the style of life – not only the theme of the week is the meaning of life and the guarantee of health.