BoldenoneBoldenone – anabolic steroid, equal in their performance anabolic testosterone, but differs from it by half reduced androgenic activity. It is known under the trade names, Ganabol, Boldabol, Boldesten and others. The original purpose of the developers of the veterinary drug was to improve existing steroid methandrostenolone and extension of its period of validity, but the result was very different.

In essence, Dianabol Boldenone is a copy of the molecule, but its structural structure there is one important difference – the lack of 17-alpha-methyl group. The presence of this group in the molecule Dianabol makes it impervious to destruction of the liver. In terms of structural building Equipoise and methandrostenolone it is very similar, but their characteristics are very different. Chemically boldenone undisilenat – testosterone molecule is a double bond between the first and second carbon atoms. Thanks to the double bond of the drug has the same anabolic characteristics as testostrona but reduced androgenic activity – 50% from the corresponding figure in testosterone.

The characteristics of Equipoise often compared to nandrolone. For example, a detailed description of the similarities and differences of these drugs have in the works of famous American bodybuilder Daniel Ducheyna. He noted that in comparison with Nandrolone Boldenone Undecylenate has a more powerful effect and gives the best result at the same dosages and duration of the course. Later Ducheyn altogether wrote that there is nothing in common between the two drugs, since the Boldenone 200 (boldenone undecylenate) nature of their activities varies greatly, Nandrolone relates to 19-nor steroids and progestins, and Boldenone has a far greater resemblance to testosterone. Despite this, even now some forums and can find information portals that these preparations are similar in nature, origin and quality, so their simultaneous use is undesirable. In fact, in such truth no warnings.

Along with boldenone undecylenate also produced in the form of acetate and propionate. Buy Boldenone in Moscow from a reputable manufacturer Vermodje can be in our online store sports pharmacology.

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The drug

Equipoise is not toxic to the liver, it has a low activity of estrogen and progestogen. He gives is not very fast, but stable and uniform growth of muscle mass, which is perfectly preserved after the completion of the course. The slow action of the drug due to the fact that long molecules Undecylenate decanoate molecule by one carbon atom, therefore, the validity period has more. This feature Nandrolone need to consider when building a course, the strength anabolic steroid that can be considered average. It works great in a variety of courses and combined for both purposeful build muscle and gain weight to save on drying. One of the main drawbacks Equipoise – a very long period of detection assays athlete, in this respect it resembles the deck.

In addition to moderate weight gain that leads to anabolic growth rates of physical strength and improves appetite, has a positive impact on the effectiveness of training and results massonabora if the drug is used for this purpose. Nandrolone also Undecylenate stimulates hematopoietic processes, increases the number of red blood cells, thereby muscles receive more oxygen, are more hardy and quickly recover from heavy loads. These qualities are particularly appreciated by the representatives of athletic sports, but they are also very important for bodybuilders.

Before you start a course of boldenone, it is necessary to consult with your doctor to calculate the optimum dosage and duration of the course to determine the need for additional drugs, learn to put the injection correctly.

How to inject boldenone

As with all injectable steroid, Boldenone pricked only intramuscularly. Take the drug can be for one of the two schemes, the effectiveness of which is approximately equivalent. Scheme One: injection once per week from dosage of 400 mg and gradually increasing it to about 800 mg per week. Scheme Two: daily injections with a daily dose of 25-30 mg per day. The advantage of the second circuit in that the active substance is accumulated in the body without any burden on the liver, and the effect of the drug is more evenly, but is more convenient in view of the first circuit at the frequency of injection.

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The recommended duration of the course – 10 weeks. For the best effect and to reduce the risk of side effects in the first and last week of the course is not recommended to inflate the dosage. For example, in the first two to three weeks course take 400 mg per week, and the maximum dosage of 800 mg for 4-7 weeks to determine the rate and then again decrease the dosage to 400 mg, and even take over several weeks.

Solo Course Boldenone Undecylenate

By the use of the drug must be approached responsibly, taking it in accordance with the instructions and recommendations. Recommended dosage for solo course Equipoise – 400-600 mg per week. In smaller quantities medication will not bring any significant results, while the use of excess dosage can result in not the best results and side effects. Since Undecylenate different slow action, a course it lasts longer than most other steroids, – 8-10 weeks.

Before you start a course, you should always consult with a specialist to make sure that there are no contraindications. During the use of boldenone a decrease in the body’s own production of testosterone. To restore it on completion of the course is conducted PCT, two weeks after the last injection of the steroid during the month received testosterone boosters. To effect of the steroid was even better during the course recommended to use high-quality sports nutrition, to observe high-protein diet and regular exercise for certain programs.

Since Boldenone itself is not very effective for the muscle recruitment, it often take in combination with other SCA. Rapid weight gain can be achieved by combining it with testosterone or trenbolone, but on drying it good with Winstrol and Anavar.

Combined Course boldenone to build muscle

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We need the following preparations: Boldenone (injection of 200 mg / ml) and testosterone enanthate (injection of 250 mg / ml) and tamoxifen (10 mg tablet).

This course is designed primarily for novice athletes. It compensates Boldenone smaller than usual dosages of testosterone enanthate. Due to this, muscle mass is obtained a dry, reduced testosterone aromatisation and water retention in muscle, with the anabolic activity remains at the same level. Tamoxifen is needed to eliminate any estrogenoobuslovlenyh side effects.

The construction of the course:

  • 1-8 weeks: Boldenone – 200 mg injection at a frequency of once a week, testosterone enanthate – 250 mg injection at a frequency of once a week.
  • 9-10 weeks: Break
  • 11-12 weeks: Tamoxifen – 20 mg per day, every day.
  • Week 13: Tamoxifen – 10 mg a day, daily.

Combined Course Boldenone for increasing lean muscle mass

We need the following preparations: Boldenone (injection of 200 mg / ml) and testosterone enanthate (injection of 250 mg / ml), tamoxifen (10 mg tablets) Winstrol® (injection of 50 mg / ml, or tablets).

In contrast to the previous rate resulting from the use of such steroid combination will be the muscle mass of the highest quality – without water and fat, elastic and muscle relief. All this is due to the inclusion in the course of Winstrol drug. Note that the amount of muscle mass produced will be less, but it is clean and require only the slightest modifications to bring the muscles in perfect view.

The construction of the course:

  • 1-8 weeks: Boldenone – 200 mg injection at a frequency of once a week, testosterone enanthate – 250 mg injection at a frequency of once a week.
  • Week 6-10: Winstrol® – 50 mg per day (10-20 mg if it is the oral form of the drug) on ​​a daily basis.
  • 11-13 weeks: Tamoxifen – 10 mg per day, every day.