How to build a relief press?

How to build a relief pressHow to train the press? With weights or without additional load? Here and think nothing! If your stomach is covered with a thick layer of fat, you need exhausting work with a lot of repetitions. Here the most important thing – to maximize blood flow, and thus accelerate the blood begins to pluck the fat cells from the surface of fat just as fast for – sludge from the bottom of the river. However, this training does not give you a tight embossed squares. This is already part of a purely bodybuilding techniques. Yes, because between the press and biceps is not exactly no difference. So if you need a spectacular Androxin (trenbolone mix) rectus and volume, hold the weights. The optimal load range: 8-12 reps per set.

Here is the latest method of pumping squares. According to sports medicine, the most important thing – this is the correct order of the exercises! We offer you a scientifically established sequence of movements which ensures unusually fast and effective result!


How many? 3 sets; 12 repetitions each

1.START: lie down on the back bench inclined his head down. In the hands of take the weighted ball (or dumbbell). Lower the ball over his head, as in the photo.

2.VYPOLNENIE: without lifting your lower Fat burners back off the bench, “Twist” and lift the ball at chest level. Slowly lower to the bench, drop-ball head.Without stop, start the next repeat.

Lifting her knees in Viseu with dumbbells

How many? 3 sets; 12, 10, 8 repetitions

1.START better to hang in a special hinged elbow or carpal hooks.Otherwise you will not be able to fully focus on the exercise. Between the feet, hold the dumbbell.

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2.VYPOLNENIE: Lift the knees as high as possible. When run out of all the amplitude, post up the pelvis. This will help to reduce the rectus muscle.Slowly straighten the legs and repeat a new start without stopping.


How many? 2 sets; 12 repetitions each

1.START: Kneel in front of the unit and grasp the handle with one hand.The other hand lay the belt.

2.VYPOLNENIE: bend at the waist, while turning the elbow of the working hand to the side of opposite knee. Do 12 repetitions, then switch hands and do 12 more repetitions in the other direction.