But then I was still very far from complete awareness.


In 1988, my training began in our Leningrad radio technical college: for a year I studied and trained in parallel. Just in those years there were rocking chairs, basement halls, in one of which we went to the metro station “Square of Courage” with friends. All such how much viagra should i take for recreational use cellars were unlike today’s fitness halls, sometimes they couldn’t even be called a hall, but at that time their visit was a very serious step steroid for sale in usa forward for us: it was a place where we could do it. How exactly to do, no one knew, we just raised the shells.

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Those skills, which gave athletics, are very far from the skills and techniques of exercise, which are required for the correct impact on the muscles. In general, pumped iron – who is in that much. In athletics, movements were inert steroid can i take levitra and viagra together for sale in usa, impulsive, speed-strength trainees, and bodybuilding resulted in slow, controlled movements. But I’m so smart now.

Then we, yesterday’s schoolchildren, were full of energy, desires, arrogance, were just eager to do and did what we could. Fortunately, they were young, healthy in terms of muscles and ligaments, there were no injuries, but now, looking back, I understand that injuries were possible, and not once.

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In technical school I learned only one year. Again, because of my impudent disposition, I managed in a very boorish form – I will be honest, in other words, you will not call it – at the end of the first course I have a row with a teacher, and for where can i purchase steroids all. I was not expelled, but I took the application myself and left, because it seemed to me then that it would be right.

A little more than a year remained before the army, and I spent this time without doing anything, – more precisely, in life I was fussing and practicing.

A year later, I entered the andriol for sale Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineers, abbreviated LIIZT. Why exactly there? Did I want to be a builder or a traveler? Unfortunately, I did not feel any vocation at the age of 18, and there was no dynasty in our family. Mom worked at the grocery store, and Dad – at the plant at the machine.

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Just once I was walking down the street and met a classmate who asked why I was so thoughtful. I replied that I should go to a higher educational institution, but I don’t know where exactly: I’d have a military department and it would be easier to study. So he suggested that I go to LIIZT, of course, to “bridges and tunnels”.

He forgot to say that his relatives are working in the department and “easier” with him.

I studied where can i find hgh instead of five whole seven years. This is a separate story. Since the second year I worked as a freight forwarder.

For those who do not know what it is: at five in the morning I came with a driver on a truck to the dairy i am a woman with low testosterone levels factory, loaded the car, took milk to the shops, sent the driver with the invoices of one in the last shops, and sat on the subway and oral steroids for sale online in usa went to study, and immediately after the institute I visited shops to raise money for the previous day, and so every day, except for weekends. Now I would simply not be physically able to master such a rhythm of life, but then I had enough strength both for study, and for work, and for personal life.

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In the second semester of the third year I was admitted to the hospital with hepatitis A, and as it turned out, that was enough to go on academic leave. I recovered a year later, part of the disciplines I conceived. In addition, during the time of my illness, I collected notes and laboratory notes from the whole group, and when I recovered, I immediately became “good”. I still think that higher education is not just a higher school, but a school of life, which gives very concentrated practical knowledge. In the fourth year I got stomach problems and another hospitalization – the second academic year.

Here, my Jewish roots woke up in full force, I gathered all the “blanks” of course projects, laboratory and abstracts from my first where can i buy hgh supplements two groups and, having recovered a year later, became the hero of my third group. Not only that I was older than everyone, it also beautifully “entered”. I distributed to all my classmates (to whom the buy injection steroids online assignments were appropriate) the already solved or similar variants of the anavar zastosowanie i dieta examples. This is how I was a “student.”

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If you noticed in my story, as soon as I started to move with a “trailer” and freeze, I immediately went to rest on a hospital bed to think about my behavior. This conclusion seems ridiculous even to me from the side, but, looking back, I recognize this amazing pattern. Study was separately, and I – separately.

The work was also separate winadrol review. And until I settled it all in my head, refused to “like everyone else”, “as it should be”, from herd, from unnecessary knowledge and directions, I persistently repeated to me where my place really was. But then I was still very far from complete awareness where can i buy cialis pills.

Fitness club – a new whim or a recovery system?

… about bodybuilding

When I graduated from the institute in 1996, it was already St. Petersburg University of Communications (SPGUPS). At that time, almost nothing was built in the country, but, on the contrary, everything collapsed. I did not get a job in my specialty, since I didn’t have any protection — I traveled on this “locomotive of life” as an occasional passenger, and my classmates already knew in advance where they would work.

I had to get a job at a wholesale and retail enterprise: there I was a driver, and also I checked checks at the checkout and the availability of goods in the basket. Next to the buy steroids usa work was a gym. And in 1997, for the when should i feel releif from cipro for an uti first time, I got into not just a basement rocking chair, but just a sports club. It was called “Monolith” and was located on Konstantin Zaslonov Street.

It was there that I saw for the first time real sportsmen-bodybuilders – performing sportsmen, and not just pumped up guys. In Monolith, I learned that exercising every day, almost not sleeping, while eating haphazardly, is not at all the way that leads me to big muscles. It was then, in 1997, that I first had at least general knowledge and ideas about where to go next.

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By understanding the nutritional system and the training process, I was able to streamline and structure the training. As a result, for the first year of classes systematically, I finally gained 12 kilograms in weight. From 85 kg I grew to 95–97, but then in the halls there was such a saying: “Whoever doesn’t weigh 100 is not a man,” and I really wanted to weigh 100 kg.

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The times were still extremely hungry buy steriods with credit card, in 1998 a powerful economic crisis struck – he “killed” the company in which I worked: there was no money, and there was really nothing, and I returned should i take a probiotic when taking cipro to my native Vyborg district.

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The next test enanthate for sale room was the club “Elite”. Now it is no longer there, and then it was located in the basement of the hostel on Demyan Poor Street, and there was a rocking chair – in the most serious sense of the word. It also involved athletes tretizen 20, there were even more than in the first hall.

But the specific atmosphere in “Elite” was not created by them, but by the cult entourage of the late 90s – “brothers” in jackets. Every two weeks, the news scattered about the rocking chair that once again one of the regular customers of the club was killed. Such times were all over the country, unfortunately.

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Then I went through a good school in terms of communication with people dear doctor cipro from the doctor who had reaction. Indeed, in this semi-criminal semi-criminal collective, every word you say threatens to be incorrectly worded, and you can create serious problems. Although, having the adequacy and patience, and in such an interesting environment can be assimilated.

In addition, if you how long should i take cipro for travelers diarrhea? could properly put yourself, learn to negotiate and communicate with a variety of “characters” from that time, then in the end you will be able to communicate with anyone. These “express communication courses” were very effective, although I would not wish anyone to go through them.

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p>Until 2000, I was engaged in the “Elite”. There I gained my basic practical knowledge, as there were a huge number of real, stubborn bodybuilding fans around. And each contributed some grain of his experience – a thinking person could always isolate some more or less relevant information, checking it with his own common sense.