Caring, understanding, interested in you, as if you have already purchased from him a full block of personal training.


For example, the doctor of one of the clinics is interested in my injury, they want to talk where can i buy injectable steroids about her and make a video. It is interesting for me to do not just a shooting, but an author’s heading like “Likbez from Stas Lindover”, where different subjects will be dealt with. How to raise the bar, it is already very few people interested. It attracts what works for development, pulls other events along with it.

I want, in spite of my health problems, also to work on development. In connection with recent events, I have a new task: to continue and improve the topic of static-dynamic training, adapting it to the needs of athletes who, like me, have limitations, “medical” framework. If I achieve stable results, it can serve as a motivation for people who believe, for example, that they have nothing to do with such restrictions in the gym.

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The compressed schedule and the fast rhythm of my life are not connected with the greed for money, I just love and know how to do what I do. Video recordings, seminars and interviews began to occupy eminence labs reviews a large part of my life, but this is also a very necessary employment, giving me a sense of being needed, I am needed. And, of course, the book is a new way for me to transfer my experience. I would like it to come out meaningful, useful, motivating, so that it answers the questions and costs the reading time spent on it.

Where to begin?


I am often asked about the motivation for training and where to get it. In my opinion, first of all, you don’t need to force yourself to do “I don’t want to” through what the soul does not belong to. For example, former wrestlers and boxers do not like to simply “swing”, but they really like the crossfit. But even with the most favorite lesson, a critical point is reached sooner or later, when you have to force yourself to continue working. Why it happens?

It’s simple. Progress is the most motivating factor, and its absence is demotivating. Remember, in school, most subjects for which good performance was favorite, and those for which there were bad grades alpha pharma healthcare reviews, did not like. So in the process of training: there is a result – he is satisfied with himself and is ready to work further; there is no result – so why bother? For example, many newcomers who came to the gym to lose their weight, quit classes within a month, because they saw a different picture in their head (“I will start to play sports — quickly lose weight”) than the weights showed as a result.

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Most often, there are problems with motivation for training those people whose task is to reduce body weight or gain muscle mass. The problem is that not everyone can correctly assess their progress. So let’s see how to understand that you get the result from your work in the gym, which is progress or lack of it.

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It is not always necessary to go in cycles in indications of scales. Also use a measuring tape to measure body volumes. For losing weight it is worth tracking the parameters of the waist and hips, for gaining weight – the biceps, chest girth, hips.

But whatever measurements we make, the decisive measure of our achievements, of course, is the visual assessment of our own figure. But it is better to evaluate visual changes not with the help of your reflection. The mirror is a traitor – depending on the light, the distance from the mirror, and even, oddly enough, your perception of yourself changes your mood.

In order not to be deceived by the illusion, use a visual assessment using photography at intervals of a week or two. The ideal option would be if you regularly photograph someone buy steroids online usa from your loved ones (wife, girlfriend, brother, etc.). Always take pictures with the same lighting and on the same camera (smartphone, camera). Take photos in the same poses. For example, from the side, front and back.

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If you do not have a partner who could photograph, then proceed as follows. Stand in front of the mirror so that in the reflection you see yourself in full growth, and fix this point on the floor. Then every week or two, take a picture of yourself at that point.

Having received such photos, you will be able to combine them in special applications for creating collages and impartially evaluate the result “before” and “after”. Sign under collages parameters of weight, volume, over which you work. Believe me, if you really do not shirk from training and eat right, such photos will become a powerful tool for you motivation!

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Get fit with live TV!

I wish you to keep motivation for many years and stay healthy!

How else to evaluate the progress or lack thereof:

1. On average, with a body fat percentage of more than 25%, a decrease in body weight of about 1% per week is a good result.

2. When gaining muscle mass, an increase of about 0.5% of body weight per week is a good dynamic.

3. The change in body weight can not be 100% due to the increase in muscle or reduce fat mass. For example, if you lose weight, reducing it will inevitably entail a loss of muscle mass.

4. The increase in strength will not lead to a proportional increase in muscle mass. That is why the training modes of powerlifters are different from bodybuilders.

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5. You steroid for sale in usa can not constantly gain muscle mass, reduce the percentage of fat or increase strength. These processes are cyclical.

6. You can not simultaneously gain muscle mass and reduce fat, or rather it is possible at the initial stage of training with a high percentage of fat. On a low-calorie diet, by manipulating the volume of the load, you can at best minimize the loss of muscle mass.

7. And remember that lack of progress is also the result. It makes it clear that there is some weak link in the training or nutrition program. So, eliminating it, you can get rid of the obstacles to your success.

What is a “good coach”?

A good coach combines three aspects at once: he is a nutritionist, a physiologist, and a psychologist. Of course, at the very beginning of communication, psychology comes to the fore, as the professional skills of a coach, his level, any regalia and diplomas on the walls of the hall will not tell you anything at first. A coach can be a world champion, and can only begin his activities in this field. For a start, it doesn’t matter. It is important that you finally came to the hall and decided to do it. But then, when the fight begins for every 100 grams of muscle mass and perfect relief, the achievements eminence labs review and professional skills of the coach will play a significant role. But the specialized education of the coach, even at first meeting, is worth asking – under the guidance of a non-professional, even an introductory training session for you can end in injury.

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And separately I want to appeal to those who came to the profession of a coach. Since the perception of a beginner is always subjective – at the level of sensations – the first thing he will pay attention to is the communicability of the trainer, the basic ability to communicate. There are a number of conditions, a number of wishes that the trainer must follow as part of the relationship with the client. This is actually very important, because the first impression is likely to be the most powerful and memorable. Practice confirms the following: if no common points of contact are found or a poor-quality service is provided, then all coaches and instructors will automatically become non-professionals for a person.

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As for regalia, a polite and attentive specialist will never stick to his ego and brag about titles and medals. The fact is that for most newcomers, a competitor is a competitor associated with taking anabolic drugs. Although these assumptions are often not far from the truth, this is not always the case. There is a persistent stereotype that a successful athlete must have achieved his achievements, either by taking pharmacological agents, or by using his fantastic genetic potential, so a sports past or present can both attract and repel a novice.

Let us return to the question: how should a coach be? Caring, understanding, interested in you, as if you have already purchased from him a full block of personal training. His main task – in no case be evaluated by the appearance of the person who came to the hall. A huge number of erroneous ideas are made up of what shoes are shod in his ward, what brand of watches alpha pharma usa on his hand. A good coach doesn’t care about either a cheap or an expensive phone in a client’s pocket! All this is superficial and little corresponds to reality: there are a lot of people who have a fairly high level of income, while they are dressed extremely modestly.