Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

Casey Viator and bodybuilding

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Casey Viator and bodybuildingCasey Viator became the youngest winner of the contest “Miss America”, which he won in 1971 at the age of 19 years at competitive weight 99 kg. His class athlete began at age 13, having mastered the post given to him on the birthday of his brother. At 16 years young bodybuilder stands in competition “Mister Louise’s”, where he held the third place. After winning the “Mr. America” ​​Viator gets in sight of Arthur Jones, with whom he will be engaged in the following 8 years of his life. In 1973, due to work-related injury (loss of the little finger of his right hand, a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine against tetanus), Casey three months throws bodybuilding exercises. Before the accident, the athlete weighing 91 kg (with an increase in 172 cm), then three and a half months after it – only 76. To overcome the crisis and to return to training helps the athlete Jones, scoring all the other things and come to the rescue of his ward. From 1 to May 29, Arthur Jones conducting an experiment, which becomes a major participant Casey Viator: it is necessary to confirm or refute the postulate that the determining factor in stimulating muscle growth is the intensity rather than the duration of training. Over the course of training followed Dr. Elliot Plez. Viator trains a day, performing a training session for 12 exercises each – to the MTBF in a single series. For 28 days, Casey is gaining more than 20 kg of muscle mass. The method of calculation of potassium-40, at that time the most advanced, shows that while Viator managed to lose more Winstrol® Depot (stanozolol injection) than 8 kg of fat.Thus, in 28 days the athlete was able to gain 28 kg! However, experts say that the athlete is not so much gained as restoring muscle mass. Under the question remains, whether used steroids: Jones treated them cool and in words, forbade their use. However, Arthur Jones was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of its methods of training: WIT face which becomes Viator (just as Schwarzenegger became the face of Vader the system). However, as it was rumored in the future, Jones admitted that he described “Detroit Experiment” was more successful advertising campaign of its new simulator “Nautilus” – training Viator held just on it. Viator and Jones parted in 1978 when Casey wanted to finally go to the professionals, but Jones insisted on continuing to improve the body. Peak career Viator was 3rd place in the “Mr. Olympia – 82”. In 1982, Casey goes out of bodybuilding (31 years old) and have shifted to the coach. When he saw Arnold Schwarzenegger workout Casey Viator, he called it a torture chamber. Viator practiced system of forced reps, performed after the final, ultimate snooze. Plus leaves little time to rest between sets and the whole exercise. Iron Arnie surprised Viator’s ability to engage in each exercise to complete failure, bringing the target muscle group to temporary paralysis. At the time, Casey is hardly anyone could rival the intensity of training. The athlete training for the basic scheme, ie pumped per workout all muscle groups, starting with the largest and ending with the study of the small hand muscles and calves. The basic idea of the training program was the high rate performance of the whole complex. Some athletes who have tried to train in the same manner, just lost consciousness due to the imbalance of oxygen in the blood. Viator particularly emphasized the importance of endurance, which, in his opinion, was to develop such training in the past month. There, where he stood Casey buckets everywhere: in the case of someone throwing up. If an athlete during training too quickens the pulse, he had to take a break or even miss one session.