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Chapter 16. Bodybuilding for women

Bodybuilding is no longer a privilege of men alone. Women also want to have a beautiful athletic body. Today, women also use free weights and create resistance exercise equipment, to form a body to build it, to remove excess fat, improve your muscle tone. And no means does not act on them, this faster. Female bodybuilding is firmly entrenched in our lives.

In fact, bodybuilders women have always been. Strength and Health magazines and Iron Man wrote about-women bodybuilders in the 50’s. However, the modern Induject 250 (testosterone mix) approach to the female bodybuilding began with the era of Lisa Lyon, which soared to the zenith of fame, when in 1975 about some of her photographs have been published in some “muscle” magazines. Lisa trained ourselves quite muscular figure and although she was not very solid, if we talk specifically about muscle mass, the occurrence of this phenomenon has caused many negative reactions. She was called a monster, bodybuilding absurdity. Despite the open hostility of many, Lisa continued to bodybuilding, and gradually the people who initially just hated the “new wave” of the women’s bodybuilding, changed his point of view and with admiration perceived muscular body athletes, emphasizing their femininity that most clearly demonstrated when Lisa Lyon .

Just what he did to her, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lisa Lyon smear baby oil, and took powerful postures such as “most muscular”, which showed the best separation and prominence of her muscles. Later, it began to appear on fashionable parties and proved to be the center of attention on them, as the most attractive and intelligent woman of all those present. Lisa has inspired thousands of women who have turned to bodybuilding, which went in her footsteps. The most outstanding of its followers has become a dazzling winner of two titles Ms. Olympia Rachel McLeish. Rachel trained very carefully and build a beautiful figure, which eventually became admire almost everything. Rachel led TV “talk show”, appeared in films and special programs on television, commercials, conducted hundreds of seminars and demonstrations. It became the most famous female bodybuilder in the world.

After Rachel Cory Everson came, the owner of a winning on the SPORTS NEWS figure competition. Ms. Corey won titles Olympia more than anyone else in the history of the sport. She had her own television physical training program, in the end it became a prosperous business lady organizing the production of sportswear under the brand Corinnawear Sports. Being naturally gifted in many ways, Cory was able to express themselves very versatile. She liked tennis, she played the piano, was engaged in interior decoration and the same time, the WTO could play football, run 5000 meters, jumping height and ride your bike on a par with the best representatives of these sports.

Do not be fooled, the term “body-building” – it does not necessarily mean “building up the body size.” In fact, many of those who wanted a dump of weight, found that it effectively cope with this. You can use weights to raise body weight, reducing it to improve the shape and tone muscles, build strength, develop general physical fitness and promote health. The end result is that with the help of a cul travel methods, you can achieve a slim, flexible body that is extremely feminine, seductive and attractive.

But why training weights? For whatever their reasons, women tend to be suspicious of the use of weights to give tone and shape your figure. I believe that it is – the result of the inherent fear of women. They do not want to become too muscular and massive. Ironically, it is training with weights does not allow to become too massive and muscular. This trend is typical for female bodybuilders who use testosterone-based drugs. I do not recommend to use them under any circumstances. In addition, please note that training with weights is able to shape your body and bring it in excellent condition is much faster than aerobics, yoga, riding a stationary bike, steppers, treadmills and stretching. The effectiveness of training with weights, nothing can surpass.

The beauty of weights is what makes it possible to adjust the resistance to your physical condition. If you are morbidly lean and weak, you can start with the use of very small weights, so as to gradually put himself in decent physical shape. As soon as your strength increases and filled with muscle, you will find that they can slightly increase the weight on the bar of the bar. Gradually you introduce yourself is in the form and physical condition, about which you always dreamed.

Larger or more athletic women can start working with heavier weights at the gym, but even in this case, as the newcomers in the training with weights, they should be ready for the beginning of training with the use of “light” weights. There is absolutely no point in trying to make sure how much you are able to pick up when you first have to deal with bodybuilding. This can lead to muscle strain or even a slight tear them, and ultimately – to pass training, depressed mood and a complete abandonment of the training.

Remember that you are responsible for the use of weights. You use them as tools to sculpt your body and bring it to physical perfection. At the very moment when you’re trying to raise the heaviest weights, to prove that you have now a lot of power, you lose control over this process. Master of the situation becomes that weight, not you.

A woman once “vrabotalas” in training can train as hard as a man. In fact, Vince Gironde often seen in its training room in North Hollywood that women often train much harder than men. “They’re just beautiful! – Vince said. – I enjoy this spectacle, because they show men on their under-measure what the real bodybuilding. They have a much higher pain threshold, they perform the exercises more precise, rigid, and when it comes to showing off their muscles, they will pose much better than men. ”

Women can train using the same exercises as the men. However, due to the fact that they do not target the maximum amounts of muscle men, they do not need prodelyvat so many approaches to fully pump the muscles. Three series in each exercise is sufficient.

Keep in mind that your food has an effect on the size of your muscles and body fat. You can reduce the overall size of the body, reducing caloric intake. First to go will be fat, then will decrease muscle size, if the number of calories would be considerably limited. Conversely, muscle size will increase (assuming, of course, if you’re tough exercise) when increased food intake. Of course, the constant overfeeding and an overabundance of calories inevitably will lead to fat accumulation, which, of course, is undesirable.

Some women engaged in bodybuilding, to put it mildly, are sorted out in respect of the degree of muscularity, which they seek. At some point, when all fat reserves are almost exhausted, will be observed in kulturistok habitual violation of the menstrual cycle (menstruation may cease general) and breast cancer significantly reduced. Low fat levels in the period of the competition – it is a distinct advantage; but there is nothing good in the quest to achieve body fat levels below 8 percent. While some bodybuilders claim that the levels of fat in the body reach the amazing 2, 4 per cent (which is doubtful), women by nature have a higher percentage of body fat than men. Women should not try to parity with their counterparts bodybuilders in the percentage of body fat.

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Suppose you never offend the idea of ​​taking any fat-burning drugs such as thyroid hormones or amphetamines. They will lay you to the hospital sooner than you reach the relief of muscle and, in addition, these drugs are very different side effects.

Your first exercise is more important than you can imagine, for a number of reasons. Since training with weights – this is the most concentrated form of all known forms of exercise, I have to emphasize once again that the first few training necessary to carry out with very small weights. If you are by nature not very strong, not very well prepared physically, and do not have perfect health right now, in your first training session with the use of iron is not loaded, the stamp blank rod. Later, when you achieve a certain development of power qualities, you will be able to increase the weight of the weights in accordance with their capabilities.

Let’s go back to the study, “repetition” (replays) – that’s how many times in a row without rest, you perform certain exercises. If you raised burdening up and lowered him down 10 times, then it will be just perform ten repetitions.

“Approach” (a series, a set) – a separate group of reps. For example, if you are doing 10 sit-ups in a row, then it will be 1 approach to 10 repetitions (usually written as 1×10). If you are doing the other group (series) sit-ups, it will be 2 sets of 10 repetitions (written as 2×10).

Beginners should prodelyvat only 1 approach each exercise. Two weeks later, the number of sets may be increased to two in each exercise. After 4 weeks, you can go to the three approaches. Very rarely, there is a need to do more of the three approaches in any exercise, if you do not exercise with a view to participate in the competition.

The most effective amount of the number of repetitions – from 8 to 12. Some women will notice that they achieve better results at a small number of repetitions (6 to 8), while others may prefer to perform the increased number of repetitions (15 to 30) . For those who are in a completely ignorant about the fact how many repetitions to do better, I would recommend the limits of 10-12 reps, but you can use up to 30 repetitions in working through the waist or legs.

When you lift weights, the movement must always be made smoothly and rhythmically. There is no benefit in an unequal struggle with the weight, in rejecting the torso back to “toss” the shell up. There is no point in flexion and sharp straightening the knees to bring a heavy shell to a final position. Smooth movement, exercise without excessive stress – are what you need. Try to lift weights rhythmically with the same speed as you drop them, up and down, up and down.

Another “must” applies to all cases, when you work with weights: try to do the exercise to the full range of motion. Whenever you bend your arms in hand muscle exercises, shoulder or chest, make sure that your hands are always rectified before the end (with the “off”) in each repetition. Performing leg muscle exercises, “turn off” your knees in each of their rectification. It’s always full “includes” only the working muscles and maintains the mobility of the joints.

Proper breathing during exercise is extremely important. Try to arrange your breath between the repetitions. Typically, short powerful breath is directly in front of the most difficult part of the exercise, and exhale, almost complete repetition. Try during the training does not hold their breath any fraction of a second. Except for a few not particularly difficult exercise, you should do one inhale and exhale on each repetition – a powerful breath of air through your mouth and exhale smoothly through slightly pursed lips. Unlike exercises without weights, you do not have to breathe through the nose during training with weights. This type of training provides only breathing through the mouth.

After each set of exercises needs a short rest. Or a little walk around the area of ​​the training hall, or just quietly wait on the spot. Sitting in general it is possible, but not particularly recommended. In the early stages of training, rest for two minutes between sets for any exercise. As soon as you gain strength and endurance, try to reduce the pause for rest. Aim to eventually reduce pauses between sets to just one minute. As a very general rule – you must rest long enough to fully restore the normal rate of respiration.

A few simple tricks to help you enhance concentration on the exercises. When you exercise, you should watch your reflection in the mirror, to maintain control of the equipment and the quality of muscle contraction. As the formation of practical skills you will be able to completely turn off all distractions. Not to get involved, even in passing extraneous conversations when exercising. Think only about what you do. As a result, you have to completely turn inward when you perform another approach. Even if your back will blow up the bomb, you do not notice it.

When the weights to increase the weight

Beginners often start to think about when they need to increase the weight of burdens. Add weight to the barbells and dumbbells immediately as soon as you feel that a complication that you use begins to feel too easy. Training with weights is to bring satisfaction. We must constantly strive to increase the resistance to the extent that it becomes stronger, but not to such an extent that each exercise turned into an exhausting effort. Train but do not overreach. When you are more easily four or five repetitions as compared with what you planned for this exercise, – a time for increasing resistance 1-2 kg.

Do not exercise as long as you are sure that your weights are perfectly safe.

Always use securely fixed to the wheels locks and free weights.

Believe me, you do not take pleasure from the bar slipped and fell to the foot drive from the bar or dumbbells.

What should be the duration of each workout?

The duration of training can be very different for each individual. First, when you are just learning to perform certain exercises, your workout may require more time, perhaps 30 minutes or so.

Soon you will notice that you can cut them to 15 minutes, or maybe you need less. If you truly love the “iron” and want to achieve a certain peak form to speak at a beauty contest, or at least for photo series, you can add a few exercises that will definitely lengthen the duration of your training sessions. However, do not fall into the very common mistake made on the basis of this conclusion, the more series or exercises are performed, the more effective it becomes training. Everyone has their level of adaptation to training with weights. The fact that one woman may seem quite sufficient, for another it may be too excessive load. You must learn not to “recycle” in class to such an extent that the only feeling after them – this is extreme fatigue or emptying the next day. Too much exercise – it is sometimes worse than their complete absence.

Excessive exercise entails anxiety and a vague longing, and as a result – the desire to completely stop training.

Each workout should begin with a general brief workout. It can take the form of a 2-minute run, 4-minute ride on a stationary bike, or the minutes of jumping rope l for running on the spot. The choice is yours, but do not neglect the warm-up. Warm-up is not only prepares your muscles for subsequent training, but also allows you to feel all the training better. It is also important to include in the warm-up stretching exercises described in this book, in the chapter on the warm-up.

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I chose the 20 exercises to show you the basis of weight training. Let’s repeat: beginner should choose only one exercise for each body part, and the first to perform them only in one approach, while using in the initial cycle burdening small to medium. You can always increase the weight of the projectile, when the muscles become accustomed to these exercises.

You can be called an athlete with an average level of experience, if you are able to perform 2 or 3 sets for each exercise, depending on your age, personal endurance levels and recovery capabilities. In the end, maybe you even want to add to the program of the second exercise for some of your “weak” parts of the body. Remember, however, that training with weights – this is a very concentrated form of exercise, and is “more” – not necessarily “better”. A much better option – it’s an easy nedotrenirovannost than overtraining, even the slightest.

Press of dumbbells sitting (shoulder and arm muscles)

Lift the shoulders a pair of light dumbbells (to start a weight of 2, 5-4, 5 kg), sitting with his back straightened at the edge of the training bench. At the same time squeeze the dumbbells to the position of the straightened hands over your head and repeat. Inhale do just before zhimom dumbbells up, exhale – when arms are fully straightened.

With each hand using a dumbbell performs work independently. Arts balanced lifting two dumbbells at the same time may seem difficult at first, but after a few sessions the problem will disappear. If you do this exercise with elbows, laid back, the greater the work done side deltoids head. Follow it with the elbows, shifted forward, including a game wheel (front) deltoids head. Do 10 to 12 repetitions.


Thrust rod to the chin (shoulders and arms)

Hold the grip of the bar on top of the neck, and let it be in the lowered hands down. Hands on the fretboard -. At a distance of about 20 cm Tighten the bar up, maintaining throughout the exercise elbows as high as possible level of brushes. Retaining control over the movement, burdening lower and repeat. Inhale before raising the projectile; exhalation produces at least lowering the bar down.

Start with about 10-12 weight 5 kg. Perform 12 repetitions.


Standard squat with a barbell on his back is very similar to a simple squats without weights, except that on the back of the shoulder you are loaded barbell discs. If you are thin and lightweight, you may need a towel, which will need to wrap the neck rod lying during sit-ups on the upper back, the metal crashed into the skin. It is also important to keep your head higher and straighter back during the whole exercise. Initial weight rod ranges from 12, 5 to 25 kg, depending on your current level of strength and fitness. Many female bodybuilders are able to squat with the weight of the bar, twice their own weight.


Slowly lower yourself into a squat, but not lower than parallel to the floor of the provisions of the front of the thighs. Slowly rise to the initial vertical position (see. Photo on p. 186).

When doing this exercise you should not suddenly “dive” into a deep squat and springy movement “beat” movement upwards. Constantly monitor all missile movement. Start about 10-15 kg and follow them from 12 to 15 reps.

Squat on Hack-machine (hip and pelvic girdle)

You will need to exercise special this magnificent Hack machine with a sliding trolley.


Start as shown in the photo. Descend into the squat position and then immediately return to the top spot.

As long as your body gets used to the movement, use at first only a very light weight. Perform 12 to 20 repetitions. Breathe right before dropping down; exhale produce as straightening the legs.

Straightening feet on the simulator (front thighs)

This exercise is performed in a special simulator, which is called the machine leg extensions. A little exercise can be simplified variation

performed while sitting on a table (or on a high bench) with the use of special metal “sandals”. Choose a value of weights, which to begin with is just comfortable (about 10 kg). Start with the position shown in the photo finish and fully straightening the legs. The results of this exercise are often manifested in a more distinct relief of muscles and shape, not the volume of muscle. Try to perform 12 to 15 repetitions, starting to overcome the resistance of the simulator lever very slowly. Do not throw your feet forward dramatically. In this case, the resistance to overcome the inertia increasingly used instead muscle contraction.


Start with 4-7-kilogram dumbbell in the starting position shown in the photo.

In the course of the exercise arms slightly bent, which removes the excess voltage to elbow. Lower the weights to the sides and down, then return them to their original position. This exercise builds mainly the region of the pectoral muscles, especially outside of their share.

Do 10 to 12 repetitions. As in the bench press, try to adhere to proper breathing – inhale deeply, when he let down his hands to the side and move weights down, exhale do on the ascending part of the range of motion. An additional beneficial effect of this exercise – increase chest capacity.

No need to be a genius to see that the movement of the bench press is actually inverted push-ups (see. Photo on p. 190). But it is superior to the latter performance is building as the chest muscles exercise, because you do not have to support the body and rectified voltage does not need to make an effort to keep the balance in the rest position. The most important advantage is that you can gradually increase the weight and regular weights. Perhaps you do not understand how it happened, when you discover that the lift is very decent weights for this exercise. Start with 10-20 kilos and be prepared for the fact that during the first year of training, you can achieve weight barbell in this exercise in the 45 kilograms and more.



Inhale as how omit weights, exhale produce when the rod moves up. Imagine if you had a powerful exhalation pushes it upwards. Most of the people down the neck of the bar to the nipple, but those who wish to build a “high” pectoral muscles can lower the bar to the upper chest. Under no circumstances do not allow burdening “bounce” from the sternum (sr Numa), as this may damage the nerves are very sensitive center located beneath it.

When performing a bench press, adjust the grip the neck so that the arm is in a vertical position when the bar is lowered to the chest. Always squeeze the shell until full extension of the arms.

Do not let burdening quickly fall down, lower it to the starting position slowly, controlling speed and inferior muscle force. Perform 10 to 13 repetitions.

Traction down the high-block (the upper part of the back and arms>

Grasp the handle of the high-block above his head (grip should be wide enough). Starting point of the movement -ruki straight. Pull the handle down over his head. return to

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the starting position and repeat. Inhale directly before the start cravings, then slowly exhale when going down the neck. As you straighten up the hands begin to breathe again. Use a value of encumbrances on the block, so that it allows you to perform 12 repetitions without undue strain and breathing delays.

Thrust in the slope (upper back and arms)

Position the body in a starting position, shown in the photo on p. 192, keeping your back straightened, and knees slightly bent. Grasp the barbell neck top grip slightly wider than shoulder width. The second part of the movement of the projectile is moving up to the lower abdomen. Start to work in the exercise with a weight of 10-15 kg. Breathe produce before lifting the projectile, exhale at the moment of highest tension muscles in the arms and back, and as the descent of the projectile breathe again. This exercise works out the entire upper region of the back and lats. Do 10 to 12 repetitions.

Lying leg curls (hamstrings)

Use a special simulator for lying leg curls (see. Photo). You lie on his belly down. Exercise is considering hamstrings to the fullest range of motion. simulator lever is moved from the point of full extension legs to the point where your knees fully bent. Try to perform 12 to 15 repetitions with weights of 5 to 10 kg. Inhaling and exhaling can be adjusted arbitrarily, but it is better to breathe in when relaxing the hamstrings, and exhale – on overcoming portion of the amplitude of the movement, that is, when the legs are bent.




Bend forward at the waist and take in the arm 2, 5-pound dumbbell. The action itself in this exercise limited to: simple straightening his hands back in his elbow. Exercise unchallenging, so breathe freely. But it’s better to exhale as straightening hands and breath to do when the dumbbell is lowered. Do 10 to 12 repetitions.

This exercise can be performed only on a special machine to block drafts from above (see. Photo on p. 194). You will also need a short handle, shown in the photo. Keep your elbows close to the body, and set up the feet at a comfortable width for you. Take a deep breath and straighten your arms to handle down, overcoming the weight of weights on the block. your hands and repeat 10-12 times the force Let weighed down again slowly bend. Exhale produce each time the hands are straightened down. This is one of the best exercises for the triceps.



Lying back on the bench, located at 45, start out the curls out of the situation when they are fully extended downwards (it is recommended to use 6-7 pound dumbbells). Inhale from the movement, and exhale when the hands are close to the shoulders. Lower the weights at the same speed with which lifted. Do not allow yourself to “overclock” weights, to raise them; This reduces the effectiveness of the training is very. Try this exercise to perform 12 repetitions.

Climbs on socks sitting (calf muscles)

This exercise is the advanced level, which is usually performed on a special lifting devices on your toes while sitting. Alternative version – ask someone to put a heavy barbell across your thighs near the knees (do not forget to enclose some soft pad). Raise and lower the heel using burdening weight of about 25 kg. This exercise builds a form in soleus muscle in the calf. Perform 20 repetitions.


Lie face down so that your thighs are across the training bench. Ask your partner to keep your feet and not allow them to mix. Start with the position shown in the photo, and lift the torso to the end position. Lower the torso and repeat. Do 12 repetitions. This exercise can also be performed on a specially designed device, known as a bench for hyperextension.


Rises in the Roman chair torso (abdominal muscles)

Use Roman chair, as shown in the illustration of this device. Slowly lower your torso back. Lift the torso and repeat. For a start will be enough of ten repetitions.

Train in order to achieve results in 25 repetitions in 2 or 3 approaches.

Exercise «Good Morning» – tilts forward (lower back)

Start with the fact that the lift on the shoulders of light (about 10 kg) post, as shown in the picture. Keeping your back straight in and hold rod in a fixed position on the shoulders, torso, lower end position. Inhale before you bend down exhale as it rises to its original position. Try to do 12 reps. This exercise trains the very important area of ​​the lower spine and has a beneficial effect on the muscles of the legs, especially in the area of ​​hamstrings on the back surface of the higher tribes.




This exercise also includes simple process of lifting on the toes (or lifting heels with socks support). The resistance may be provided or with a special simulator (calf machine for socks standing on climbs), or by using heavy weights, which you take on the shoulders. It is also necessary to use a block of wood under the pads of the feet and go up on your toes as high as possible. Stretch the calf muscles! Walk for 20-25 repetitions with 22, 5-pound barbell, or use an equivalent load at a special calf machine.


Ups yogi in vise on the bar (the lower abdominal region )

This exercise is working very hard to develop the area of ​​the lower abdomen. You will need to do horizontal fixed beam (or beam for pull-ups, set in the doorway). In the summer of horizontally placed strong branch on the tree will be the best too. Start with Davis, as shown in the photo. Then, after a short breaths, begin to raise your knees. Exhale at the end of the motion, lifting his knees. Inhale, slowly lowering his knees, and repeat. Try to start to do 10 repetitions, and then gradually, week by week, increase the number rises to his knees until fail to perform 30 repetitions in a row.

Stand with feet apart in a rack at a comfortable distance for you, keeping in lowered hands barbell weighing 10-15 kg reflux (palms up) grip at shoulder width or slightly wider. Not rejecting the torso back, take a deep breath and begin to raise the bar by bending the arms to the shoulders. Do not bend your knees; try to lift weights, keeping the elbows tight to the body. Exhale when approaching the neck to the shoulders. Lower shell with the same speed with which it was raised, and repeat. Try to do 12 reps. This is one of the most basic exercises for the biceps and the best for the formation of these muscles.



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