Courses steroids professionals from the past

Courses steroids professionals from the past           Courses steroids professionals from the past

Which is not a self-respecting bodybuilder myself curious to know in what way and by means of which have been successful bodybuilding legend – Schwarzenegger, Mentzer, Zane Scott, Drepper and others. After studying the courses and training programs of these people, we can conclude – the majority of modern athletes takes excessively high dosage of steroids. A problem with this is the desire to quickly get results, not applying to this substantial effort to get the perfect musculature no heavy and hard work in the gym.

Large dosages – this is not always the best result, and if the best, the damage to health. Do I need it? Someone turn a blind eye and prefers his own health quick and easy results, and, unfortunately, they are the majority. Is not it better to take less, but longer, and to train more and more? And the result, and conscience in this case will be clean and safe health.

This article provides an overview of steroid courses, at one time used by veterans of bodybuilding, the people who made bodybuilding as we know it today. People, which now will be discussed – is the real professionals devoted to their work, and even now many of them can give odds to youth. So, let’s begin.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Iron Arnie – not just a childhood idol for many of us, but also an example to follow. It is likely that for the next generation of young bodybuilder Schwarzenegger will not be an idol, but he will always be a legend bodybuilding.

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What is the secret of success, “Mr. Olympia – 1980” and the famous actor? Quite simply, 600 mg Primobolan per week + 50 mg Dianabol per day and hard work in the gym.

Another well-known athlete, Sergio Oliva, the above described preferred drugs Deco. His course was as follows: Deca (200 mg per week) + Winstrol (20 mg daily). Note that Arnie in his time, too, used the Deco, and quite successfully.

Mike Mentzer

In preparing for the Moscow Olympics in 1980, Mentzer used anabolic only one drug – Dianabol. He took it in a dosage of 20-30 mg per day short courses of 4-6 weeks. Mike always frankly and openly said that it takes and that makes for the achievement of high sports results. We have to admit that by the standards of the dosage of Dianabol taken by them were simply enormous, and Veboldex 250 (boldenone undecylenate) indeed his approach to training very different from the common at the time, in particular on the methodology of Joe Weider. For the first time the details of their training process Mike Mentzer shared in «Heavy Duty Journal» journal.

Maybe someone knows Menzer, it is at his height of 173 centimeters weighed 113 kg, so that was one of the heavyweight athletes. Impressive, is not it?

Frankie Zan

Another legend bodybuilding and three-time winner of the title “Mr. Olympia” used in the preparation of their precompetitive and Deco Primobolan in a dosage of 100 mg per week for each. He himself called these drugs thyroiditis and understand like no other steroids at the time. He chose only the best and take care of your health, so just want to put it in the example of modern bodybuilders.

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Larry Scott

Throughout the ’60s, Larry Scott has always used only Dianabol – 10 tablets per day in several doses. Nothing prevents you, modern bodybuilders use a training program successful athletes of the past, rather than trying to find something new, to suffer from a variety of drugs and excessive dosage, risking health. In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the best solution – is to build the physical base with steroids, and not use them as a basis for this.

Dave Drepper

Another known worldwide athlete who use only one steroid – Winstrol® 25 mg per day. Modern bodybuilders are in one voice declare that it is unreasonable, you can also use other, faster and “prushchego” drugs. But why? Serious man cares not only about his athletic achievements, but also about health. To achieve something, you need to work. Doubt? Look at Dave Drepper achievement, and motivation you definitely will.

For sure, these names are familiar to every bodybuilder and now everyone needs to think over the following: if all of these people did not use large doses of AAS and thus reached the pinnacle of world sport, whether you need to take more than they? Maybe the problem is not in the dosage and the drug used, and in the approach to business?

As a bonus,

Our body is designed so that the maximum weight that can be dialed for 2 months (the average duration of a course of steroids), is approximately 15 kg. The mass, momentum resulting normalized training saved is much better than that obtained in the so-called steroid explosion. That is, even if for 2 months will be able to build the 15 kg, store them practically impossible, because such a dramatic increase in muscle volume is abnormal, unnatural, and all that is unnatural, the body rejects.

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If muscle mass does not exceed the rate of 20 kg, there is no reason to take high doses of steroids and ruin your health. No sane experienced bodybuilder will not strive to gain a course for the maximum possible amount of muscle mass. As with any other important matter, here we must look to the future, for the future, not to squeeze the most out of what is, so that in the near future to regret the wrong choice made.