Cteroidy, drugs anabolic actions and side effects

Cteroidy, drugs anabolic actions and side effectsIn most cases, when people talk about steroids, they mean by this term only hormonal drugs acting on the type of the male hormone testosterone. In fact, in the category of anabolic androgenic steroids and includes a huge number of preparaaov, including hormones, including male and female sex hormones, hormones adrenal cortex, and others.

General characteristics of anabolic steroids

In this article, a group of hormonal anabolic steroids testosterone basis will be considered. So, anabolic steroids – a group of substances that are fully synthetic copy of the male sex hormones testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. Steroids were developed in order to obtain funds that have anabolic properties of natural testosterone, but devoid of androgenic activity.

Creating a truly effective and at the same time safe for the health of substances with anabolic activity – is a difficult task, realization of which requires considerable time and cost. But it’s worth it, because as a result of drastic changes the molecular structure of the hormones produced substances that have a number of advantages and benefits compared with its clear view. For example, some anabolic steroids have high activity and virtually no androgen, whereby weakly exposed aromatization and have minimal side effects.

Modern assortment of anabolic steroids is huge, and the market of sports pharmacology evolving and expanding with each passing year. Despite the impressive efforts of scientists and funding is not an ideal steroid to date. Each of the plurality of existing drugs have their own strengths and weaknesses, they are not perfect, are potentially dangerous to health and are suitable for use in any specific order.

By itself, the question arises: why not make a steroid completely devoid of side effects? The answer is simple and complex at the same time: androgenic and anabolic activity are closely related, so the decline in androgen index entails a reduction of anabolic. Thus, we have to choose between effective, but potentially harmful and dangerous drugs, and safe, but ineffective. In our online shop you will find a wide range of anabolic steroids at competitive prices from known and trusted manufacturers.

The story of anabolic steroids

The first anabolic steroids appeared before the Second World War, but in the free market have appeared only in the early 50s. A huge impetus to the development of sports pharmacology become a multimillion-dollar investment, including on the part of the governments of some Danabol (methandienone oral) countries. Just over ten years from the date of receipt of the first anabolic agents in the sale of sports pharmacology market has evolved to a state of dominance. Most popular now steroids appeared before the end of the 60s, and in global terms since then little has changed. Some drugs have become obsolete and no longer in production, they were replaced by more advanced, some simply changed the name and the manufacturer, but in general all remain the same.

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Anabolic steroids occupy a large part of sports pharmacology market, their production generates huge revenues pharmacological companies. Taking this into account, as well as the ever-increasing demand for funds to build muscle, increase strength, speed and endurance, as soon as any changes in the market is not expected. Perhaps we would not have known steroids as they are now, if not for one drug – Dianabol (methandrostenolone). Created under the direction of Dr. John’s US Olympic team Ziegler, the anabolic became a real breakthrough in the already stagnant market of sports pharmacology. Its effectiveness in increasing muscle mass and strength quickly assessed the first American and then European and Soviet athletes. Dianabol is often called the “king” of steroids, because in terms of sales and popularity among sportsmen in the world, he holds the leading position for more than one decade.

Another turning point in the history of anabolic steroids has been the introduction in 1976, the ban on their use. Although a large impact on the rise in popularity of steroids among athletes is not rendered, the professionals started relates to the use of such funds more carefully and thoughtfully. According to statistics, in the US alone anabolic and androgenic drugs annually take at least 1 million people, most of whom -. Amateur athletes of all ages, from teens to experienced bodybuilders with experience of 10 years. As practice shows, the growing popularity of steroids directly proportional to the growth in popularity as a sport bobibildinga and even lifestyle. The sharp jump in the popularity of bodybuilding among young men and women in the period 70-80-ies reflected the rapid growth in sales of steroids, the same situation exists today. There is nothing strange, because everyone knows that bodybuilding and steroids – inseparable.

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The action of anabolic steroids

Once in the body, steroids are launching a chain of simple and complex biochemical reactions that make a difference to the work of the central nervous system, slow down or speed up some of the natural processes. So how to give an accurate description and explanation of all the actions and results of the application of anabolic steroids will take more than a dozen pages, we present a general characterization.

All anabolic steroids are divided into injection (shots) and oral (tablet). Injectable steroids are administered only intramuscularly, its active ingredient goes directly into the blood, so anabolic effect is achieved almost immediately after the injection. Thanks to the active substance fat depot from the injection site into the blood to digest at once, but gradually released into the bloodstream over time. Together with the blood of the steroid is carried throughout the body by interacting with androgen receptors throughout the body and ensuring the growth of muscle. Unlike oral steroids is that they are only released into the bloodstream from the stomach or the liver (depending on the drug).

The main mechanism of action is the stimulation of anabolic androgenic receptors located at different density in different tissues. These receptors are resistant to other substances and react only to anabolics. However, in humans there are many other types of cell receptors, designed to interact only with specific types of molecules. 98% of steroid molecules in the blood are bound and connected with the proteins or globulins. With this particular anabolic steroids begin to exert only after entering the muscle.

Anabolic effect is achieved as follows: when connecting the receptor, steroid receptor complex enters the cell through the membrane in its core, which interacts with specific segments of nucleic acids, DNA, resulting in DNA delayed memory connection information steroid receptor. The information obtained in the form of RNA leaves the cell nucleus and binds with the corresponding RNA in the cytoplasm, and then starts the process of protein synthesis. After interaction with the cellular receptor steroid core structure leaves the cell again and gets into the bloodstream, and then re-enters the cell or excreted. One, this cycle looks complicated, but in reality it is even more difficult, because it is the main, but not the only effect of steroids on the human body.

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Another very important for muscle growth process that stimulate anabolic steroids – this generation creatine. This substance is necessary to restore ATP, which in turn is closely linked with all the dynamic processes of muscle: contraction, expansion, growth, repair, etc. Another natural steroids stimulate the production of insulin needed to reduce the amount of fat, improving muscle quality and its relief. This is very important in terms of increased digestibility of nutrients from food, which is observed while taking steroids.

Also anabolic steroids increase red cell mass and blood alter the nitrogen balance in a positive way. This provides such an important for athletes as the Pumping or muscle pumping. By improving the blood and oxygen supply of the muscle, steroids stimulate their rapid growth and increase in volume.

In general, anabolic steroids have on the body of the athlete beneficial effects, but when used improperly and the presence of contraindications, even the most benign and safe drugs can be harmful to health. Of course, none of anabolic drugs is not without side effects, but the negative impact can be minimized with the right approach to the organization of the course. One of the main drawbacks of most of the existing steroids – aromatisation, that is, the conversion of the steroids in the female sex hormone estrogen. This increase in estrogen levels caused by the majority of the side effects of steroids: fluid accumulation in the muscle tissue, gynecomastia, elevated blood pressure, the appearance of body fat, hair loss, and others. To prevent and eliminate these side effects need quality restoring treatment with anti-estrogen drugs. It is important to follow the recommended dosage for each of the drugs, the duration and frequency of administration, in addition to provide the body with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, to monitor your health and to take prompt action in case of any problems.