Doping in the sports world

Doping in the sports worldDoping in the sports world

Steroids have studied far and wide, so tell us about their use of something fundamentally new is impossible. Rather than engage in analysis of some boring scientific articles, of which there are now a bunch, take a look at steroids a little different angle. Thus, the doping in the sports world.

Doping: Why so much negativity?

Public opinion about steroids formed mainly popular media and the tabloids, people believe in and are surprised incredible revelations of alleged journalists hacks who do “not in the subject.” They need a sensation, ratings and profit, so they do not care, what to speak, write or shoot – truth, a particle of truth or outright lies. The ignorant will, and dissenters – but what would be considered the majority of their non-authoritative opinion.

Now the fight against steroids already acquired a global character. To understand this, it is enough to watch TV, read newspapers and popular Internet portals, to the specialized literature does not necessarily apply. Regular doping scandals involving famous athletes only “warm up” the audience, give journalists more and more reason to vilify steroids and their positioning on one side only – negative. Biathlon, cycling, track and weightlifting, gymnastics and popular team sports – there is nothing without its high-profile doping scandals, and it is tempting to think that the attitude to steroids in the sport needs to be changed, otherwise the fight against them will go on forever.

Each athlete that sets the major ambitious goals, sooner or later faced with a difficult choice: to continue to work with a clear conscience, but with minimal chances to achieve the desired, or to resort to the use of chemicals, risking his own reputation, while having the opportunity to express themselves. Can we consider the modern sport honest? When it comes to professional sports – no. If it was not doping, it would not be and most modern sports records and achievements of individual athletes. Doping has been and remains an integral part of professional sports for over half a century, changed only the methods of its application.

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Then immediately comes to mind the most legendary case with Ben Johnson. Is he an unrecognized champion and record holder, was playing unfairly? Yes, I answer with one voice, because he used the same doping, for which he paid his career. Did others to play fair, unless none of the participants of the Olympic Games did not use doping, do all his rivals were completely “clean”? In this little hard to believe. Johnson became the victim of his own negligence, shall we Clenbuterol Sopharma (clenbuterol hydrochloride) say, it just was not lucky – only the opportunity for it once the roof caved in the mud, which was prepared for the first one who gets in serious doping. No, it was not the first Canadian professional athlete, which is found in the use of illicit drugs, but his story was played out at a time when the war against steroids was in full swing, and needed only a small spark, so she broke out with renewed vigor. Nobody defends Johnson, because he deliberately went to the risks and playing fair, for which he was punished. But can it be considered a modern sport honest?

Doping control – the illusion of fair sport?

Watching sporting events, people need entertainment, but at the same time fiercely criticized doping, without which productivity and entertainment on the hard count – a paradox, is not it? Mandatory drug testing was supposed to solve the problem of doping and eradicate its use by professional athletes, but in fact it only makes it worse. Modern qualification standards are very high. The title of master of sports – it is best that the athlete can rely without using doping. In professional sports, the bar even higher, and that really for something to fight, or need to be lucky and gifted by nature, or taking a drug.

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Another important issue that can not fail to note – the principle of forming the lists of prohibited and non-prohibited drugs. Not entirely clear what is the difference between such drugs. It turns out that testosterone and other hormone steroids prohibited while the digestive enzymes also have an anabolic effect allowed. Why Aspirin can be bought at any pharmacy in any quantity, while the spread of Stanozolol or any other anabolic steroids is almost equal to the spread of drugs, because in high doses both dangerous to human health and life? In some ways it is similar to the situation with the movement for the legalization of marijuana, which research has shown that it has on the human body is 10 times less harmful than beer, not to mention the other alcoholic beverages. No, this is not a call for the legalization of marijuana, it’s just a great example of what is happening now with steroids. All these drugs distribution procedure allowed and forbidden looks like this: useless to let the athlete drugs are allowed, but that can bring even a minimal benefit, once criticized, research and, eventually, prohibition.

Of course, steroids are not without drawbacks, one can not speak about them as things are quite harmless and harmless to human health. One of the main problems of steroids – is the use of teenagers who still do not understand or want to understand that the human body grows and develops up to 21-24 years, and that the use of anabolic substances in this age can greatly disturb the process and lead to irreversible consequences. Another problem – the wrong use of anabolic agents and deliberate excess dosages, and this applies not only teenagers but also adults athletes.

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The current situation in the sports world does not give any reason to believe that in the near future will be a clean sport of doping. Who is to conquer new sports peaks and set new records almost impossible without the help of performance-enhancing drugs, and it is understood by all: the sportsmen and their fans, coaches, sports pharmacology producers and journalists. This is not beneficial to anyone, so some turn a blind eye, while others get bogged down in a losing fight. What remains to us to contact you? Live your life and try to see things as they really are, without stereotypes and opinions of others.