How to download grip triceps?

download grip tricepsTritsepsovy mode or a narrow bench press is considered to be the best exercise for the triceps pump. Ego typical basic movement, which is attended by just two joints: the elbow and shoulder. So in this mode necessarily involves all the muscles, serving both the joint. All this suggests that in the bench press close grip, you can encroach on the record weight.

However, there is one “but.” In the traditional bench press you put hands shoulder-width apart and wider. With such successful fellow first and second joints of the most “powerful”. Well, if you narrow the grip, the two joint will be in awkward anatomical position. Given the large weight here close to the injury. How to be? Let’s investigate.

UZKII GRIP . You can hear that, say, a narrow grip when hands are almost touching each other, it is the most effective for pumping triceps. In fact it is not. Analysis of the muscles and joints in such a super-narrow grip, made ​​by magnetic imaging, showed that there are a bunch of joints experiencing stress, almost traumatic burden. In this sense, very narrow formulation of the hands is Testex Pro 250 (testosterone cypionate) the least “reasonable”, because sooner or later will lead you to injury. As the load on the triceps, it is, as it turned out, from the narrow grip did not win.

MID GRIP . This is the most common width grip, which shall be verified as follows: you put the brush on the neck and straighten your thumbs towards each other. Then you pull together the brush until your fingers are not “meet”.This is the so-called Average grip. About him say that he was the least risky. This statement is also incorrect.Studies have shown that the grip is less overloaded Growth hormones ligaments of the joints, but the load is still traumatic. If we talk about the triceps, it is loaded exactly as in the narrow-grip.

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GRIP shoulder-width apart . The test results reliably proved that the grip at shoulder width or slightly narrower is the right one. The load on the joints during this successful fellow will be minimal, well and triceps load is not only does not suffer, but in addition to the maximum possible. This option allows you to confidently capture improve operating weight by 8-10% in comparison with the narrow grip, though the most productive.