Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

Drying and eyeliner

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Drying and eyelinerThe we come to the finish line. Today we look at the last aspect of drying – liner form. Of course, we will provide appropriate training programs, but all in good time.About fat burning diet and we’ll talk. Now that you know how to make your fat burning, you only need a sensible training program. By the way, the choice of diet does not affect the selection of programs. So what you can safely use a carbohydrate-free, and low-carbohydrate diet. Liner In fact, the eyeliner is something that supports your muscles, not allowing the body to disassemble them into amino acids. You already know that the dormant muscle fibers break down almost immediately, because the body is not profitable to keep them. So if entirely rely on cardio training, then soon you will look just a reflection of the thinner man, while losing the old volumes of the muscles. That is why we need to keep the muscles toned, but not to hurt them unnecessarily, because the low level of energy will not allow us to fully recover. As mentioned in a previous article, the most appropriate training method is to Pumping. Few people know that it can be used in the so-called circuit training, also known as non-stop. Doing the exercises one after the other without rest as such causes your body to operate at maximum capacity, which is why circuit training can be described as the most energy-intensive way of training. It should be noted that the appearance of circular trainings can be made ​​different. Sometimes it is based on the antagonist muscle (opposite in function, such as biceps, triceps), sometimes – on the elaboration of a single muscle group using supersets. Each person reacts differently to a particular form of it, some of the way, the circular style is not very helpful. That is why we will acquaint you with three types of different programs for liner process. Number of sets indicates only the workers approaches warm-up you have to pick yourself, depending on the Hotbol (clenbuterol hydrochloride) sensations. Before we continue I would like to remind about the importance of aerobic sessions that actually provide fat burning. Perform cardio after weight training, which should not last more than 60 minutes. 1. Program 3 days – circular Many athletes do not really understand the true word “pie” training. In practice, everything looks quite simple: for example, you have a list of four exercises. You prepare for the first projectile motion and begin to perform warm-up sets. Immediately after, without rest, you move on to the second exercise and perform the same workout, etc.until the end of the list. Having a warm-up lap you start working approaches, of which there are usually quite a few (1-2). They also run in the round robin, ie first set, second set, etc. Small holiday lasting no more than two minutes, and the next working cycle. Here the emphasis is on the so-called circle of exercises, and he performed for all the muscle groups in the full range of style, ie you pass around a list and then relax. Three days of various circular load contribute to the tremendous positive stress. For those who do not fully understand the characteristics of circuit training: training here every day is working all the muscle groups of the human. The first day. 1) Link rod to the belt in the slope 1-2h15-20; 2) bench press 1-2h15-20; 3) leg press in the simulator (the average staging feet) 1-2h15-20;4) leg curls in the simulator 1-2h15-18; 5) Press of dumbbells sitting up 1-2h15-20; 6) curls straight bar 1 -2h15-18; 7) extension of hands on the upper block (rope handle) 1-2h15-18; 8) Twisting 1-2h10-12 on the floor. The second day. 1) dumbbell bench press on an incline bench (45 °) 1-2h15 -20; 2) Deadlift 1-2h15-18; 3) Squats on the shoulders (sumo) 1-2h15-18; 4) alternating curls with dumbbells (supination) 1-2h15-16; 5) Bench barbell narrow 1-2h15-18 grip; 6) Bench Arnold sitting 1-2h15-18; 7) Raising the legs or knees in the vise 1x to failure. The third day. 1) Hack squats in the simulator 1-2h15-20; 2) with an emphasis Hyperextensions on the hamstrings 1-2h15-20; 3) Bench barbell up sitting 1-2h15-20; 4) thrust block on top 1-2h15-20 chest; 5) information on hand 1-2h15-20 crossover; 6) French bench with EZ-stamped 1-2h15-18; 7) curl with EZ-stamped on the bench Scott 1-2h15-18; 8.) The rise of the trunk with a straight back in the Roman chair 1x to failure as you can see, the number of sets varies from one to two. In fact, you will always have to perform two working set, the exception is only the first training cycle. In it you need to prepare the body for future load, that’s why at the beginning of the working set will suffice. Between workouts should be at least 24 hours of rest. 2. Program 2 days – split Split the usual means for us the manner of the exercise. This is where you need to focus on so-called Pumping. Check this process, you can use a stopwatch, which will pinpoint the exact time of rest (no more than 1 minute). All the muscles are divided into two sessions, which means that for 1 cycle (2 training), you will work all the muscles. If you are recovering well and you have the time, you need access to the fitness center 4 times a week. If not, then it does not matter, and the two times is enough. The first day (chest, back, biceps, triceps). 1) bench press 3h15-18; 2) Dips (thoracic variant) 3h12-15; 3) Reduction hand crossover 3×20; 4) Pullover with a dumbbell lying 3h15-20;5) narrow grip bench press 3h15-18; 6) Link the upper block to the chest 3h15-20; 7) Link to the belt of the horizontal unit sitting 3h15-16; 8) biceps curl straight bar 3h15-16. The second day (legs, shoulders and the press). 1) leg press in the simulator 3h15-20; 2) leg extension in the simulator 3h15-20; 3) leg curls in the simulator 3h15-20; 4 ) Link rod to the chin middle grip 3h15-18; 5) Lifting dumbbells to the sides 3h15-18; 6) dumbbell bench press up sitting 3h15-16; 7) feet rise in the vise 2h15-20. The peculiarity of this program is that when good recovery, you can train for 2-2 scheme, ie Two days of training and two days of rest. Do not hesitate to look for suitable options for you. 3. 3 days The program – a classic split This program is suitable for those who can afford to go to a fitness center three times a week. In addition, broken muscle favored method whereby almost used to the application is not necessary.Reiterated the importance of compliance with Pumping-mode. Pick operating weight wisely, otherwise you risk getting a huge amount of microtrauma, which eventually heals, due to the lack of carbohydrates. The first day (chest, arms). 1) bench press 3h15-18; 2) Dips 3h15-16; 3) bench rod on an incline bench 3h15-18; 4) French bench 3×15; 5) extension arms on the upper block (any handle) 3×15; 6) curls with dumbbells alternately 3h15-16; 7) Concentrated curl with a dumbbell 3×15 -18 . The second day (leg press) 1) Squats on 3h15-20 shoulders; 2) Dead Rod 3×20; 3) leg press in the simulator 3h15-20; 4) leg curls in the simulator 3h15-20; 5) Lifting feet in the vise 2h12-15; 6) Twisting 2h12-15 on the floor. The third day (back, delta). 1) Link the upper block to the chest 3h12-15; 2) Traction T fingerboard 3h15-20; 3) horizontal thrust block the belt sitting 3h15-18; 4) Bench barbell with breast sitting 3h15-18; 5) Lifting dumbbells to the sides 3h15-16; 6) Lifting dumbbells in front of him, alternately 3h15-18.