Drying and food

Drying and foodIf in your life you have never been the owner of a beautiful six cubes press, the first thing that you need to drying – to count calories. Tips cosmic stupidity: “Eat less!”, Etc. – Does not help.The most amazing thing is that to this day, many people follow the stereotype according to which you can not eat after six o’clock in the evening. There can not be 4 hours before bedtime, and it is only about carbohydrates. Basic theory We have already told you that at the same time to gain muscle mass and burn fat – it is impossible. Today, we will explain why. The fact that the human body can follow only one of two possible ways. Or is anabolism (building and synthesis of various tissues and cells), or this catabolism (tissue destruction). The car can not move both forward and backward, as well as our body. Remember once and for all. Never believe the statements, according to which muscles can be pumped into fat. Fat cells can be transformed into proteins, and this fact.So in essence, what we’ll be with you watching and can be attributed to the second process – catabolism. Perhaps it is only in terms of the hard power shortage, as the fat is the reserve source of energy that protects in case of emergency. As you may recall, our secondary task – to keep the muscle fibers – or rather, to try to lose the least possible number of them. If we talk purely about the numbers, you should gradually during the first two weeks to reduce the number of calories by 300-500 calories, no more. Further, the slow pace, you’ll need to raise the bar up to 1000-1500 kcal. What to eat? Throughout drying you do not feel hunger. It is believed that such a feeling indicates the lack of calories that the body begins to take out the fat. In fact, it produced the lion’s share of cortisol, which breaks up your muscles with amino acids, and are your body gets the needed nutrients. So if you feel Cypioject 200 (testosterone cypionate) hungry, then cortisol he has already begun work. There are two types of diets that are suitable for drying processes: low-carbohydrate and carbohydrate-free. About the second we were talking in a special article, which can be found in our index. Today will talk about the first one. During the low-carbohydrate cycle, you need to try to keep the following ratio belkovuglevodovzhirov: 50% 20% 30%. When counting calories do not forget that 1g of protein or carbohydrate contains – 4kkal and gram fatty acids -. 9kkalCarbohydrates There they should be only in the morning or, in the morning, the focus must be on the so-called slow carbohydrates with a low glycemic index . If possible, the morning should be avoided fats, because they will slow down your metabolism in the amount of carbohydrates. Let me remind you, on drying, and in life, a high metabolism has several advantages. Permitted Products: oatmeal, buckwheat, rice (preferably brown), barley, red bean, mung bean and other legumes. Also in the morning, you can afford some fruit, for example, half a grapefruit. Restrictions are imposed on fiber-rich vegetables: cabbage, parsley, lettuce, cucumbers. Fats Many people believe that fat in the diet of an athlete – not allowed. In fact, it is misleading and we talked about this in a previous article. Fats are very important, especially for drying. The only question such as fats. All vegetable oils (except palm), as well as fish oils are excellent products for drying. Two tablespoons of flaxseed oil during the first half of the day significantly enhance your results. The fact that all of the above “good” fats are a source of omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which play a huge role our body. From the viewpoint of drying should allocate their magical properties: they force the body to burn brown (subcutaneous) fat instead of free fatty acids. Overall acceptance of such products may play a role of natural fat burners. The proteins on the protein (English analogue speech proteins) must lean in the second half of the day. As with any diet adequate athlete, a protein source, we will serve the chicken breasts, sea fish, low-fat cottage cheese (prepared at home), and egg whites. Many will say that we lose sight of vegetable protein, which is fed with oatmeal, beans, etc. . In fact thence amino acids are quite meager form. That is why as complete proteins should not be considered. If you, in spite of the large assortment of products that will experience the feeling of hunger, you should resort to the help of sports nutrition. Get comprehensive or whey protein, and eat it between meals. Sports Nutrition Do not place high hopes on supplements, because they only help, nothing more. We recommend that you use glutamine, BCAA, vitamin complexes, predtrenirovochniki and as mentioned above -. Protein Amino Acids BCAA kind of very good save from the muscle catabolism, which we meet every morning immediately after waking up. They also do a good job with this task during the night, but there is better to give preference to protein. Separately, it should be noted fat burners.It is very difficult to assess their true performance. Our editorial staff believes that the most appropriate to use predtrenirovochniki, because on drying greatly affected the central nervous system, and these additives can give her a second wind.