Drying and misconceptions

Drying and misconceptionsWhate why drying is given to no avail so many athletes? Just because the information is drawn from the Internet, and then, unfortunately, in most cases written nonsense. This pseudo-information, so much that we decided to highlight this theme an entire article. Good usvoyte whole and downward material. Learn from the mistakes of others. The reality is harsher than you think Do not fall for the beautiful promises, according to which you can lose a significant portion of fat for two weeks. All these magical revolutionary methods are without scientific basis. No, of course, lose 20 kg per month is realistic, but at the same time about any preservation of muscle tissue can be no question, and health too. Drying in bodybuilding is a science, and do not try to invent the wheel, use existing ones. Follow only the procedures that have been tested by time. A striking example is the experience of competing bodybuilders because of their positive face.Just note that look like a pro bodybuilding star you will not, because there used heavy artillery in the form of doping. However, we should not think that the reason is banal steroids. Pro athletes devote bodybuilding life, our readers are probably not going to give up their work, study, etc. for the sake of a simple drying. Drying of the eyes of the majority that they begin to do half-baked athletes on the so-called drying? First craving relief athlete wraps himself “a miracle-belt”, which promises to help burn fat. It was in this outfit, he has several cardio sessions. Of course, after that the athlete jumps on exercises for the press, and of the end may shake the chest or biceps. Here is the amateur training, which over time is required to shake his health. We begin with a miracle-belts. In fact, this is a great marketing ploy. There was a whole Primobolan® Depot (copy) (methenolone enanthate) company, which was engaged in discharging the usual supporting belts. The purpose of such products was visually by conventional reduction of abdominal compression.Someone once suggested to let the rumor according to which the more a person sweats, the more it burns fat. And so it has begun mass production of fat-burning zone. The same applies to the magical miracle shorts for girls. What we see in reality? Local heating of the thighs or abdomen has advantages, even purely theoretically. Any heating of the work adds significantly to our heart, to be exact – the whole cardiovascular system. In addition, you may get a rash, also known as prickly heat. In fact, the sweat has nothing to do with fat burning. He speaks only of a high body temperature. The last argument against such a miracle devices is L-carnitine. This substance is found in many fat burners. In the body, it is present in the optimum amount. Its main task – to transport fatty acids to the subsequent cleavage to generate energy. Unfortunately, few people know that high temperatures simply kill this transporter. It turns out that wrapped up in fur coat and wrapped in a miracle-belt, you do not give even the slightest chance of the natural process of fat burning. Train press wisely Of course, we could not ignore the training side of the press, which many have focused, in particular – on the drying. Speaking on the merits, the press in the drying period you can simply do not train, because it is virtually useless. It already works well in heavy basic movements that you should perform for the purpose of large energy expenditure. Many will say: “But what I take away the stomach?”.Missed school anatomy classes today will be felt. The fact that in nature, namely – the human body, there is no local fat burning. It is impossible to lose weight just in the abdomen, arms or thighs. If a person loses weight, it is evident throughout the body. In fairness it should be noted that in some places, change is seen much better than in others. The worst thing that the local obesity just the same there. That is why we see a big belly with thin arms, etc. Training of the press does not burn fat, and in fact, to exercise the abdominal muscles are not sufficiently energy-intensive. As a result, you spend all the endurance and get one-tenth of the result. Cardio There is a strong opinion that only the maximum tempo workouts can burn the most body fat. In fact, heart rate (HR) should be 60-70% of the maximum level, which in turn is calculated by the formula (220 minus the age of the person). Remember, if you are short of breath, it means that the pace is high and as a consequence of the body’s muscles and dominates the process of anaerobic glycolysis, in which glucose is broken down, and the fat is to stand aside. During the cardio you need to breathe heavily, but in any case not to choke. Many are interested in, when doing cardio? Everything is simple. As we have said, weight training should not exceed 60 minutes. Just after such a load, you will need to allocate 25-30 minutes of cardio load. In this period of time glycogen stores are at zero, and as a result the output will be – to burn fat. By cardio meant absolutely any activity of aerobic character: work with pear, interval jumping rope, brisk walking on the track, etc. If you need fast results, you should add a morning 20-minute cardio session before breakfast.