Drying and fat burning

Drying and fat burningBy AK is already known, the drying process can be divided into fat burning and liner form. Today we talk about the first aspect. Just note, the entire material supplied by us for general public gyms. Here you will not find information on how to lower the fat percentage to such critical numbers as the 5% -6%, which in fact threaten human health. During the last winter season, you will surely have time to collect a few kilograms of muscle mass cherished. So, it is our goal to burn fat, and thus virtually lose all accumulated. This condition modifies the entire fat loss theory. The theory actually here just wanted to explain the difference between subcutaneous (brown) and the internal fat (visceral). The first is that you have deposited around the abdomen, arms, chest, thighs, etc. It is because of him your muscles look like simple pieces of meat. The only thing that pleases, is the fact that it is possible to burn off than we are, and we will deal with. But the second kind of ulterior motive of fatty acids called internal, it accumulates in our blood vessels, internal organs and other inaccessible places. If you see a big belly, without the characteristic fatty folds, ie,stretched like a watermelon, there is dominated by just the same visceral fat. To combat it need completely different methods, usually a medical nature. Usually the problem lies in the endocrine system and the excess bad cholesterol, which we Halotestin LA® (fluoxymesterone) mentioned in the article about fats in the diet. The importance of diet First of all, it should be noted that drying is based on a diet. Do not even think about how to continue to follow the diet. All your efforts will be meaningless in the hall without a competent diet. By the way, these two factors are directly proportional to each other, that is, through diet alone, it is impossible to obtain the desired result. In a future article we will look at diet during drying, and so far only say that the most important rule: the number of incoming calories should be less expendable. If the rule is not respected, even the most brilliant training program will not help you. However, we can not resort to fanaticism, otherwise you will start to lose weight hard, mostly only due to muscle mass. For the body to store fat more profitable than inactive muscles. Overall kallorazh reduced due to carbohydrates and fats, proteins remain in the same amount. These actions will allow us to proceed to the next step.