The ether solutions steroids

The ether solutions steroidsThe ether solutions steroids

Essential solutions steroids – widely discussed topic among bodybuilders. Enanthate, cypionate, propionate, acetate, and many others, in the very names of which can be confusing, are of great interest. Let us try to understand what general solutions are essential as they are, and what are their main characteristics.

How do ethers

For simplicity, consider esters and accessibility based on the most popular steroid – testosterone. All testosterone esters, most of which probably heard every bodybuilder, are nothing but a modification of testosterone – the most popular anabolic steroid analog of the natural male sex hormone.

So ether – is attached to the testosterone molecule (hormone) a chain of carbon and hydrogen atoms. Generally, ester chain attached to the molecule at position 17, the third less carbon atoms. All essential steroids with a link to the 17-th position have one thing in common – a hormone released from the injection site gradually instead of all at once. This is due to the fact that such esters hormone is almost insoluble in water, but very soluble in fat can thereby accumulate in the muscle and exert anabolic effects over the long term.

Simply put, without essential solutions using steroids would be very awkward, not so effective and also very expensive. Another feature essential steroids is that the hormone becomes effective only after the release of the ether chain, and in its original form, it has no anabolic effects just the same because of the connection to the 17-th position, which blocks the ability to Bolde – 250 (boldenone undecylenate) connect to the androgen receptor . Releasing Hormone molecules from the air itself occurs after contact with the drug in the blood. Thus, the ester is not only for the solution in the role of steroid, but also as a protective mechanism to prevent the premature action of the hormone.

This is only general quality common to all essential steroids, but there are others, depending on what kind of ether used as a basis.

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Features and characteristics of the effect of different testosterone esters

There are a large number of esters, used in the production of anabolic and androgenic steroids. They all have a certain set of the same qualities and characteristics, but in some ways, there are differences. Decanoate, e.g., steroid action extends while propionate slows its delivery into the bloodstream. Thus ethers not play virtually no role in the aromatization process, i.e. conversion of the steroid estrogen or dihydrotestosterone, and do not affect the androgenic action and anabolic formulation.

In general, the differences between steroids do not depend much on the ester used as the concentration of the active ingredient. From the air it depends on the period and the rate sterioda action. Enanthate esters and other similar to it have not a very good feature – lead to fluid retention in the body and the consequent adverse effects, such as gynecomastia. The reason is that in such constructions ester of testosterone occurs earlier peak of activity than the other, moreover the hormone concentration and the intensity of its action is not uniform throughout the period of active steroid in the body. The longer carbon chain than the ether and most of the total weight of the drug it is, the greater influence on the characteristics and the effect it has drug. In any case, the effect is very small, with the exception of propionate, a large proportion of which has significant implications in the specific weight of the preparation.


Chemical formula – S3N6O2. The main feature of propionate – slow action, it delays the release of the steroid from the injection site to a few days. To maintain a stable blood concentration of hormone based preparations take propionate as often as every two or three days, and in some instances daily.


Chemical formula – S7N14O2. The most common by far the ether. The best known in the form of testosterone enanthate, but is available in other combinations, such as drug Primobolan Depot. The main feature of this broadcast preparations – prolonged action, during their activity in the body is about two weeks. Since the concentration of the hormone is not the same throughout the action period, taking such drugs the rate of one injection per week.

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Chemical formula – S10N20O2. Decanoate often combined with nandrolone, the most known drugs – nandrolone Deca Durabolin and D . This ester formulation provides very long-term effect, the term of which can be up to 20-30 days. The highest concentration of the active ingredient occurs in the first weeks after the injection, after which it begins to decrease sharply, so the recommended injection frequency is once a week.


Chemical formula – S9N10O2. This ether propionate is almost identical, except that operates on two days longer. Available in combination with nandrolone, rarely with other steroids. In order to maintain stable concentrations of the active ingredient and uniform injection of anabolic effects of such drugs should be done every two or three days.


Chemical formula – S2N4O2. Enough ether widespread, mainly produced in combination with testosterone. Effective acetate for several days, of course, the injection should be done several times in two or three days or every day. If you believe the rumors, the air has fat burning properties, but no scientifically sound confirmation of this information is still there.


Chemical formula – S8O14N2. Very popular uses this broadcast in the United States. The period of its validity is 10-14 days. Despite the fact that it is considered the most potent of the steroidal esters its ester chain longer than enanthate hence it delivers the hormone in blood in lesser amounts. Conclusion: tsiponat is one of the most powerful ethers, but not the most powerful.


Chemical formula – S6N12O2. Slowest ether, capable of holding stably a high concentration of the active substance in the blood for a week. In general, the caproate with properties very similar to enanthate and has a structural composition identical izokaproatu.

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Chemical formula – S6N12O2. It has the same structure as caproate and almost the same properties as those enanthate. It provides a stable concentration of the active ingredient throughout the week.


Chemical formula – S12N24O2. Due to the long period of excretion of the ester is used exclusively in commercial pharmacology. As decanoate, laurate detected in analyzes of athlete for up to one month, sometimes even more. Stable concentration of the active substance based laurate steroids observed over several days. To avoid steroid surges and ensure a uniform injection of the action recommended at least once a week.


Chemical formula – S11N22O2. Now the air is rarely used, preferably in compounds with nandrolone or in combination with other testosterone esters. It has not found acceptance in sports pharmacology because of the necessity of frequent injections (every day) or a prolonged period of excretion – to three weeks.


Chemical formula – S11N20O2. As undecanoate, it is hardly ever used in sports pharmacology, and its main area of ​​application is veterinary medicine. It has about the same as the decanoate period of excretion, but operates more quickly, and therefore requires daily injections. For athletes, this is not very convenient, if we take to account the availability of more effective and user-friendly counterparts.


The composition of this preparation comes just four testosterone ester . He is very popular among bodybuilders in the world, and it is well deserved. None of these esters alone can not provide such a uniform and rapid acting simultaneously. Included in the Sustanon esters come into effect one after the other, providing a steady peak hormone activity. The efficiency of this steroid is confirmed by numerous scientific studies, but says much more total credibility bodybuilders.

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