Exemplary dosages of steroids

Exemplary dosages of steroidsDetermining the dosage of steroids is a growing problem for all bodybuilders. Of course, for each of the drugs have certain recommended dosage, efficacy and safety are proven personal experience of the plurality of athletes, but the dosage is only approximate, it is necessary to take into account that different people are the same steroids in equal amounts did not bring the same results. The optimal dosage for each athlete of a anabolic drug are determined individually, taking into account body weight, his current physical condition, defined for purposes of the course and the experience of the use of steroids.

I would not like to admit it, but in the modern bodybuilding ever more deeply rooted rule of “more – the better.” Such an approach is justified in professional bodybuilding, but in amateur sports, especially among novice athletes. Determination of the dosage of steroids for amateur athletes – it is very difficult. Usually, success in amateur sport is seeking not the one who takes more, but the one who is endowed with powers of nature, hard, dedicated and well-trained.

Based on the personal experiences of athletes of different levels of training around the world, information from professional literature and research for each of the anabolic steroids can determine the average dosage generic for most athletes. Each person is unique and what is good for one is not necessarily good for another. On the topic of determining the dosage of steroids can write a lot, but we have tried to organize all this information and present it in a form accessible and useful as possible for the majority of our readers.

Steroids for beginners

The hardest thing for beginners who are just starting to get acquainted with this bodybuilding and still do not understand anything in sports pharmacology, therefore with them and begin. The first and most important thing to remember – the dosage, designed for professionals, are unacceptable for the fans, especially for beginners. Explanations for this are several. The most important of them – hormones will be exposed to such serious distortions for the first time, and the body is not very well accept the fact that unnatural for him. At the initial stage of a career for a bodybuilder it is important to determine which steroids bring the best results, and the use of which should be abandoned. As already mentioned, we are all different, and the results from the use of the same drug in different individuals can vary greatly.

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It is unacceptable use of anabolic drugs for a long period without a break to restore the natural functions of the body and stabilize hormonal levels. The optimal duration of Boldoject 200 (boldenone undecylenate) first steroid course – 4-6 weeks, the following can be extended to 6-10 weeks, depending on the drugs used. By the choice of the main product for the first course too must be approached responsibly – steroid must be highly anabolic and low androgenic activity, the minimum frequency of side effects. At first, better to give preference to solo, instead of the combined courses.

The task of the first course of steroids – to understand for themselves whether or not to continue the use of these funds, or abandon them. Every bodybuilder must personally weigh the pros and cons, and then select the direction for its development and ways to achieve the desired.

Steroids for experienced bodybuilders

Unlike steroids in beginners experienced bodybuilders lies not only in dosages and in preparations. So, from experienced athletes in the course are and vysokoandrogennye and vysokoanabolicheskie steroids, they are used mainly combined courses, consisting of more than two drugs. Also, in addition to hormonal steroids connect natural growth promoters – Growth Hormone (GH) and Insulin. In this case, the use of such funds is more experimental in nature, and an athlete decides which drugs are more in line with its requirements, and on which it is better to forget now.

Steroids for bodybuilders and semi veterans

To keep fit and to achieve at least some progress, so the athletes have enough two or three courses a year, you need to take hormones for most of the year. Judging by the reviews and stories of people, almost all of his adult life to bodybuilding, you may notice one interesting thing – only a very few of them refused to use drugs in favor of new for yourself combinations and means, but the majority continues to take those same drugs, complementing them with new ones and increasing dosage. Can not say that in his choice one right, and the latter are mistaken, each option is fully justified, given the individual characteristics.

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Depending on your own preferences veterans of bodybuilding steroids for one of two methods that allow you not only to maintain their own body in shape, but also to progress. The first method is to use for the most part, the powerful androgen drugs, and in the intervals between their rates – vysokoanabolicheskih. The second method is very different – the use of only vysokoanabolicheskih steroids with minimal androgenic activity. Judging by the results of the athletes, the effectiveness of both methods is at approximately the same level, but it is recommended to use the second, it is safer for health due to less stress on the body.

Steroids for professionals

Amateur professional bodybuilding – a completely different concept. What is the difference between an athlete amateur and professional? For amateur bodybuilding might just be a favorite pastime, a way of self-realization or the maintenance of his body in shape, but for a professional it is your favorite activity, and work and leisure, and his whole life. Even if a person has a great experience in bodybuilding, it does not mean that he is a professional, all the difference in the approach to the case. Therefore, do not flatter yourself, and do not test their own health by taking steroids in large quantities.

Is it easy to remember right now at least one famous bodybuilder from Ukraine or Russia, who managed to achieve great heights in professional sports using the scheme described above? Almost all of the information about the use of steroids is taken from the foreign professional literature, which we do not exist in principle. Bodybuilding in the CIS countries is almost perceived as a professional sport, for most of us it seems occupation for themselves, without any sporting objectives. Is not it strange that almost everything that comes into our country, originated in the United States or Europe, because there is this completely different attitude, there is perceived quite differently.

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West athlete has not scare testosterone dosage or Sutsnona 1000 mg per week, for them it is perfectly normal, but they use it correctly, the dosage is increased gradually, and do not rush off a cliff in the open, starting the first steroid course with 500 mg in anticipation of rapid and lung result. Returning to the peculiarities of determining dosages for professionals, it should be noted the duration of the courses – it does not differ substantially from the rates for the Semi-skilled athletes and just, differ only in the dosage and the number of simultaneously used drugs.

Again, that universal advice for all bodybuilders do not. If you are planning your first course of steroids and do not know which drugs to choose and in what doses to take them, in any case, take your time and do not make rash decisions. Seek professional help, ask for advice from more experienced colleagues, and when the choice has already been made, be sure to consult with your doctor. Make decisions wisely, go to achieve their goals, but do not forget about health.

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