Fear test (for those who still have doubts)

fear test (for those who still have doubts)All of the following events are absolutely reliable. It changed only the name of the main character.

– Why me? – He asked himself in despair. – How many boys are sitting around on steroids and no one has any tumors in the liver! But I always took such a small dose! No, this just can not be!

Doctors, whispering, looked at the image on the ultrasound screen. “Damn! – Jim cursed to himself -. Why do not they just say that I’m going to die?”

– Explain at last, what it was! – Unable to stand, he almost cried.

The doctor turned to him:

– In addition to tumors, we found some more rejection and we can not yet say exactly what they are associated. By itself, the tumor is small and probably benign – to judge by outward appearances. Maybe it’s just a vascular angioma. But in addition you have liver too is sealed at the upper edge, and why – is unknown.

“Lord – Jim thought -. How is it – they do not know that, in otgadalki play?” His heart did stoppage.

– I will go and consult with endocrinologists, – said one of the doctors and left the office.

Jim turned to the wall, barely holding back a sudden nausea Mastebolin (drostanolone propionate) Nakata. It seemed that the heart is about to jump out.

– Yes, do not worry – patted him on the shoulder buddy doctor, who suggested that he undergo preventive examinations. – Surely there is nothing to worry about. Just we need one more thing to check. One thing is almost certain: it’s not cancer, or liver, your screen would look different. However, now fit specialist and favors skillful.

The door opened and entered another doctor. He looked long and hard at the image on the screen, and finally turned to Jim, said the soothing voice:

– I think I know this type of tumor. Strange, but such tumors are mainly found in those who for health reasons have to take hormones. Well, you do, judging by their appearance, health is all right. Say, you never took hormone therapy?

– No, – he shook his head, Jim and myself wistfully thinking, “Oh, but you steroid tablets so tiny …”

– Well, then you need to look closer to the tumor. – The doctor went to the door. – I’ll arrange in the department of neurology, that you may make a computer scan.

Jim barely forced myself to get up from their seats. Well well! But he Injectable steroids came to the hospital with state of health for a million dollars! And now here you are: a suspicion of cancer! Jim knew that with liver cancer do not live longer than six months …

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In the long hospital corridor he met in a spacious office, which stood in the middle of a huge machine – a computer tomograph. Sister asked Jim to wear hospital gown. Changing clothes, he said to himself: “I know that I’ll be alright It’s not cancer I’m sure it is not cancer ….!” Involuntarily he began to think about death. It was stupid to play these games! Why did he turn away from the well-known things and blind to the opinions of experts? After all, he knew, had always known thatsteroids are dangerous – but, like everyone else, I believed that small doses of any damage will be. “You’re an idiot, Jim, – he said through clenched teeth -. Damned steroids !”

The door opened and another nurse came in and immediately bombarded him with questions:

– How do you carry drugs iodine? After eating fish, there are no ill effects – pruritus, nausea, dizziness?

– I dont know. It seems to be … not. It seems never such was, -vygovoril Jim, hardly knowing what he was asked.

The nurse explained that now enters into his vein coloring water connection, to better see the tumor on the scanner screen.Jim dutifully climbed into the long table, looking with disgust at the open mouth of a soulless machine, which in a few minutes, maybe give him a dreadful sentence. The table began to move, and Jim slowly drove into the scanner, only the head remained outside. sister’s voice said from the side:

– Breathe deeply … Now hold your breath. Hold, hold … All you can exhale. Now inhale again … This was repeated many times. “Why – Jim thought excitedly -. After all, at first they said, if enough pairs of pictures … So, exactly what is wrong!”

Finally, it was over, Jim dressed, and held in the next room to view the photos.

– You see, – one of the doctors pointed to a clear spot in the center of the image. – This is your tumor. It is only two centimeters long, and in fact tumors pose a threat to life only when grow by more than eight centimeters and begin to put pressure on the inside of the liver tissue. So while we just watch her. Today it is impossible to pinpoint, bleeding or not. It will be necessary to repeat the scan in three months or four. By the way, this photo cell seal around the edge of the liver is not so noticeable as in the ultrasound. Maybe there just happened a failure: one of the lobes of the liver is superimposed on the other, and that has turned dark area.

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Another doctor added:

– However, to be sure it is better to do a scan with magnetic resonance imaging.

The first doctor nodded.

“Damn, when will it end!” – Jim cursed to himself.

Doctors carried him into the elevator, we climb two floors up and held the office laden with super-modern facilities. There was another doctor.

– Well, what have we here? – he asked.

– It seems to be a benign angioma in the liver. We just want to clarify the diagnosis, – said one of the doctors.

New doctor turned to Jim:

– Now I will introduce you into a vein colorant, which quickly enters the liver. Your liver will gradually absorb it and now on this screen will be painted green. You see, in contours of black liver. When it is fully absorbs the dye, even these contours are green. Quite simply, if the liver will turn evenly and the screen will show the dark or, conversely, pale spots, then some liver tissue does not absorb the dye – ie, they are sick. In such cases, we do a biopsy -Custom a mini-operation, during which snapped a microscopic piece of tissue and send for analysis specialist. Well, he already defines what it is. Perhaps it was cancer, but maybe not. Liver disease a few dozen, but these days is becoming more and more because of the bad environment.

The thought that he had to see with my own eyes on the screen their destiny Jim was frankly uncomfortable. Trying to hide his condition, Jim asked permission to go to the toilet.

For the first time this dreadful day, he was alone with himself. He never thought of himself as a believer, but now bowed his head, clasped his hands and whispered: “Lord, help me I do not want to die Give me life!!!” ….

The doctor introduced the dye, and said:

– Well, now we will look at the screen.

Jim excitement thrown into a fever. – Yes, – he thought – now I see for the first time on the screen is not a soap opera, and their own destiny.

With a sinking heart he watched the first glimpses appear green in front of him. Here is another, and another … The doctor peered at the screen.

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– So far, things are going well – he said. – A few minutes later everything will be clear.

Soon the liver was painted completely green. The doctor turned off the screen, took a picture and said:

– Now it’s radiologists.

Jim drove down to the department of radiology. The image transferred to one of the experts, who carefully studied it and finally said:

– Well, in my opinion, no seal liver edge is not. Carp is not what!

Before anyone could say a word, Jim shot out of the room. Looking up to the ceiling, he said: Thank you. O Lord!

Buddy doctor came out into the corridor after him.

– Congratulations, buddy! – He exclaimed. – To tell the truth, you were in the balance! Now you only need to donate blood for analysis. And remember that some time will have to repeat the examination.

They both went down to the office collection.

– So, – said Jim friend – let’s talk frankly.

I know that you are taking steroids – hence the swelling. The tumor that seem benign and does not pose a direct threat, at least until he suddenly begins to grow. By the way, some of the tumors whose growth is triggered by the use of hormones, with time can be reduced or disappear altogether – of course, subject to the waiver from the steroids. We will repeat the survey, and see how your tumor behaves – it grows, it remains the same, or, God forbid, is increasing.

And here’s a tip: no steroids !

Remember, these tumors under the influence of hormones often degenerate into cancer!

Jim left the hospital, barely moving the legs. As if had a fight with Mike Tyson! And what if he missed the time and went on to take anabolic steroids? Certainly I would earn a cancer! “But today, – he thought – many use steroids … It is terrible even imagine how many” strokes “around slowly kill yourself!”

For a long time, Jim woke up in a cold sweat from the same nightmare: he dreamed that doctors put him unforgiving diagnosed with liver cancer …

It is clear that the more he had never taken steroids . So in a sense, everything that has happened has gone in his favor: he stopped in time.

How many of these who did not do it!