How to feel the chest muscles, if you do not feel them while breast-training

How to feel the chest muscles,One of the most frequent questions that I send readers – how to enable the work of the pectoral muscle in the exercises on the chest, as many people simply “do not feel” the muscle. As you well know, really will not be able to develop their bodies without proper development of breast muscles.

So, the problem is indicated, think about how to get rid of it.

I have for you there are a number of methods that you can experience for yourself in the next training session. Some will work better than others, so try all the options.

1. Prior depletion

When performing exercises such as the bench press, chest Induject 250 (testosterone mix) muscles is definitely involved in the movement, but can perform a minor role compared to the anterior bundle of deltoid and triceps.

Therefore, before proceeding to the bench press, do 6 -8 spreading room repetitions with dumbbells (isolation exercise for the chest muscles), and then follow the press itself.

The idea is to drain the chest muscles so that they proved to be the weakest link in the chain ‘shoulders, triceps, chest “, then the exercise will be more difficult than usual.

Thus, you’re good to bleed the pectoral muscles, while the shoulders and triceps are still relatively fresh.

2. wiring

Thus, pre-exhaustion – a good method of training. But what if you do not feel even the infants at the time of spreading room?Pre-exhaustion in this case is not very helpful.


To help you come a Swiss ball. Lie on the ball so that your back is completely “clung” ball. Usually, many people simply fall on the ball in the arms and hold the body straight, do the exercises. What we need to achieve such a position that the back of it clung to the ball.

To get the most from the spreading room, you need to expand the chest and pull your shoulders back (this will help accentuate the breast and minimize the muscles of the shoulder girdle). The ball is ideal for this position. So, lie back on the ball and push your shoulders back and down. From this position, begin to do the wiring.

Lowering dumbbells, imagine that you need to lift the chest up Oral steroids to the ceiling. Picking up the shells, imagine that you are hugging a big tree.

When the spreading room, not to be kept perfectly parallel to the dumbbell together. Keep them at about a 45 degree angle to the body (thumb closer to the head, little fingers – from the head). This situation also removes the burden from the shoulders and helps to keep the tension in the pectoral muscles.

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3. The slope of the dumbbell

When performing bench press with dumbbells (on a ball or bench), tilt the dumbbell down to about an inch as if weights were pitchers. Outwardly, it looks as if you pour the water from the “pitchers”.

This inclination helps to maintain tension in the pectoral muscles. Take care to maintain it throughout the exercise. If you keep them horizontally or at an angle to the outside, the load is shifted to the shoulders.

4. Concentric wiring

This exercise is performed standing in the slope with light weights. With it, you do not build the chest, but it will feel the chest muscles.


Take dumbbells and lean slightly forward. Now, holding his hand lightly, but rather rigidly bent at the elbow, lift the dumbbell to the opposite shoulder. Movement should occur only in the shoulder girdle.

This movement is almost completely eliminates the work of the anterior bundle of the deltoid muscle, and causes the chest muscles do all the work. Hold the shell at the top, further reduce the pectoral muscles.

Remember that weight in this exercise using light, since it does not develop the muscles of the exercise, and are trained mental-muscle connection. Always ensure that you do not bend the arm at the elbow – the movement should only occur in the shoulder joint.

5. Trick towel

The next intake will cause your shoulders drop down and back (as well as in the wiring on the Swiss ball, as mentioned above), and shift the focus to the chest in the bench press.


Roll a towel and place it along the bench where the blade will be.

Lie on a bench, feel exactly the towel back on the spine. The head and the buttocks are on the bench. The elevation formed by the towel removes your shoulders back and down (the correct position for the bench press and a great “feeling muscles”). Of course, it’s not very comfortable, but the training is a great tool that helps the body to take the correct position.

6. Facilitate weight

Perhaps most of the training time you try to work with extremely heavy weights, resulting in a loose “feeling of exercise.”Take the shells easier, and you will immediately feel the chest muscles in a smooth controlled movements.

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While working with heavy weights your body immediately starts its most powerful “engines”. If the pectoral muscle is not one of the strongest muscle group of your body, they are not included in the work adequately.

7. Do not squeeze the neck too much

One interesting point I have often noticed when doing chest exercises. He concludes that the harder you squeeze the neck or shell handle, the greater the load is shifted to the shoulders and triceps.

Try to loosen the grip a little (of course, not to the extent that the exercise has become dangerous), and you will feel the difference.

8. shocking muscles vysokopovtornym training session

Next reception prodelyvat best in the first set of your workout, and no warm-up. You’ll use a moderate weight, so do not worry about that miss a workout. And if you have a decent experience in training, it’s even better.

With this technique, we literally “shocking” the chest muscles. Load the neck (or pick up a dumbbell) weight, which can perform 12-15 repetitions with strict technique.

Now lie down on the bench and do as many reps as you can, and as quickly as possible. Do not worry if your technique is far from perfect – just follow these repetitions.

Of course, it is not necessary to use the rebound rod from the chest or something like that, just execute from the beginning to the end of all the repetition, not really taking care appliances.

The point of this technique is to make it work all the muscle fibers (especially fast, the second type), in the “extreme situation”.

That’s why you should not do the warm-up before training. You see? We simulate an extreme situation in which the muscles are all the stages of stress – from zero to the maximum limit!

One approach – is no longer necessary, since after this set, you will not be able to reproduce it exactly in the other approaches and do not get extreme effect.

9. The static contraction, hold and push

This technique can be performed in almost any breast exercise, though, I must say, it does not work well in exercises with dumbbells (or wiring zhimah). It is better to use dumbbells instead of rope simulator for crossovers or machine “PeckDeck”, where the greatest tension in the muscles is formed at the top, when the hands are close to each other. It is best to use this trick in a normal bench press with a barbell on the horizontal bar.

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Static reduction means simple projectile retaining the greatest resistance to the point until it is possible, followed by control of weight in a negative phase to full lowering of the projectile.

This exercise is systematically depletes fibers and allows time for a good prochuvstvovaniyu pectoral muscles that you do not get performing movements in a conventional style.

But here and push, which I mentioned above?

While you are holding the weight, your partner should put pressure on the stack with weights (if you are working on “PeckDeck”). Just a quick click – that’s all you need from it. Pressing causes the stretch reflex in the muscles of the thoracic, activating more muscle fibers, and involving them in the work. This method can also be regarded as somewhat extreme situation simulation.

When using the cable simulator for crossovers, the partner should gently dissolve your hands out.

If you are performing a static reduction to the pole lying on the bench, partner, respectively, should quickly put pressure on the neck.

One or two jerks will suffice.

10. Push-ups with the help of the cable simulator or rubber buffers

The following method combines two types of load – dynamic push-ups, and static – pulling out – the resistance of the cable simulator or rubber buffers. When you bring them together, this combination “will bring to mind” your pecs.


Set small weight and put the simulator handles in the lower position. Get on your knees, hold both handles. Now take a position in the emphasis lying on the fists. Straighten your body and start to perform push-ups.

Ropes stretch your arms to the sides. Your pecs are struggling with this resistance and at the same time receive a load from the push-ups. As a result, the double burden you will get the feeling of the muscles, which had never before experienced.

This effect can be reproduced with ease and with rubber shock absorbers. Secure them with one end for robust items, and the other ends take into fists, or looping over the wrist.

I must say, if you do not feel your chest muscles before, take a mental note of these methods. I recommend spending a few special “infants” days, and experience all these ways to experience for yourself which ones are best for you.