Harm anabolic steroids

Harm anabolic steroidsPopullarity everyone knows that anabolic steroids (anabolic steroids) are harmful to health, and professional athletes carry out anti-doping tests. If an athlete caught doping at the reception, then impose sanctions. This situation is legitimized by the World Anti-Doping Agency, which has a list of prohibited steroids. Every year this list is updated: stanozolol, methandrostenolone, retabolil ….  But for amateurs and semi-professionals the rules are not as strict, and many bodybuilders allow themselves from time to time to eat the forbidden drugs. And in this lies the great danger to human health. Some believe that only the regular intake of steroids is harmful to the body. In addition, it is believed that the periodic doping is useful for the body: drugs stimulate the metabolism of proteins, thereby increasing the weight, accelerated regeneration. But this is a misconception. No matter how often you take anabolic steroids, in any case they have an irreparable harm to the body. Any chemicals should be prescribed by a doctor. To receive each drug and anabolic steroids also apply to those, we need some evidence. Remember that anabolics – is hormonal drugs, while taking which develop certain complications. One of the major complications of steroids is a disruption of the endocrine system. The main Clenbuterol 0,04 mg (clenbuterol hydrochloride) component of anabolic – androgen is the male sex hormone. If a man takes the drug, he has problems begin with the men’s sphere: decreased libido, impotence occurs, you may have prostate cancer. Women are also the result is disappointing – begin to develop male sexual characteristics: grow hair coarsens his voice, and the ability to conceive a healthy child becomes a general question. Anabolic steroids have a complex effect on the body. In none of the system, which would not suffer when taking anabolic steroids. This digestive system (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cirrhosis of the liver), and cardio – vascular (hypertension development, tachycardia), nervous (mood swings, aggression, and then a sharp apathy). In addition, the muscular system, the development of which the athletes involved in bodybuilding, and take these products, also suffering. Muscle mass is growing so fast that do not stand up and ligaments are torn. And another thing, what you need to remember, taking a drug, it is possible to stimulate the formation of tumors in the body.