He was a real bodybuilder, a champion, who was shown on TV in the program “Gladiators” and published in magazines “for real athletes.”


I understood that I could find a topic for communication with any person, be it a woman, a man, a teenager. It is incredibly fascinating – to live 10 pieces of other people’s lives per day, the lives of your clients, who sometimes share the most intimate secrets with the trainer. I realized that the coach is also a psychologist.

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It helped me, of course, that all my life I wanted not only to be the same as everything around, but to prove that I was better. At that time, the “best” for me was a man who has more personal training. For a long time, I was the best and the most inaccessible, which created a gap between me and my colleagues. Of course, this did not cause a feeling of companionship or support, but rather led to envy and dislike. It happens. But if you need to choose: do your job in the best way, or try to win the love of everyone around me, then I choose, of course, the first.

… about competitions

For some reason I did not think dimethazine about the performances at competitions, more precisely, I had an understanding that this was a different level and I couldn’t get there without a “guide”. This is a quantum leap, you need a charge, you need something serious.

And again life offered me a teacher and an assistant in one person, who showed me the world that I want to get into …

In 2006, in the same club I had an acquaintance with the famous athlete Andrei Pugachev. He was a real bodybuilder, a champion, who was shown on TV in the program “Gladiators” and published in magazines “for real athletes.” When we met, I walked around for a long time, and he directly asked:

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– Want to speak?

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“I want to,” I replied.

In fact, Andrew taught me everything related to the preparation for performance in bodybuilding competitions. At the first competition, I took the penultimate place. Absolutely reasonable, logical, expected, but, of course, it was offensive. Andrei warned me that after the first competition a clear understanding appears, yours or not. You are on the stage, and hundreds of people are looking directly at you – someone is encouraging, and someone is whistling. When, after the announcement of the results, Andrei approached me and asked: “Well, how?”, I said: “Great, I will continue to perform and win.” A year later, I took the fifth place out of nine and won against several famous athletes.

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… before and after injury

I really wanted to win, so I decided to prepare and perform in the autumn eminence labs season of 2008. Bodybuilding competitions are held twice a year – in spring and autumn. In August 2008, I and several other athletes were offered to earn extra money – they invited me to take part in the opening of a business center in St. Petersburg as models. Preparing for competitions is an extremely expensive exercise, the money was not superfluous for me, and I, of course, agreed. Less than two months remained before the competition …

During the pyrotechnic show, which was in the program of opening a business center, something went wrong, and the pyrotechnic charge exploded not in the air at a height of several tens of meters, but directly in front of us. Of all those injured, only I received a serious injury. You may not believe it, but after a terrible explosion and a sharp pain in my hand my first words were: “Oh, it flew to me.” I knew for sure that this was my guardian angel, having exhausted all the soft measures available to affect me, made it a little more tough to understand that what I was doing was not at all what I was born into the world. And I did, to put it mildly, things are wrong. Even then, I loved a girl who, after 10 years, became my lawful wife. Both of us were married, and I, understanding that this vicious circle needs to be broken – not steroid for sale in usa to torture neither myself nor her, and not to have more reason for lying to our spouses – I wanted to have another child with my wife. Now I know that my guardian angel is a stern guy and if I don’t understand what to do myself, he will explain it to me otherwise.

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The explosion injured my left forearm and, as it turned out, struck the radial nerve. At the beginning of the treatment, nobody particularly cared about the nerve, as the doctors saved the arm in which the infection began. The hand was saved steroids for sale usa, and the hand hung: there is such a thing as a “monkey hand” – this is when the fingers are folded limply into a fist and the hand looks inward. All this was also accompanied by atrophy of the muscles of the forearm.

It is easier to write than to say: I have become an invalid. I admit, it strongly influenced both life and motivation. Hopes, plans, dreams, some successes – everything seemed to be crossed out for me, but I knew that HE did not want to deprive me of life or health, he wanted to make me better, to send me on the right path. And despair … it was, of course, and I needed help. Relations at that time in my family at that time were, to put it mildly, none, that is, we lived “by inertia” for the sake of the child. And I needed the help of a loving and loved one. But how to do this if we cannot advertise our love? My Margot, Rita, Margarita Antonichna Kirichuk, helped me to survive this injury, to cope with this situation. She saved me then, and this was the first, but not the last time.

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There was a moment when I wanted to quit iron classes. But I really love bodybuilding and never presented myself in another field. I did not see a decent, decent, desirable alternative. One could say to oneself: “I am an invalid”, shut myself up in four walls and sleep, feeling sorry for myself buy steroids us. Run the form, grow fat, melt and walk with a sad significant face, telling everyone about their troubles. But this is not for me, not about me. Iron meant life to me. And the rest is existence.

I did not stop training. He trained his legs and one arm. He trained so hard that, remember, while still in a cast, once filled the entire hall with blood when a large vessel burst. For several years I tried to restore the function of the brush and get rid of atrophy, but as it turned out later, it was impossible from the very beginning.

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Having invented special exercises and devices for my left hand, which was atrophied below the elbow, I began to prepare for competitions. In 2010, in the spring, I performed with a hanging brush at the Cup in St. Petersburg, and then took 3rd place in the Russian Championship. Unfortunately, because of my injury, I was unable to show two of the seven mandatory poses, since the hand simply jumped off in the poses “the broadest in front” and “the broadest in the back.” And this “unfortunately” is not an excuse, but a fact: I could not help it, my left brush did not move.

It was June 2010. I often say that I have no luck buy steroids usa with circumstances, but luck with people who fate sends me by the will of these circumstances. All my biography goes from point to point, from one fateful meeting to another the same.

We had a girl in the club, by the way, a friend of my beloved, who had the gift of seeing illness. I believed and believe in it. At that time I was undergoing another course of treatment in order to restore the function of the hand and asked her if I had at least some success? She replied that she sees a dead hand, which only the operation will help me to revive, and even called the name of the doctor. To say that I was upset is to say nothing. Two years of hope, a lot of money, attempts to attract the guilty through court – all for nothing. I was freaking out, I was furious. But, despite all the problems, I believed that my perseverance, the faith of those close to me will help me recover.

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The next day, I met an old acquaintance in the mall, whom I had not seen for several years, and he, having learned about my injury, recommended me to be a specialist in the field of hand surgery. When he said the same last name that the girl called me the day before, then I believed in fate 100%. After 4 days I was operated on. Have transplanted muscles and tendons on the forearm.