How to squat?

squatSquats – this cool friends, by and large, the entire strength training based on them. For the cardiovascular system is no better exercise. Plus it does not deprive the attention almost all the muscles of the body, not just the feet.Exercise is very energy-intensive and heavy, respectively, and the attitude to it should be more than serious.Therefore, in today’s article we will talk about how to squat, so no harm to the body, to achieve the goal that we want to get by performing this exercise.

Art squat correctly

If you look at the eyes of the ordinary layman squats, you can decide that this is a very simple exercise in terms of performance technology. What here can be difficult? Bent his knees – sat down, he straightened his knees – stood.So it is, in terms of anatomical features, but in reality is not so simple as it might seem. Especially if it is not about the usual squat and about squats. Here already there are many more nuances, the violation of which can lead not only to reduce the impact of the training, but also to a serious injury. What kind of nuances such?

Well first of all – it’s the width of your desk, on it depends on what hip muscles will go to greater emphasis load. And then you can list such seemingly small things, as the slope of the housing, the location of the bar of the bar, the position of socks, squat depth, and so on. All this affects the overall effect of exercise, and it may either increase or nullify.

Before performing squats, as though it may sound corny, you should exercise and do it as efficiently. Long warm-up is not necessary to give enough time for it, about 10 minutes. During this time, you have to run on a treadmill, exercise bike or twist pedals, and do stretching all the muscles of the legs and lower back. This approach to training will protect you from nasty sprains and injuries, as well as enhance its overall efficiency.

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More should be done for 2-3 sets with light weight, as a warm-up. This will prepare your muscles to stress, as well as give the opportunity to find the most comfortable and strong position. Only after such preparatory work, it is possible to burden on his shoulders the weight of British Dragon your work and perform squats.

With regard to the various aids such as knee wraps and athletic belts, it is the prerogative of only those who are working very hard, extremely high weights. If your goal is to take a few more weight than the one with which you are working, then yes – these “gadgets” will help you. But remember, from injury, they will not protect you, contrary to popular opinion, by the way. Therefore, if you are new in this business and do not know really how to squat, the belt can only hurt you, because with it you can mistakenly take excessive weight for yourself.

Instructions on how to squat correctly

Now we analyze the entire squat technique from start to finish. From the moment you remove the barbell from the racks before and when you put it back and forth. Follow all exactly with the recommendations given below and you will begin to squat with proper technique perfectly, which at times will increase the impact of this wonderful exercise.


Podsyadte barbell and lift it from the racks. Place the neck on the back. It’s very important point, the neck should really be placed on the back, but not on the neck. To do this, pinch shoulder blades together and lower the shoulders, creating a kind of “muscle cushion” for the rod. Make sure that you did not go to the neck on the spine, otherwise it will cause pain and you just can not concentrate on his work at the correct weight and performance.

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► Placing the right neck on its back, make a small step back, with the head not lower, see clearly in front of you and a little bit up.

► Make your rack width approximately equal to the width of shoulders. This will be the most robust and versatile position. So you distribute the load evenly on the entire quadriceps, well, you will round back and do not let your knees beyond the level of socks, which is very important!

► to gain a foothold, slowly and under control, start to squat. When you do this, holding his breath, after taking a deep breath. This method will keep your abdominal pressure and thus the stability of the body.

► To squat correctly, remember as you sit on a chair or a chair and try to repeat the movement over the bar. Can even the first to use a special cabinet in the gym and sit on it during squats. Then, when mastered the technique and be able to repeat the tighter trajectory but without the tables, it can clean up. A look at the squat keep clearly in front of him, or send him up a bit. It will support the balance and put in a proper position of your spine.

► Tilt body slightly forward, but really a bit, do not overdo it. The center of gravity you have to account for the heel rather than toes, watch this. Shins must be substantially perpendicular Oral steroids to the floor, allowed only a small deviation forward, but not beyond the line of socks. That is, if you hold a visual vertical line on your big toes, the knees, with the squat, this should not cross the line, otherwise you risk to injure the knee ligaments.

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► If you are a beginner then do squats are not deep – no more than parallel to the floor. With the increase in part-time training will need to squat deeper and deeper, but remember that excessive weight in the deep squat is fraught with serious injury. Therefore, Be aware of when choosing a weight rod.

► At the bottom of the movement pause for a moment, to avoid lifting of inertia. Inertia squats are ineffective in terms of a set of leg mass. Plus, with a large weight, crouching so you run the risk of personal injury.

► Rise and without haste and jerks. Smoothly confident, but at the same time powerfully straighten your legs.Returning to the starting position and exhale and then, after a new deep breath, start a new repetition, and all observing techniques.

► When you have finished with the performance of the set, go up to the counter and place the rod to its original location.