I affirm: listen to your doctors, follow their recommendations.


NI Pirogov, where, after echocardiography, defibrillation was performed through the esophagus – during this manipulation, the heart rhythm is restored using an electric discharge. Fortunately, the procedure was successful. I left Moscow with a perfectly working heart and sinus rhythm.

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What does a person need for happiness? Take away what he has, and then return. Happily, I was destined to last only a week: exactly seven days later at home, the how long do anabolic steroids stay buy steroids online usa in your system heart rhythm broke, the pulse jumped again to 200, and the eternal question again arose: “What to do?” Radiofrequency ablation is an operation during which a portion of the heart that produces arrhythmia is cauterized by high frequency current. You say: I’m really unlucky buy steroids credit card, I’m so unlucky.

I agree, there is little, but, as before, the biggest burden at that moment fell on my beloved wife. You know, no one in their right mind wants to hurt, but I don’t also want because Margarita is sick with me, she shares my pain for two, and I just have no right to mock her like that.

In mid-September 2016, after successfully performing a heart rhythm recovery operation, I returned home. I was finally happy. But the story did not end there: while I was in hospital for a week, our car was stolen, and, judging by the results of the investigation, it happened what to take with hgh on the day of the operation.

Coincidence? There are no coincidences in my life, and my wife told me that she prayed, prayed to God that everything would go well, and in prayer she promised to give anything for it. “Favorite is just a car. We will earn and buy a new one, so long as you are healthy and live! ”- that’s what she said.

…for what?

Why or why all these tests fell to my lot? I think how to take viagra pills so that I can formulate the main conclusion, which sounds like this:

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“You cannot solve sports problems at the cost of health. Look at me, learn from my mistakes, I have done enough of them. “

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I call on all the resources available to me: check the status of your cardiovascular system! Do this once every two years until the age of twenty and annually after 30. I ask you to do this for your loved ones. I know that you hear me: I receive hundreds of letters from different cities and countries with gratitude for saving lives. At one of the events in Moscow, an old man came from another country to shake hands with me and to thank him for the life of his daughter.

After watching my video, he insisted that his teenage daughter, engaged in fitness, do a heart examination, and they had time to perform the operation and save a girl who had no idea buy anabolic steroids online usa about her illness.

I do not suggest you do something that prohibits a doctor. I affirm: listen to your doctors, follow their recommendations. I train myself order steroids with credit card only in low-intensity statistical dynamics, not exceeding critical indicators and under constant self-control of pressure and pulse. I just have no other choice. I still am not a specialist in cardiology, all my examinations in this area were carried out can steroids make your penis bigger under the appropriate supervision of doctors, and I am well aware that I don’t want to get results at the cost of my own life.

I have clearly lost the war on diseases, now I will negotiate with them.

Let me have no luck with health and circumstances, I am lucky with people. They come, support comes, comes the necessary how long does testosterone stay in your body information – and the sentence turns out to be the conditions of the new task, and the blow of fate can be kept and not fall.

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And if everything works out for me, I will definitely tell those who have similar problems, what to do and how. The main thing – you do not need to convince yourself that the only “sport” that you can afford in the future will be walking in the park and steroids for sale online with credit card where can i buy oral steroids feeding the pigeons.

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There will be a task – there will be training, there will be a hall, there will be a life.

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… about family, about relationships, about life values

You know, with age, priorities change, or, one can say steroid-usa, the percentage ratio between the main and secondary in your life. Some subscribers in social networks reproach me for writing a lot about life, about relationships with my wife and daughter, and a real bodybuilder should write about bodybuilding exclusively. Friends, the conclusion suggests itself: I am first and foremost a husband and father, and only then a bodybuilder.

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My cherished dream, which I will definitely realize, is to create such training methods so that you can practice not four, but twice a week, not an hour, but forty minutes with the same were can i buy cialis efficiency. And the time that you save, you can spend on loved ones, art and education. I will definitely do it!

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Have you noticed that the written words visually carry a certain energy? You must admit that the words “love”, “family” look warm in any language, because it’s not just a set hgh injections for sale usa of letters or sounds — it’s the energy contained in them.

So, it is family and love that give me strength and do not allow me to leave the chosen path. “Iron” simply helps to balance, distract, corrects the body’s biochemistry. During stress how to write for cipro, some lose muscle mass, but I, on the contrary, because “iron” is a kind of salvation for me in this regard. But when life tests come, you understand that sport is just anesthesia, and the family is an anchor, and a compass, and salvation.

… about wife and children

I have a very selective memory, and I practically don’t remember my life before her — she, my Ritual-Mom, seems to have always been with me. I’ll be back a few years ago and talk a little about us.

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It was the eve of 2011, and Rita and I were still not together, but spent each other for fifteen hours a day. In the rest of the time – lived with unloved for the sake of children. And on December 31, 2010, my wife could not stand it and said that it was no longer possible to live this way and we needed to get a divorce. I still consider myself a coward and eternally grateful to her for this difficult step. Of course, I was looking for excuses for deca 300 for sale such a life, repeating to myself that we have a common child – a daughter, who is eleven years old, and we should be together for her.

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But it was not life – it was hell, and this hell changed the girl’s psyche, because she saw and felt the dislike best place to inject test 400 of parents for each other. Some time after my wife and I divorced, Rita divorced her husband.

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I was 39 years old, and she was 41. We began to live together – and ever since I call her my wife, although we officially married only seven years later, on July 6, 2018. Most of all, I regret that during my life I did not tell my parents that I love the most beautiful woman in the world, that I did not what are best over the counter comparitives to viagra, levitra and cialas? even introduce them to each other. Dad passed away in 2012, and Mom – in 2013.

They were very hard, and we decided not to tell them about anything – they were afraid that they would not suffer it. My ex-wife and I visited my parents together, pretending that everything was fine with us. I ask for forgiveness for this act from them now and I believe that when the time comes and we will meet, I will hear from them: “Son, we love you. We are happy that you and Rita are together! ”

KIDS My blood and flesh. On September 12, 2000, I took her in my arms for the first time and realized that in order to love, to love more than life, there is no need to evolve in my feelings. It is enough just to understand – “I love”.

Docha gave me the most valuable reward steroid-usa in life – she gave me the title of father. “I am a father” is a regalia that only your child can give, you can neither buy nor earn it, do you understand?


p>It so happened that in early 2012, I lost the anavar 5 weeks to finish happiness of seeing my daughter every day, kissing her at night and in the morning.