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Increasing testosterone

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Increasing testosterone2Very often people get confused in milliliters and milligrams. I remember recently passed on TV advertising of one of the mobile operators, “How to hang in grams?”.
– But if the deck-Durabolin® stabbing at 200 milliliters per week – will be good?
What can I say? Glass deck itself did not try to prick (200 milliliters deck – it’s about a cup to Watery-line) – although the eggs did. Of the four eggs. In a frying pan goes from 5 to 7 decks bottles (10-14 ml). Very high-quality eggs turned out – after all she is a pharmaceutical oil delalas- $ 30-40 (+/- 5 dollars) per liter, it is worth it. I would be crushed plants Organon if burnt scrambled eggs …;)
However, the dream of abuse 200 milliliters of what the thread does not leave me, but not the current deck – Winstrol, for example. That way mangled ampulok 200 and all at once – UP! Ginger Up! Eh …. Dreams, dreams.
Jokes, jokes, and most interesting is that Winstrol is actually possible to drink. No, I do not mean drink, if it in tablets, namely drinking injectable Winstrol Winstrol – Winstrol injectable. Do you think the joke? In vain. It really is possible to drink and be absorbed it will not be much worse than the same time, if it is done intramuscularly.This is the way many gourmet sites fluttering. So I’ll donёs.
And in the 200 milliliters deck I say this – wrong all this.
Well, what 200millitrov, when it comes to milligrams?
I will try to explain everything on the toes, but “without fingers.”
Let’s imagine an ampoule:

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The shop was born ampoule ,
In the workshop she roslaaaa ….

Here it just blew out, and here it is from the fresh glass. While empty. Horny … in anticipation, but when it is full? Now imagine that in the blank, unprinted and unsealed vial from the liter bottle we pour oil – not a machine, not Oleina and ordinary pharmaceutical, refined, rafinirovannoeJ.Zalivaem exactly one milliliter … STOP. Filled. At this point we already imagine what milliliter.
Now, take a pinch of salt, not even pinch and schepotochku and fell asleep in her just drenched in oil vial. After a while the salt will dissolve in the oil. Not immediately, but will dissolve.
So, in the pharmaceutical industry as a “salt” used substance. This powder compounds, which are the active ingredient, are made ​​in the laboratory.
For example, one kilogram of substance is enough for the production of 10,000 vials of the drug at a concentration 100mg/ml.
For example, take and Kinema in our ampulki schepotochku testosterone enanthate – here and you will be Testosterone enanthate ampoules. The amount of powder in a pinch is measured in milligrams. For example – took a bit of substance SPORTS NEWS (about 100 mg) and thrown into ampulki butter – that’s you and will be at the concentration of 100 mg per milliliter oil. Took more (about 250mg – a weighty, such a pinch) – thrown in ampulki oil – here is the concentration of 250 mg per milliliter.
Let it not the right example of the preparation of drugs (yeah, figure you, so I told her about the manufacture of steroids technology – and even more will take on a mortal sin disgusting bungled some thread – and me in the night koshmariki will dream), but very intuitive.
Pharmaceutical companies tend to themselves determine what dosage to produce. . The most common dosages of 25mg / ml, 50mg / mL, 100 mg / mL, 250 mg / ml of
the way, with the tablet formulation the situation is very similar.
Just do not use oil, and starch.
In Europe – potato, Asia – rice. Both of their good. Potato starch is firm, long travels and slowly dissolves in the gastrointestinal tract.
Example:. Our domestic methane
Rice contrary – dissolves quickly – good for those who like to dissolve (suck, suck) under the tongue (th).
Example: Thai Anabol.
at the manufacturing stage in starch sypyat substance, different excipients, and the resulting tablets roll in blisters (blister tablet that wrapper for candy). In the end, we get the finished product.
And now you can announce the correct version of the question about the deck:
– But if the deck-Durabolin® stabbing at 200 milligrams per week – will be good?
For a beginner it would be nice – hormonal receptors are more pure and respond to any steroid very active – even at times unclear – who pounces on someone – a steroid receptor or receptor on a steroid?
As a rule, wins friendship.