Looking at this list of regalia, the list of achievements and victories, someone will say: “Well, this is clearly not from scratch.


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Stanislav Aleksandrovich Lindover

“Stanislav Lindover is a cult personality in the Russian and European world of bodybuilding and fitness. Thanks to his own training system, which includes a special diet and the observance of a special exercise technique, Stanislav has maintained testosterone levels during the day graph his body in perfect proportions for several decades and increases his health.

In this book, Stanislav Lindover shares his many years of experience in maintaining extreme shape.

The ideas described in the book, will give a powerful start to everyone, even those who are already desperate to gain muscle mass.

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I am the silver medalist of the Russian Championship 2011, the bronze medalist of the Eastern European Cup 2011, the buying steroids online in usa champion of the Yashankin Cup 2011 (category classical bodybuilding + 180 cm), the European champion in classical bodybuilding in the category of 180 cm, the absolute champion of Europe in classical bodybuilding 2011, silver medalist of the European Championship in the doubles bodybuilding category 2011, champion of the open bodybuilding cup in St. Petersburg in the master category over 90 kg 2014, champion of Russia in bodybuilding in the master category over 90 kg 2014.

Looking at this list of regalia, the list of achievements and victories, someone will say: “Well, this is clearly not from scratch. These are genetics, talents, predisposition, chances. There – “given.” And those who are “not given”, do not even rock the boat. ” Do you really think so?

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That is why buy injectable steroids credit card I want to tell about myself, for this I wrote this book. Not because my life was extremely how well do steroids work interesting, it was, in general, rather boring. The thing is different. The fact that I was “given” at birth resembled a weighty backpack with stones rather than a self-dressing tablecloth. Yes, I was driven by strong desires, but every step in my path was not carried out thanks to, but contrary to what life gave me as the initial conditions of the problem.

Remember, as in school, “this and that is given.” The question is, how to solve? The source data was not enough for me to get results. What are you doing in math class? You eminence labs review say: “This is an incorrect formulation of the problem, or the condition is set incorrectly” – and as if you are eliminating yourself. Let the teacher give another task or you can do nothing at all until over the counter viagra substitute walmart the bell rings, then the task can be solved completely.

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But in life we ​​can not do that. We take our conditions and do what we want with the means we can. The longer we complain about incorrect conditions, the less time, effort and opportunities we have left in order to solve thyroid hormone mechanism of action the task of the whole life, to realize desires.

Something to achieve.

Yes, someone achieves “because” and “thanks”. Someone had ideal data for a certain sport, and as a result, for example, he became an Olympic champion in running, swimming, and jumping. Or someone founded his company, because parents worked in this niche and gave start-up capital. Sometimes it makes life easier. And sometimes such good starting conditions oblige and pressure.

I dont know. I had none of this.

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I had to first do “in spite of.” Despite the social stratum, in spite of poor health, in spite of circumstances, in spite of what was easier to do: surrender, go with the flow, agree with the doctors and forget about sports. The difference is about the same buy injectable steroids with credit card as swimming with flippers or without them.

Therefore, my book is more about how I solved my “incorrect” equations. The world did not run after me with a tray of buns, begging: “Stas, well, still syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone a piece!” Maybe someone will recognize himself in my character, find something close. Someone will be surprised that the little half-blood Jew with a harmful character, lack of social elevators and spoiled health was not ashamed of anything and began to climb because of his modest abilities. “Why did he do it? Why winstrol for sale usa does he continue to climb, climb and work on himself with his sick heart, trauma, age (to substitute)? ”

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To be. To do. To respect yourself. To be fit.

Need is a vital condition for me. I want to be needed by my close, familiar and strangers. From the very beginning, life gave me my impartiality so that I could work with it, do something about it. It seems to me. This is my locomotive.

If I stop tossing coal into the furnace, I’ll stop, handing my fate to someone else — well, that’s all. Call – and exit.

No one will give l citrulline and viagra together me another equation. Until the “call” about the end of the lesson.

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Although I lied! I was lucky with mentors – it’s true. If I wanted to learn something, then people came to my life, ready to teach me about it. And my gratitude is great.

It was still “thanks”. And the rest – “in spite of.”

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I was deprived of many things that ordinary people are used to, like warm family relationships. For the first time I saw my brother at the age of four, I visited the sea for the first levaquin and cipro time as an adult, I heard the phrase “good night” for the buy anabolic steroids online usa first time at fourteen in a sports camp and did not know what to say to it. You know, I read somewhere that there are no dumb people from birth, but they benefits of hgh injections are born deaf and they cannot learn to talk because they do not hear the speech of their parents. So I could not utter the usual phrase of “good night”, “bon appetit” and many others, I was emotional deaf and dumb.

I still have problems with expressing my feelings, with a true emotional tretizen 20 response to the emotions and feelings of others. Communication, communication, social role I had to learn how people learn to read and write.

Health, too, was not spoiled. He was sick with rheumatism, had heart problems.

I was born in 1972, in the suburb of present-day St. Petersburg (and then still Leningrad) – in the village of Dibuny. We lived extremely modestly.

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My father’s parents did not approve of his marriage: the early 70s, an elite Jewish family with the names of Tsukerman and Lindover, and his son’s wife from the village anavar and strength gains of Spill, in a suburb of Sestroretsk, from a very poor family. To be honest oral steroids for sale online in usa, I should not have been born. My mother understood that it would not be possible to feed two children, and decided to terminate the pregnancy. She went with me in the womb and with her baby brother in a wheelchair to the city and on the way met her grandmother – father’s mother. There were several roads to the station, and to coincide in time and meet the grandmother – the probability was extremely low, but it happened, and the grandmother told her mother: “Give birth to your second child, and Kostya (my older brother) will live with me.” I found out about this when I became an adult – about a strange coincidence, about what hormone is made by the parafollicular cells of the thyroid gland?

a meeting and an agreement, but it still seems to me that I heard this conversation between mother and grandmother while in the womb.

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I only saw my brother when I was four years old. I remember this moment: my mother and I came to the station trenbolone for sale in usa, a grandmother came out of the train with a boy and said that this was my brother Kostya. Everything.


p>As I grew older, I began to understand what kind of psychological trauma my brother had received: he considered that house to be his family, and his grandmother – to be his mother, and now he was actually given to another family. There were no psychotherapists then, and therefore no one bothered how a child feels. Dressed and fed means ok. We went to the kindergarten together to arrange us there, my mother worked there as a nurse. When it came time to go to school, my brother was already seven years old, but I was not yet, and they did not take me.

As a result, my grandmother visited the school and, apparently, found some right words, or maybe she reminded me that my dad and his sister had also studied at this very school – and I was enrolled as an exception from six years old levitra and grapefruit.