How many sets do? Arnold Tips

How many sets doThe main thing – to achieve the maximum intensity.From this and it depends on the number of approaches.

Cornerstone bodybuilding question – how many sets to do in the exercise. In fact, how many sets you need to start muscle growth: two or three or maybe fifty? I must say, there is no single answer, because the number of sets is determined by your level of fitness (3-4 freshman set and can not be compared with 1-2 sets professional), your goals in bodybuilding and the nature of the exercises – insulating it or basic.

 Preheat the nervous system

One thing is for sure: if you go to the gym just for muscle condition and good general physical fitness, you just have 1-2 sets of one exercise. Moreover, they should carry out from time to time on a circular basis – for Seto each exercise one after the other without a break to rest.

Those who are interested in muscle growth, it is Masteral (methyl drostanolone) necessary to do 1-2 sets only “warming up”. What for? Firstly, for the sake of elementary insurance tendons and ligaments. And secondly, that much more important to “shake up” the nervous network in the muscles.

Non-operating arm – is like a car, a long time stood in the parking lot without cause. It is necessary to start the engine and “revive” the car all systems of the body. So a muscle: it is necessary to do a couple of sets to get rid of the nerve “wires” of the first pulse to properly their “clean” for a lot of hard work.

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However, I’m oversimplifying the situation. In fact, everything is much more complicated. The nervous system has specific muscle “knots”, a kind of SPORTS NEWS biological electricity transformers. As long as they do not accumulate inside certain potential by the first repetitions with light weight, the nervous system can not operate at full capacity. So, do not even try in the first repetition of the first set to encroach on the maximum operating weight. If the weight of the subject, then he is not the maximum, but only seems to you like this.


The greater, the better


After warm-up sets of weight sets is necessary to raise pyramid. How many sets should be? I believe that no more than five.Because high intensity in these 5 sets already very tiresome small muscle-assistants working on the stabilization of the trunk or limbs. Additional sets will be for such muscle-stabilizers apparent overload, which eventually lead to the tearing of ligaments, inflammation in the joints and other.


However, these five sets may not be for all the rule. Understand that you prefer: working power or endurance. If the first, then, in your muscles by nature over the power of white fibers. Then you need a lot of weight, and with such scales is enough three sets.


Bodybuilding The paradox is that the increase in muscle determines the intensity of your effort. multi set system forces you to do a set of a set, due to fatigue in the last set, you have come to the ultimate level of effort. But if you have experience, you are able to develop such an effort in the first working set. Then the rest of the sets you will be nowhere. This just explains the strange only at first sight the difference in the number of sets from famous champions: Yatsu enough 1-2 sets, and Flex Wheeler need 8-10.