Mike Mentzer and bodybuilding

Mike Mentzer and bodybuildingMike Mentzer – one of the most famous bodybuilders planet “golden era”. Competitive weight – 102 – 103 kg with height 173 cm He spent his childhood in a small farming town, apparently not churayas heavy agricultural work.. Bodybuilding interested (in his words) in 11 years, when he saw bodybuilding magazine. In 1971 he took part in a bodybuilding performances, putting aim to obtain the title of “Mr. America”, but for the first time ranked only 10th place. Steroid drugs are taken, beginning at a fairly young age – he was a little more than 19 years. In 1971, after Casey Viator met with Arthur Jones. This meeting is believed to be radically changed his approach to training. In 1979, Mentzer acts in the competition “Mr. Olympia”, winning the heavyweight category, but lost in the overall standings lighter Frank Zane. In 1980, Mike takes the fifth place on the “Olympia” (this year, we recall, after a four-year break returned to the podium Arnold Schwarzenegger). After that Mentzer has not acted, focusing on coaching and journalism. In his books, he offers insights into bodybuilding Induject 250 (testosterone mix) at a slightly different angle. In particular, it was he who developed the system of training, which was significantly reduced during each workout and the number of classes in general. Mike advised and Dorian Yates (Yatsa), classes began in a rather late age -. 20 years Steroids Mentzer died at age 50 in 2001. Early departure sparked controversy about how the athlete’s health was decimated taking steroids. Some athletes, coaches and physicians is the fact that steroids did not have a noticeable effect on the athlete’s health, the other part, of course, holds the opposite point of view.Sam Mentzer never concealed the use of these drugs, pointing out that this was a deliberate choice (cf. statements iron Arnie that he used them because they were allowed). Mentzer emphasized that carefully evaluated all the possible benefits, risks and dangers of using steroids. Whatever it was, but Mentzer did have a lot of prerequisites for early death, he was a workaholic, working 10 – 12 hours a day;survived pneumonia, surgery on the cervical spine; He suffered from the formation of blood clots in the lungs; ill thrombosis. Training Mike was not satisfied with the results for Arthur Jones training system is assumed to be high intensity training. Mentzer suggested that the reason for the failure lies not in the lack of employment, and in overtraining muscles. As a result, he created a system in which training conducted infrequently, intense and long. The best results, said Mentzer, his disciples reached when performed only 2 – 4 sets every 4 – 7, or sometimes 10 – 14 days. Of course, such a method caused a storm of criticism from the outside, but Mike skillfully translated the theme into the individual plane – say de, it attacks him personally, and not on its system. In the future, however, proved to be true, if not all, very many of the conclusions of the athlete. For example, the traditional scheme with 3-4 sets (sets) – is the idea it Mentzer. Prior to doing more. In the 90s this discovery produced a boom: the sufficiency of all 3 sets confirmed Ronnie Coleman, Kevin Levrone, Dorian Yates. Philosophy The idea of Mike Mentetsera is that we need to think with your head. It’s simple – no copying techniques, even the most well-known athletes, can not lead to success. Same Yates, for example, only it based its lessons on Mentzer system, but modified it for themselves. Mike pointed out the vast majority of bodybuilders ignorance in matters of physiology and anatomy, and that pushes them to choose the wrong training methods.