How much should you drink water?

How much should you drink waterWe have all heard about how important water is. They say that our body is 65-75% water, so that we would have become without it – what do you think? In a handful of mineral dust! Usually advised to drink 8-10 glasses of pure water a day. And that’s not counting the liquid, which we inevitably arrive with different dishes like soups, cereals with milk, then juices, compotes and so on. Is this correct? Of course, right, because our bodies are by and large – ordinary containers with water.

It is clear that all of you already know, and probably wondering what a proper attitude is the whole “water” to my biceps?

Well, good question. Now I’ll answer it.

The fact is, guys, that water seems to be – the main doping in our business. And, who knows how to act in two opposite directions. Firstly, it brings up our muscles. I told him how. If the water in the body and, consequently, little inside the muscle cells, the cells shrink in volume, or, simply, dry out. But if the water stays in the muscle cells, it is, this is the water, dramatically increases the intracellular protein synthesis. It turns out that if you drink a lot of Erectile dysfunction water, protein in the cell will be larger, and therefore greater the cell itself, and more will your muscles. Clear?

And now about something else. I know you will not believe, but the “pumping” of water in the body leads to a sharp increase in fat digestion (lipolysis). Is the water – it is also a “fat burner”? Exactly! But with the caveat – lots of it! So, guys, there’s no cheating: will drink more water – lose weight faster.

The special role of water in the growth of muscle tissue has long been known. As for the second fact that, say, “swelling” of cells from the water helps burn fat, it was established recently by Swiss scientists. They put the following experience: caused in seven healthy men a condition called “gipoosmolyarnost”. No, no, do not turn the page! Let me try to explain to you on your toes, it is. In theory, our body must contain a certain average amount of water, the optimum in terms of its normal life. However life in principle possible deviations in both directions – in the body of water may be larger or smaller than average. So, gipoosmolyarnost – is when more water is laid. To cause this condition, the test at 8 pm were given desmopressin (a drug that causes fluid retention in the body). Then they drank the night of 1.5-2 liters of clean water in the morning and again received desmopressin. Then it for four and a half hours hourly injected into the vein with 200 ml of a 0.45-percent saline solution (a total of about 1 liter per day). And all this in order to maintain the “guinea pigs” in a stable condition gipoosmolyarnom all hours.

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At the end of the experiment, scientists have measured the rate of release of free glycerol tissues. This figure is called Ra.As it can be seen how the Metanolon 5mg (methandienone oral) amount of fat in the body “burned.” Scientists have discovered that the condition gipoosmolyarnosti Ra stands out in a crazy amount! It turns out that the water is really really “burns” fat.

Of course, you should not either inject themselves into the veins of brine or drink antidiuretics (drugs that inhibit fluid in the body). But you can drink during the day the right amount of water, and then the weight loss will have an accelerated manner.It is best to drink plain water. The sparkling water, coffee, tea and alcoholic drinks contain caffeine, ethanol, and other substances that cause a diuretic effect. This, in turn, will reduce the effect of rehydration (increasing the amount of water in the cells.)


And is there in the world any safer drugs that could help further “pump up” the muscle cell in the water? Fortunately, there is.In particular, science found that the amino acid taurine secretion organism helps increase IGF-1 hormone, which directly increases the amount of water within the cell. Glutamine also increases the “water” cell volume. And, of course, do not forget about creatine. Rapid weight gain after taking creatine is just caused by the accumulation in the muscle cells of excess water.

On the whole program it looks like this. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. If you exercise a lot or eat high-calorie foods, then even more. And on top of daily take creatine, taurine and glutamine.

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In addition, the last two of the drug not only contribute to the enhanced hydration of cells but also the growth of muscle fibers. And they warn catabolism and improve immunity.

There are quite extreme option: go to the pharmacy and buy there drugs glycerin. Typically, glycerol is used cores, but more about him know that he holds in addition to tissue water. But this, of course, unworthy of the pitching, “illegality”.