Myths and truth about Arnold Schwarzenegger

Myths and truth about Arnold SchwarzeneggerSchwarzenegger bodybuilding became the idol of the most famous representative of this sport. Actively and successfully popularized bodybuilding through the cinema (though was not the first to do so – remember Steve Reeves). But if he was perfect? Can we consider the standard bodybuilder Schwarzenegger? Together, let us try to hold a mini investigation … And he does not hide! Stunning genetics and predisposition is to the sport (which he does not deny, and even directly expresses the specificity of sport, in which genes give better results than the hard work) . In the words of Schwarzenegger in the early sports career (ie actually being a child), he managed just one year of training dial 8 kg of muscle mass, and the volume of the biceps to 1.2 cm in two months. And the chest, calves, biceps it is simply impossible to give any training perfectly correct form – is entirely dependent on the genetic features. Add to this the tenacity and perseverance (Iron Arnie after each performance approached the judges and asked what, in their opinion, does not get his figure) and you have a recipe for the secret of success. Luck – yes, it has played a very important role in the Trenbolone Enanthate March (trenbolone enanthate) formation of a champion . It did not deny, though never directly said he. Demonstration at the “Mr. Olympia – 1980” when Schwarzenegger won, but acknowledges that in the five years of his absence (prior performance took place in 1975) bodybuilding has changed a lot, matured, and in place of a few serious contenders came a few dozen. In other words, Arnold was on the podium when he no or almost no one could really make a serious competition. Steroids and a 6-day training? Yes, Schwarzenegger says directly that tried steroids – they had not been banned, but as soon as both at once, said the athlete. And with regard to the regularity of visits to the gym, then even still living in Austria, he managed to go to training outside for gym days! Can I train 6 days a week without a special farm-support? As a young man, of course, possible. But for 25 and tyagaya serious weight? Standard? Schwarzenegger decided to compare with modern athletes. The problem is that if in the 70’s was valued harmony, aesthetics, proportion (here, by the way, and “evil” from the perspective of modern bodybuilding legs and underdeveloped deltoids), then with the arrival of the podium Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yatsa on top finally published weight. Do not forget about the fact that the modern “farming” and “farming” 70’s – it is fundamentally different in the quality of drugs. All attributed the figure Arnie drawbacks: thin legs, weak back, disproportionate breasts and small deltas relative fair separately, but not together. The strength of the Arnold – it’s his hands, including a spiked biceps. If these hands more to shake the shoulders (deltoids), the biceps will hide behind them, the business card of the athlete. From the standpoint of the masses that there’s anything wrong with that. In terms of aesthetics – violated the proportionality. The same goes for the legs – they are quite detalizovannye, with strong calves, but do not interfere with walking and does not rub against each other. Those. before Schwarzenegger initially had the task does not swing and make the muscles of the body complement each other and create the desired effect all together, highlighting the strengths and hide weaknesses. It is necessary to consider another point – is the growth of Schwarzenegger. Even if we take the minimum of its value (no one knows, on the basis of available information, the increase ranges from 182 to 189 cm, officially 186 cm) 182 cm, is obtained much higher than that of the bulk of bodybuilders. . For example, Franco Columbu 166 cm Current champions slightly higher: Coleman 180, Yats – 178 cm. However, the higher the growth, the more difficult to recruit and retain muscle mass – it is, however, now is not the biggest problem (yet pharmacology sufficiently developed) albeit very real: a problem or a set, or drying. High growth (if there really was 189 cm), even with thick thighs will create a completely different impression. Generally, the problem is growing and beautiful masses to the end no one is considered. Optimal bodybuilder growth – up to 180 cm, preferably 165-175: while the easiest to maintain portions. A few words about the biceps As your 56? This phrase is well known to all the “bullies” are older. 56 cm – is a grasp of the biceps Arnold Schwarzenegger. The figure, around which is not the first debate under way: could a human growth 189 cm and a weight of 111 kg have biceps to 56 cm in girth? Arutr Jones, considered the most truthful bodybuilder (a bit like all the athletes invent their results), said all of 49.7 cm on top form. But here it is necessary to know how the biceps measured. There are the traditional way: in a cool, but the state of stress, and there is a way Jones – at lowered completely relaxed hand (though Arnie it was slightly inflated with blood, Pumping, during the measurement). Opponents Arnold often refer to the experience of Jones, but forget about this measurement of its features (also wet tissue paper). Now imagine what should be in girth strained bicep, if relaxed, he was almost 50 cm Do not forget about the specific peak on the biceps -. All this is just 54-56 and will see that, in principle, almost a record for that time . However, the basis of anthropometric data taken from the official bulletin of the IFBB, from which it follows that in peak form at Arnie was not even 56, and 58.5 cm, but there are some subtleties:. These data were presented in the 1991 edition, while like peak form at Arnie came in the 70 th … on the role of Joe Weider , the founder father of bodybuilding is very much help the young Schwarzenegger. In general, the hero of this article always someone “unraveled”. Even the film “Pump the iron” was filmed for his PR. It should be noted that in the 60 years the competition “Mr. Olympia” was not the most prestigious, and pushed him none other than Vader. Many athletes initially refused to speak at all in this competition, just for the money. Again, I repeat, we are talking about the formation of a new competition and a stage in its development – a normal phenomenon. But Vader was a good businessman and a few exaggerated anthropometric data, to draw attention to the contest and his sports industry, would be quite expected step. Roughly speaking, here, “the cuckoo praises cock because he praises the cuckoo.” Vader was eventually promoted competition and promotion of their industry, and Schwarzenegger became the most famous bodybuilder of the world. On the other hand, the Arnie really worked, I laid out. Yes, and no one Vader had a hand in the success of Schwarzenegger, his wife Maria Schrader – the niece of John F. Kennedy, one of the most influential families in the United States. Thus, the success – it’s not just genetics, hard work, but also the right connections … Legends Being one of the most recognizable bodybuilders planet, Arnold, consciously or unconsciously, has created around him a lot of legends, most of them, or not fundamentally verifiable or general meaningless. For example, it was rumored that Schwarzenegger can squeeze 400 kg, but almost no pictures and a video where he would deal with really heavy weights, and performance on some unofficial competitions showed his strength in the deadlift: only 209 kg! However, and this performance almost mythical. There is the following legend: he could raise the barbell weighing 120 kg on biceps standing 20 times! According to another version, however, is not 20, but only 8 and 120 kg, and 110. Another myth: in his best form Schwarzenegger weighed 115 kg. It is doubtful, according to the version of IFBB – 111 kg. And these legends and myths – a lot. But it is revealing: how not to treat a man, one thing is certain – if the stories about him compose, then it’s worth it to talk about it!