Natural bodybuilders

Greetings to readers of my blog! Today, we consider such an ambiguous and controversial topic like NATURAL bodybuilding .

Actually, what it means to natural bodybuilding . It’s simple – it’s a full body STROITLSTVO with training, diet and other necessary tools for muscle growth, but without DOPING .

The term DOPING meaning the number of prohibited drugs, namely:

Anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, insulin, IGF (insulin-like growth factor), thyroid hormones, clenbuterol, ephedrine, diuretics, and other drugs Syntol similar actions prohibited by the Anti-Doping Commission.

Naturally everyone who is even slightly interested and engaged in the gym, heard and read on the Internet about anabolic steroids and other drugs listed above.

But is there any sense in their use of conventional fan iron sports . In general, is it possible to engage in bodybuilding without the use of steroids and other buy viagra pill online hormones?

Is it possible to natural bodybuilding?

The answer to this question is unequivocally – YES! Of course, it is possible and necessary to build your body naturally. In order to build a beautiful body is not necessary to resort to the use of pharmacological agents .

Time and effort, involvement in natural bodybuilding . it will take longer, but the result will be a permanent and natural, but it should be understood that all possible achievements will be in the frame of natural genetic potential of an athlete .

Those. build muscle because we set and the bodybuilding natural amount of hormones that are given to us by nature.

Go over your head will not work.

It is worth noting that for most people who want to look smart and athletically so to speak “for itself.” farmpodderzhka outside just to anything and will be enough of that form, which you can reach a natural .

competitive bodybuilding


It is quite another competitive bodybuilding . How I would not want to admit it, but I will scatter your illusions once and for all.

Professional bodybuilding natural does not happen, it can not be. To demonstrate the huge muscles in size with a minimum amount of fat and water in the body without the use of pharmacological agents IMPOSSIBLE .

Good or bad everyone decides for himself, but the fact is a fact and there’s no getting around it. Where there is an element of competition, many people are willing to make great sacrifices in order to achieve their goal.

If there are athletes, acting naturally . they will in any case at the end. Even more gifted athlete by nature lose less gifted, but of “chemistry”.

Are these “magic pills” in themselves raise muscle?

And he who will begin to use them soon will be the new Mr. Olympia? Fortunately, or maybe not, but there are no miracles!

Even superficially considered anabolic steroids can dispel the myth about eh “magical” effect.

The principle of action of pharmacological agents

The most commonly used drugs in muscle recruitment – anabolic steroids . Mostly they increase protein synthesis in cells. Due to this effect the athletes get the opportunity to:


  • Faster recovery after heavy loads and consequently increase the workload for more intense muscle growth
  • To overcome the genetic barrier . because of the large number of hormones methyldrostanolone for sale involved in building muscle.

Contrary to far from the gym, and indeed sports pharmacological agents muscles do not grow. Athletes who use steroids have to sweat and work in a hall twice as strong.

“Green” pitching without even the concept of muscle building, nutrition, rest and exercise, naively believe that the “chemistry” magically build muscle . this is not true.

Steroids only help to achieve those heights, which are not available in the normal set of natural hormones.

Therefore, if you do not have a goal to look like bodybuilders – professionals or close to them unattainable amounts of natural muscle, think about steroids is not even worth it.

Doping in other sports


Mainly in the use of steroids is most often blamed for bodybuilders . This is due to the specifics of the sport, as a result of all sporting achievements expressed in the appearance of an athlete can not be said about other sports.

To be fair to say that no one bodybuilding where to buy testosterone cream over the counter tainted by doping. In any sport where important physical qualities of athlete actively used steroids. Whether it’s running, team sports, etc. since the introduction of doping, it is used.

And it’s no wonder everyone wants to be bigger, better, stronger, faster than its rival. The fact that it is not on the surface is not so conspicuous in bodybuilding . But if you look at sports records, for example in running and think about it, it becomes clear that people develop superhuman speed and endurance.

And do not blame the athletes of doping, they put a lot of work to achieve these same results . the only difference is that without doping them a lot of work no one would have appreciated, and indeed noticed.

Because the other athletes using pharmacological support . there will always be a cut above. I am sure that this situation is not to everybody’s taste, and I’m including not approve of the use of doping in any form, but it is a sport, and sport is money and win at any cost . who would not say that.

Pros and cons of natural bodybuilding

That actually came the moment of truth =). And should draw conclusions on such topics as natural bodibolding . I am not a supporter or opponent of the use of pharmacological support and illuminate only their own view of the matter and the established order is it illegal to buy steroids online of things.

Thus, the natural bodybuilding PLUSES:

Chicken Breast Recipes for Bodybuilders

  • Do you really improve their health every year
  • Do not endanger your body with a variety of hormonal therapy.
  • The achieved results will remain with you forever
  • Your body will have a natural physiological proportions and will not be “pumped”, as they say in the society.
  • The cost of the sport will be smaller by ignoring pharmacological support.

And now their own shortcomings:

  • Sporting achievements are limited by your genetic potential.
  • To achieve results, and forms like bodybuilders will never be on the cover of magazines.
  • Alas, but the ANY KIND serious results in competitive sport you’re unlikely to achieve.
  • Permanent tempted to go to the “dark” side.

I think the basic picture is clear, let’s sum up. Natural bodybuilding by and large have to deal with anyone to keep in shape and have a beautiful athletic body.

Engage FOR YOURSELF need only natural to apply hormones simply does not make sense.

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If you decide to connect his life closely with professional bodybuilding . ignore the dope you are unlikely to succeed.

In order to form an image of a natural bodybuilder, I take a look a little clipping from competitions NATURAL bodybuilding . This competition is not popular, but they are there =)

What distinguishes a natural bodybuilder from the chemist?

Globally they impact on different DNA they are even cells. And in the first and in the second case there is activation of certain structures in our genome associated with protein synthesis occurs up information related to protein synthesis and then the synthesis in these same cells.

In a natural bodybuilder , this process is in a much smaller volume than that of the chemist. Because in the first and in the second case, the process starts with the help of anabolic hormones released by the action of training stress. In natural bodybuilding amount of hormones is very much limited by its physiology, and at the chemist no such restriction, but his finances.

Bodybuilders – A list of the greatest bodybuilders, their biography and training programs.

So it turns out that a natural bodybuilder has far fewer opportunities for advancement. First of all, the quantity and quality of growth is much less than the chemist due to the limited amount of anabolic hormones. In the second case reached a certain natural ceiling – progress at all stop, because more certain physiological amounts of hormones in a natural bodybuilder will not produce.

In order to solve these two problems, we can increase lung capacity, if a person reaches a certain physiological limits further progress in he limited amount of anabolic hormones – testosterone.

We are doing a new breath, fill your lungs and the new amount of oxygen, or we increase every single breath in the volume in order to fill their blood with plenty of anabolic hormones.

This is to ensure that we had a progression of loads. When you load progression, increased weight training, it will guarantee you the production of the desired amount of hormones under the influence of training stress . Natural bodybuilder is extremely important to use the progression of loads, weight training is constantly increasing.

Lack of stress, produce anabolic hormones is most commonly associated with the wrong choice of exercise and improper training.

And even when people are training for a long time, it’s too terrible stress for our body, unless of course you’re not using anabolic hormones, and therefore in this situation stop increments, and the person receives overtraining muscles.

We have two points – we have to reach the correct training load high release of anabolic hormones when exposed to the correct stress and should minimize the overall length of the load, in order not to injure your endocrine glands that simply can not cope with too much stress over time.

In practice, we know that the more complex, the more muscle, it includes in itself – the sports shirt more this exercise leads to a more severe stress and a brighter release of anabolic hormones.

That’s why everything is so long and diligently you recommend to do basic exercises. Such exercises are best grown weight, because the exercise more difficult, the more muscle it includes in itself during its execution – the more stress is exercise, and the greater the release of stress hormones, it leads. Then turn on the subsequent defensive reaction and goes to the release of anabolic hormones. And accordingly, we have more strength and mass gains.

It follows that natural bodybuilders do not perform any isolation exercises, the first 1 – 2 years, you can not shake hands at all. Perform only heavy basic exercises that involve large muscle groups – traction. presses. squats.

Why does everyone say: “squat exercise №1 to the total weight of the pump,” because in the squat works the greatest number of muscle groups, this is the biggest stress, which leads to the largest release of anabolic hormones, which is important for natural bodybuilders and is not so important for chemists – because they kolyat artificial hormones.

no trainers, no isolation exercises he should not be.

The greater your training duration, the greater the stress and the greater the chance that the stress is excessive. This excess stress will be too complicated to the fox sports world cup live body it quickly digested and you have achieved what it gains in strength and mass, such excess stress is likely to lead to a negative result, and you instead of muscle growth reach overtraining muscles (the progress stops you will feel unwell you will not want to train).

Pereodizatsiya for bodybuilder

Because the amount of progress associated with anabolic hormone release. The volume of emissions of anabolic hormones associated with us with the level of stress, when we reach a certain ceiling physiological your body simply can not produce more anabolic hormones in response to certain stress. After reaching the limit of the physiological man is locked in its performance, and there are two basic solutions:

The increase in your lungs (production of hormones)

Reduction of exercise time (30 – 60 minutes)

Food for a natural bodybuilder

The most important rule – it is to achieve the excess calories, it sounds very simple, but in fact has a very deep meaning. Very often, people who become involved in trying to solve two conflicting objectives – to achieve anabolism (gaining muscle mass) and catabolism (getting rid of body fat) – at the same time. Even with the chemistry that is very difficult to achieve.

When caloric excess, let you gain a little fat, but at the same time you will type is guaranteed to muscle mass.

Excess calories are best obtained from the desired food – proteins of animal origin (meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products). Carbohydrates – the best complex – rice, buckwheat, vermicelli. Do not eat fast carbs, but in them a lot of carbohydrates, but they result in a large release of insulin which may result in more pronounced fat deposits on your body.

The problem of food absorption,

Very often the problem that people face – this is a problem of assimilation of food a person can eat a lot, but the anabolic response from this food is not what it could be due to natural causes. A person can absorb a certain amount of food.

Very cunning secret that used by professional bodybuilders

We are talking about the digestive enzymes in our body has certain limits food digestion and often these limits are often limited by the amount of digestive enzymes.

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Every nutrients that we eat (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) are absorbed through the digestive enzymes. For the assimilation of fat we need – lipase for carbohydrate – amylase, for proteins – protease. For each type of nutrient we have the appropriate type of enzyme that digests them.

Very important protease . because these enzymes are responsible for the digestion of protein. The thing that is very effective if we are talking about food, the use of food enzymes is one of the most important and serious success secrets. Because you may have a large amount of food, but it will not be absorbed very well. Enzymes help to deal with it, the percentage impact of enzymes is amazing.

Caution Food enzymes is very active biological substances and if they eat more than is written on the package, it is easy to achieve such a situation it would be digested your stomach mucosa, so be careful.

Eat the amount of enzymes is what is written in the instructions – does not mean more is better.

A variety of pharmaceutical enzymes

Pancreatin (for better protein digestion)

Festal (for better absorption of fat)

Abomin (very well accepted during the drying of the body)

Natural bodybuilding – is bodybuilding without the use of anabolic steroids, peptides, insulin, growth hormone and other illicit drugs that are used by professional bodybuilders. In other words, natural bodybuilding does not involve the use steroids in india of drugs that significantly accelerates post-workout recovery, where it can be concluded that the process itself and the training of “natural” bodybuilders radically different from the “chemists” training. It is, as the amount of training and the number of training sessions for the training cycle as “naturalization” muscles are not able to digest so much stress, it is for them to be excessive, that, in turn, will lead to their catabolism, overtraining, and stagnation .


Natural bodybuilding, anyway, but it is limited in its final results athlete genetics, that is, it certainly does not mean that to win Mr.

Olympia could anyone using metandrostenalon. No, a professional bodybuilding – a combination of nature, genetics, and only then, nutrition and “vitaminok”. But genetic ceiling in “straight” is significantly lower than that of “chemists”. What to do in such circumstances, “natural” bodybuilder? What kind of training is necessary to adhere to the principles of, and which to reject?

How far back can achieve genetic ceiling and what to do after that? Let’s try to deal with the fact that natural bodybuilding is, whether it should be a non-professional use of anabolic steroids and how to most effectively spend time at the gym!

Principles of Joe Weider

“Natural” bodybuilder should follow a few basic principles of training, Uncle Joe, namely loads progression priority, isolation, training capacity and sufficient rest. A full list of Joe Weider training principles we cited in this article. and where you can get acquainted with them. In fact, almost all modern training methods, which sell specially trained people, are just a compilation of these principles, but they isolate those that are suitable for beginners and “straights”.

The whole essence of these principles is that the athlete gave the muscles adequate load that they are able to absorb and then recover and become temporarily a little bigger and stronger.

Progression loads in natural bodybuilding is not realized linearly, ie, the athlete buy original superdrol must use a micro and macro periodization. We absolutely do not want to say that “chemists” do not use these techniques, just the level of fitness when the athlete can not progress linearly, occurs much earlier in “straight”. Micro periodization involves alternating light, medium and heavy weeks, when an athlete trains with 50%, 75% and 100% working weights can also be changed and exercises, although this is not necessary. An example of the program with the periodization of training loads can be Plintovicha system. which would be enough for an athlete with a 6-10 months time for a year and a half.

Then you reach a plateau . and you have to move on to more advanced training program for a set of muscle mass.

The essence of the natural progression of loads in bodybuilding is still the same – to train all muscle and non-muscle quality at the time of their supercompensation. To do this, firstly you need to conduct training diary. which will allow you to keep track of how you are progressing, have time to recover, as well as he will continue to urge on you.

In the end, no opponent is better than you know yourself! That is why mikroperiodizatsiya used because it is the essence of periodization trainees qualities during light exercise – muscle feeling and energy, while heavy – contractile proteins, etc. Every muscle and non-muscle quality is a period of recovery steroids for muscle building side effects, which, moreover, can change with the fitness and hypertrophy. Diary will allow you to track the effectiveness of your training, analyze and, if necessary, adjust it, so “natural” bodybuilder it is necessary to keep a diary.


Priority – this principle of Joe Weider, who used and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the essence of it is that the athlete prefers training in some muscles and other muscles trains optional. Arnold chose the chest and biceps, which was the crown of his chip. You must also select these muscles, they, of course, should be the lagging parts of the body, as if the whole of the Arnold pharmacology, which he used, was forced to choose what to give preference to, then you do it all the more necessary!

This does not mean that other muscles you do not need to train, but they just need to train less hard, as well as with a focus on the target muscle groups.

I would like to make a reservation and to say that a priority must be a member of at least one large muscle group, namely the legs or back, as these muscle groups are trained heaviest basic exercises. We have already talked about the fact that natural bodybuilding is distinguished, above all, limitations on the hormonal background, and so, the basic exercises allow to partially neutralize this disadvantage, because they stimulate the synthesis of testosterone, growth hormone and other hormones.

It is also worth noting that the priority can change over time, when you notice that the back legs a lot more, or vice versa, or to decide to give preference to training the chest, tighten the biceps, shoulders, or something else.

Insulation – this principle does not apply to an isolation exercise, on the contrary, “natural” bodybuilders need to use a heavy basic exercises, but doing exercise on a particular muscle group, you should try to feel it. Moreover, we strongly recommend to try so to focus on the technique to feel like the load is distributed between the beams.

This, of course, you do not need to in order to achieve symmetry, but in order to learn how to reduce muscle, then you will do it intuitively, which will load the target muscle groups, even on very heavy weights. That is why we constantly recommend not to facilitate a job supporting muscle groups, but on the female steroids anavar contrary, try to isolate them.


The capacity of the training – this is a very important principle for natural bodybuilding as 40-60 minutes of training testosterone levels fall and cortisol increases, which causes the “Natural” finish the workout. In part, this is also the reason why you need to use a heavy basic exercises, rather than isolation, because, you will get to the base load more muscle and give your muscles a great burden for the 40-60 minutes that will eventually cause muscle growth. If we talk about the amount of training in terms of operational approaches, ie it is a small muscle groups you should be doing 6-9 working approaches, and 9-12 for long, no more!

The number of workouts per week should not exceed 4, despite the fact that, in principle, they can be put in 3, but you do not just 60 minutes, and 40.

Get enough rest – this has already been discussed above, it is understood that you have to train at the time supercompensation, for this purpose, and applied loads periodization. The bottom line is that different muscle and non-muscle qualities have different recovery period and contractile proteins during physical training in general are restored 2-3 weeks, but the energy is recovered in a couple of days, in this connection, and there is a need in the alternation of light, medium and heavy training.

The biggest bodybuilders of the world, bodybuilders

In addition, light and medium training allow to accumulate in excess creatine measures, the glycogen contribute to the synthesis of testosterone, that is, such training will not only support our toes all the other muscle and non-muscle quality, but also prepare the body for a hard workout on hypertrophy.

Natural bodybuilding: recovery

Power – is a very important element of the training is to “chemists” and for “straight”, but the amount of food varies. Of course, the stomach is to digest enormous amounts of macronutrients, such as protein per day stomach can absorb up to 500-700 grams, but without additional enzymes most of this protein goes into the toilet. You do not need to overeat!

Squirrel you enough about 2 grams per kilogram of bodyweight, but if you want to know the exact details, you can calculate your nitrogen balance. Carbohydrates are impossible to calculate, in the sense that they are required quantity depends on your energy that we do not know, so proceed from 3-4.5 thousand calories a day and adjust the figure by itself. Fats should make up about 15% of the total volume of the best steroids to get ripped fast diet, they can be obtained from olive oil, fish and olives.


Sports Nutrition – this element of the training is much more important for a natural bodybuilding than unnatural, because the lack of certain micronutrients “Butch” feels much sharper than the “chemist”. If you distribute the most important sports nutrition, the list is as follows: Creatine. vitamins, amino acids or protein additives and joints.

The most budget option – is taking creatine and consumed in the diet gelatin, if finances allow, you can add the isolate to be consumed after exercise, if the money even more, it is possible to include in the diet of casein protein, and drink it before going to bed, well, well, if money is no problem at all, buy yourself more and BCAA. You can also add arginine and glycine, but this is a different story about how “straights” Pumping achieve that requires a separate detailed article.

Natural bodybuilding: genetic ceiling

Summarizing, we can say that with the process of the training “natural” bodybuilder clear: to practice with the periodization of loads, use basic exercises, the amount of training is low, be sure to keep a diary, to progress the load, to give priority to targeted muscle groups to rest more, exercise less. Once again I emphasize that each person is different, therefore, to determine how much you need a vacation to recover a particular muscle group is necessary for you, only you can do, and for that you need a blog, which will allow you, in the end, make a exercise program that is right for you. The question is what to do when a genetic ceiling will be reached?

Genetic waow sports ceiling – this is such muscle mass, which is the limit for your current hormone levels and general state of the organism. The answer is very simple – you need to work on the foundation: to train the heart. ligament. work on power rates. as well as competently use rastrenirovannostyu. You will have to progress, making two steps back and three forwards. What does this mean in practice?

Let’s say you have an operating weight of 100kg in the bench press, you lower it to 60 kg and then in 2-3 months approach your working weight, but it does not stop and start adding 1-2 kg on each training session, at the expense of what muscles a rest, you will succeed, but due to the fact that they were rastrenirovanny, the stress that steroid for sale in usa they will have on the way to your maximum, will be sufficient to progress in the synthesis of contractile proteins.

It is important to note that the “steps” that you will do after the pass for its maximum, should be small, for 1-2kg per workout, maybe even have to add is not in balance, and in repetition, it does not matter. If you can perform 1 repetition more – this is progress, it is important not to go fast, and to go in principle, because in 2-3 years of training, these small steps will be a giant leap.

Remember, going in the right direction, will overtake the running, wayward!