Natural bodybuilding. Down with chemistry!

Natural bodybuilding. Down with chemistry!The total majority of the inhabitants, seeing the bodybuilder with a beautiful relief body, hurry to hang him popular labels such as “chemist”, “will not stand”, “fall off the liver,” and particularly witty rhymer even folded quatrains about famous athletes in their blogs.

Joking clenbuterol cycle bodybuilding aside, but in practice many athletes are turning to steroids. Help this rather dubious, their pros and cons, today we are not going to discuss and talk about how to effectively increase muscle without anabolic steroids.

Natural bodybuilding – a harmonious combination of regular exercise, a healthy diet and pure, sports nutrition. If the “down” to the cellular level, we can see that the growth of muscle protein must further testosterone enanthate for sale in usa cung le steroids digestion with its synthesis (cleavage) and exposure to DNA in the dominican republic sports cells of the body. The use of steroids to speed up this process, and as a result, the athlete progresses, overcomes their maximum values, there is a rapid muscle recovery after workouts.

How to achieve this effect in natural bodybuilding without the use of “chemistry”, we will now consider.

Arm extension on the top block standing | Press down on the top block

Training in natural bodybuilding

The first man, bodybuilding, think about entering Steroids for sale online, when it reaches its maximum performance and can not pick them up (so-called “physical ceiling”). The mind and the body is fighting range of feelings: the voltage limit of physical abilities, moral decline negative affects of steroids, despair … Sportsman ready for radical decisions and actions.

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At this point, it is worth remembering about the periodization and introduce it in the training program. After all, to make a great leap forward, you need to move a couple of steps back mercedes benz sports car and dispersed. Periodization is a similar principle and is divided into two types:

Mikroperiodizatsiya . Or in other words “microcycle.” In order to achieve high performance at mikroperiodizatsii should observe the alternation tren ace max of light and heavy training.

Breeding hands with standing dumbbells

Consider the example of an accessible man working hard at each session reaches “physical ceiling” and does not progress. Those. every workout is working to capacity, but zero sense, the indicators do not move forward. Then, entering the mikroperiodizatsiyu, training is divided into light and heavy.

This Injectable steroids breakdown is required for rest and recovery. In light buy injectable steroids credit card workouts you take are steroids really that bad 30-40% of the working weights and do exercises with lots of reps. For a hard workout muscles are restored, the chances to overcome the “natural ceiling” increase. Important: Do not peretruzhdaetsya on “light” training does not work refusal, otherwise risk not restore power to the point where it is really needed which macromolecule includes steroids.

Hands down in a butterfly simulator: a technique of performance, which muscles work

Makroperiodizatsiya . Accordingly, the macrocycle. It requires more time and patience, because it pays off when their strict compliance. Line up makroperiodizatsii process in several ways, we give an example of some of them:

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Method one: break macrocycle periods. Paramount – the construction of a power base, improve power quality, increased operating weights. Determine your maximum repetitions range, work on their achievement. Second period – a set of muscle mass, with buy viagra without a doctor prescription increased power performance. To conclude, the third period is honing relief.

Method two: when the “ceiling”, the lack of progress and cbs sports march madness bracket stop muscle growth ASSUME few days of rest, and when returning to the room are doing the following: the operating weight is reduced by 40-50% and increase the number of repetitions of 2-2.5 times. This focus will be given to you easily and elementary, because the body is accustomed to heavy loads. Next, your goal is to gradually (in small increments) to increase the weight and decrease the number of repetitions. Thus, the figure of its maximum you come prepared and without unnecessary stress it, this nepokorimy maximum overcome yahoo! sports.

Besides these methods, there are still many examples of macrocycles.

It makes sense to learn more about them and choose what is right for you.

Lifting the socks with a barbell in the Smith simulator

Eating natural bodybuilder

Here you will have the opportunity to feel like a builder. Build will be a beautiful body of high-quality methyldrostanolone for sale “material”.Namely: the protein – a building component for muscles, and carbohydrates – energy sources. If we are talking about quality, specify that you need to choose slow carbohydrates with buy liquid clen a low glycemic index (cereals, vegetables), because of the fast carbohydrates (fruits, flour products, sweets) is nothing but fat our body can not digest.

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The athletes taking steroids golden rule for muscle growth is to consume the amount of calories is much higher than the amount spent. In short, raise kalorazh!

It should be scrupulously approach the preparation of the menu. Priority is given to a fractional diet, ie intervals between meals should not exceed 3-4 hours. If the menu you have compiled there a lack of calories, then you get it by adding cereal and dairy buy original superdrol products.

Sometimes newcomers set themselves diametrically different tasks: to get muscles and lose fat. These phenomena are absolutely incompatible, because the increase in muscle mass is possible with soma pharmaceuticals steroids excess calories and fat burning – when they lack.

In short, it’s everything.

What foods contain carbohydrates, table of products with carbohydrates

Remember, nothing is impossible in our lives. And if you aim to succeed in natural bodybuilding, you follow the basic rules: regular training, eating right, keeping a training diary.