Natural Bodybuilding: Muscle Without Steroids

Natural BodybuildingNatural bodybuilding: muscle without steroids. The program for training

September 6, 2014

Natural bodybuilding – not so long ago appeared sport. On what principles it is based? Consider the following.

What is this concept?

The first word in the term “natural bodybuilding” indicates a rejection of the use of any steroids. Yes, these drugs are incredibly accelerate the growth of muscles athlete, but at the same time they violate the functioning of all body systems. The result of taking Parabolin (trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate) steroids is an attractive appearance, and the internal organs of serious damage is applied.

Natural bodybuilding offers a different way. It lies in the rejection of special preparations. Of course, the formation of the body with the relief occurs over a longer period. However, the positive aspect in this case is that the muscles are pumped up naturally without the aid of chemical additives and steroids. This improves the health condition.


Today it is difficult to imagine any sport without doping. This particularly applies to bodybuilding. In contrast to the sport, which uses harmful to the body steroids, it appears natural bodybuilding. Competitions are held on it since the mid-nineties of the last century.

In Russia, there is an official organization that supports the sport. It is natural bodybuilding Federation, which was founded in March 2010. Its president is Stefan Chapovsky, and one of the most honorable members – Arnold Schwarzenegger supports the idea of ​​the existence of this sport.


Russia’s first natural bodybuilding championship held in November Oral steroids 2010, to take part in it were admitted athletes who were divided into four age groups. The first of these includes girls and boys up to the age of eighteen. Then came the juniors and juniors up to twenty-two years. The third group was represented by older athletes. Their age exceeded 22 years old. “Veteran” group consisted of the master over forty five years.

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The differences between the varieties of bodybuilding

With regard to the training process, the “straight” and “chemists” he practically does not differ. But at the same time, there are some features in the classroom for those who prefer a natural bodybuilding. An athlete taking steroids, capable of longer training for one or two hours. The process of muscle growth he happens to a greater extent. In this pivotal role played by stimulation of receptors necessary.


Several different array adheres to natural bodybuilding. The training program in that sport is designed to forty-forty-five minutes. The fact is that during the first 20 min. spent glycogen in the muscles and in time – in the liver. Longer workouts will be harmful to the body. An athlete in this case will simply lose muscle mass. In addition, the body peretreniruetsya.

The main difference between “straights” and “chemists” is a process of influence on the DNA of the cell information that reports the synthesis of protein. Athletes taking steroids, the process proceeds at a higher rate and to a greater extent.

Advantages of “chemical” body building

Athletes who take steroids, much faster than the process of muscle recovery, damaged workout. However, their endurance literally breaks the physiological limits.

The basic principle, which adheres to a natural bodybuilding – “muscle without steroids.” However, without chemicals to the muscles affects only natural, a limited number of hormones. Man is coming to its natural physiological ceiling. Progress muscle growth is slow, the result appears not at once. That is why already in the early stages, many people give up on this method and start taking steroids to achieve a rapid effect.

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loads Progression

There is a method that allows the athlete to achieve their physiological ceiling faster. One of its features is to conduct a training diary, which will be reflected in the loads increase.


For those who prefer a natural bodybuilding, inefficient work with the same weight. Loads should be increased to a certain progression. When working with the same body weight will produce normal amounts of hormones for him. This is insufficient to trigger the cell protein synthesis process. Another result is obtained with increasing loads. In this case, each workout the body is subjected to a peculiar stress, helps produce more anabolic hormones, which have to adapt your muscles. As a result of their growth occurs.

Increased operating weight

For those who prefer to engage in natural bodybuilding, load progression should look like this: Monday bench made in the supine position, the weight of 80 kg to 10 times in three repetitions. The following Monday, the weight increases. It should reach 88 kg. At the same time need to be wrung from six to ten times (as far as the body is capable of). Increased pressure can be given and weighs 80 kg. In this case, it takes three eleven times repeated. Thus, it becomes clear methodology are loads of progression. Operating weight should be increased. It does not matter how it is done (by increasing the number of sets or the load itself).


To achieve a natural physiological ceiling in natural bodybuilding can be another way. It consists of periodization of training. This scheme is quite simple. The training process will need to take a step back. This will allow the body to relax a bit, and then it will be easy to make two steps forward.

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Charts periodicity of the training process it is desirable to be on their own. This can be done only after the very essence of the method is realized, which represents the original wave. Small setbacks will achieve new goals.

Advantages and disadvantages of natural bodybuilding

Classes in this kind of bodybuilding quite complex. At the same time to achieve the objectives need to do hard work and patience. It is worth remembering, and that the results sought by bodybuilders who use doping, you do not ever achieve. However, the advantage of natural bodybuilding, without a doubt, the training does not bring harm. In addition, the athlete is not required to buy drugs, which cost a lot of money.