Natural bodybuilding

Natural bodybuildingNatural bodybuilding – bodybuilding is done by people who do not want to take any pharmacology: Steroids and all sorts of drugs that help to increase muscle growth.

This sport is quite another to pump big beautiful muscle you have to spend a lot of time and effort.

You will never have a body like those athletes who take anabolic steroids . Because steroids accelerate protein synthesis, recovery of the body and muscle growth, thanks to the growth of muscles occurs much faster.

And in the natural bodybuilding you have to train and slowly wait for the results, but you will be healthy, you will not afford to plant the liver, the kidneys, the heart of this chemistry.

Due to the use of steroids, muscle hypertrophy occurs (strong increase in their size), many beginners look at their photos and envy in some creeps thought, not to start if I take them, I want to look like. I’ll tell you, it is not worth it, natural bodybuilding still better and safer, because the Alphabolin (methenolone enanthate) important health. Many novice firmly believe and think that buying a few packs of protein pump up and become like professional bodybuilders in the photo, nothing like that!

All these athletes use steroids, and without their admission would not have such a body, look at the picture of Dorian Yates as he was in his youth. Common man of medium build, and with the help of anabolic steroids inflated to such a size th.

At the moment, there is a natural bodybuilding Federation in Russia and competitions. You do not need much to get upset, I want to say is if you have a goal to change your body, and you will try (to train, eat right ) believe in 10-15 years of training, you are so cool to change your body that you do not need to be any doping agents.

You skaazhete yes it is necessary to spend a lot of time, but it is worth it! In this life is not all at once, and when the swing naturally (without supplementation) you are sacrificing time when trying to reduce the time by using anabolic steroids sacrificing health. The choice is yours, it’s your life and your health.

Kachkov professionals can be compared to a beautiful apple, you’re at it, see it has a big beautiful, and when cut in half, and the inside is rotten, so needless and they are on top of a large inflated, but inside they are not the same, have all sorts of ailments, liver, kidneys are not the same that were previously due to heavy loads inside the body wears out.

Did you see what happened to Arnold Schwarzenegger? See the photo as it looks now, he suffered two heart operations, he replaced the valve. And all because of the fact that he used a large amount of doping drugs.

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