Oral and injectable steroids: all the charm and limitations

Oral and injectable steroidsSo everyone, even the most tuporylye kacham, today it is known that anabolic steroids have two Thomas release oral and injectable. And those and others have their own advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps I’ll start with oral steroids.

I would like to say, that their range is not so wide and all of them can be counted on the fingers of one hand well, it’s certainly one and all known “methane” Well, all his full analogs under names such as Dianabol, Nerobolum etc. etc., then this is the oral form of Winstrol so also known under the names stanazolol and Stromba and all that, well, you can still note the oral Primobalan and exotic Uzbek ekdistena (they okazyaetsya acre donkeys and even chemistry is !!!), and add Oksimetalon Andriol capsules – that’s probably all that now You can get it in Moscow and known to all avid fans of chemicals. Let us describe briefly how are oral steroids. It is known that a Winstrol simple testosterone can not be absorbed orally, it is destroyed in the stomach and intestine failing to be absorbed into the bloodstream. It was checked up hundreds of experiments on athletes. Why them? In women, it is easier to determine the increase in the level of male sex hormones in the blood. Well, we know that in the male sperm with seminal fluid and sperm released is still a number of male sex hormone testosterone. Catch the idea? No? Well sports physicians offered athletes just before a performance to take entu most liquid sharp rise in hormone levels in the blood.

For these purposes, the competition drove donor men with a great opportunity for sperm selection.

I do not know how it took athletes this liquid? It can suck (I’d like to be a donor)? Well, in general, it turned out, it was useless for the reasons which I have already spoken. Well, of course, that women members of that suck less and it did not become Erectile dysfunction truly great! This, of course, we digress from the main theme. All oral steroids are designed at the molecular level so that they do not disintegrate in the intestine as a whole, and are absorbed into the bloodstream. At the same time the blood passes through the cleaning cycle through the liver, which is the main filter of the body where a fair share John activated the drug.

Here are the main cause of liver cell death under impact of oral steroids. Offer many physicians to accept this type of drug orally per I mean, under the tongue, bypassing the step of purifying the blood by the liver, find very uncomfortable and painful. Try to be like some fifteen minutes after the complete dissolution of the tablets under the tongue with a mouth full of these nasty saliva. Liked? I think you will score on that garbage in a couple of tricks. Sam tried a bunch of times and once tired. Very intrusive know! Of course, oral medications are very convenient to use. They are chosen by people who panic afraid of shots and never will replace this form of steroids. Well, what can I say? Is it just shrug! Another plus and minus simultaneous oral preparations is that they are not very long and are rapidly destroyed by the liver and the blood. Lifetime oral steroids to a day. For this reason, this type of drugs are used in equal portions during the day to maintain proper hormone levels in the blood. Very convenient oral steroids for athletes who are in competition threatens to doping control. I remind you that oral medications are very fast and excreted. So depending on your body after administration days 5-10 chemistry test detects no have any urine or blood metabolites and hormones themselves. Also, in the conclusion of the narrative about this group of steroids I would like to note that usually injectable and oral steroid drugs one at the same dosage vary in strength and duration of action. By – apparently, according to the many athletes, the oral form of steroids is weaker than a similar injection. And that in general it is logical, because the biochemistry of drugs acting different.

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So, we summarize and postulate all of the above.

1) Oral forms of steroids are toxic to the liver, in contrast to their injectable counterparts.

2) Oral steroids are a very short period, causing a sharp rise and fall of hormone levels in the blood.

3) From the previous two output points. This is what a tablet should be taken the same meals throughout the day.

4) and a second terminal. Oral steroids are rapidly eliminated from the body. Just a week and you are pure as glass.

5) This kind of steroids prefer newcomers, people who are afraid of injections and athletes, who walk under the sword doping testa.Teper proceed to consider injecting steroids. This group of drugs is, I would say the antithesis of oral steroids for the most part. And the nomenclature of injecting steroids is much broader and more diverse. Separately want to note the injectable form of Winstrol is it different from all other injectables strroidov and we’ll talk about it later individually.So, if you take any of the ampoule with anabolic steroids, the fundamental difference nor smell any light you did not particularly notice. What is a hellish mixture of these, for which they pray hundreds of millions of people around the world? If you have already read the article about the testosterone ester compounds and their analogs, then you know that in order for testosterone molecule is not immediately destroyed in the blood they cling to various kinds of esters. The resulting molecular giant but are hydrophobic i.e. insoluble in water. All this is true bodyaga dissolves in fat, but it is natural that the natural oils used for the fat place. Oils are used peanut, peach and apricot. After mixing the essential oils and drug compounds are subjected to special cleaning. This kind of cleaning required to kill all microorganisms settled in the solution, and removing all unnecessary foreign particles and slurries. Sometimes the truth at the line for the production of steroids in the same notorious “Gedeon Richter” happen failures and this step is skipped for one reason or another, not to mention the underground flood in ampoules of the same sterodov where about any sterilization and non-pyrogenic products are not out of the question. It turns out that you buy the vial with your favorite steroid, grind away and half an hour later covered with red rash. What is it?

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Your question is legitimate. This is a fight of your body with the plague that you currently have stuck together with a pair of oil blocks. I note that this happens sooner or later with any lover of chemistry. The factory casting such a “dirty ampoule” gets an average of one hundred. Sometimes that is not warmed oil to the desired temperature and the sealed tube. Marriage? Marriage tell you. But do not lose the grandmother? Not dumb drag dealers buy on the cheap this gazhennuyu party steroids. And it is good and the factory Navara greater miracle pharmacologists miraculously get rid of marriage for money.

Is not that a miracle? So it would be thrown out, and at least some loot. That’s why you should not rejoice at the sight of cheap chemicals and rush to buy it from the person you are for the first time in his life see.

I advise you to have a permanent drag your dealer and purchased only through him. Such a tandem benefits both the athlete and the dealer. One is a regular customer, and other high-quality pure chemistry. Anyway it’s minor matters. Let us return to our injectable steroid. Briefly describe what is going on. Once you have made yourself an injection of a drug it is the oil deposited in the so-called fat depots. Steroid may be stored there for a long time from a couple of days (eg propionate and Primobolan) to a year (all known Deca)

The degree of absorption and the use of the drug depends on tsepelyaemogo ether. The longer the ether side chain the more keeps longer in the fat depot preparation. This dissolved in the fat depot drug gradually enters the blood. Of course it brings blood hormone molecule to all cells in the body, but even hedgehog understood that the injection site is always steroid concentration is much higher than in other parts of the body.

This thesis is confirmed by numerous athletes experience for puncture of chemistry at the shoulder beams, biceps and triceps, calf and thigh. This results in a more accelerated growth of the affected tissue. It is true it should be noted that these injections are not always pleasant enough and are painful, and the habit of raping corn needle on the ass hard to change.

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Pros such steroids are caught immediately. This rare receiving them from one to three vials per week. Let’s say you do not need to have methane hawala 6 tablets daily, but you can just stab one vial of Deca and walk happy the whole week until the next injection and not worry about anything. The curve of the rise and fall of the drug strength varies in different steroids. If, for example, the same propionate begins to act after a couple of hours after the injection, the fruit of the injection decks at full strength, you will begin to reap the commercials in five days. It is clear that injectable steroids caught on doping tests elementary. This applies particularly to the Deck. It can be caught in the urine even after a year and a half after the last injection. But the main advantage of injecting drugs is their low toxicity to the liver and kidneys. Even the strongest and most androgenic drugs in injectable form a “God dandelion” in comparison with their oral counterparts.Well, that the similarity of the results?

1) The injectable steroids are used and are comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. It depends on which side to consider this issue. Inconvenient those who are afraid of pricks, but are convenient because they can be done by injection once a week or more, and not to eat handfuls of pills every day.

2) The validity of most of the injectable steroids significantly more than their oral counterparts from three days to a month.

3) Isolation of the drug in the blood of fat depot is almost uniformly at certain stages. And it is very convenient as the constant hormonal explosions of the body is even more harmful than large doses of the same oral steroids.

4) An Inconvenient many injectable drugs in the presence of doping control.

5) And finally the most important question is the liver. Such preparations are straining your liver in the tens or even hundreds of times smaller than the oral steroids.

Well? I think I planted the seeds in your mind of doubt. I believe that you will have something to think about on your kachkovom leisure.

Personally, my preference lies in the field of injectable steroids.

We must realize that, without oral steroids, too, is sometimes not enough and many athletes include low doses of oral steroids in their courses of chemotherapy (and sometimes more like someone!). As you can see the arguments in favor of both enough as their shortcomings.

But if you are a lover who needs podnabrat weight, well, let’s say you are shaped dystrophic, the injectable steroids is your path. Forget the oral steroids. The liver is still important.

In the future, we will talk about the dosage of steroids and fomah issue further