OvertrainingIt is evident that the training process in bodybuilding requires a large expenditure of energy the body, which must be restored to each subsequent workout. If this does not occur, fatigue accumulates in the body, which can lead to a state of overtraining (fatigue).

What peretrenrovannost?

Overtraining – is a constant feeling of fatigue, which occurs as a result of regular excessive training loads, after which the body is unable to fully recover. Most often it occurs in the state of fatigue beginners who tend to ignore the basic rules and principles of sports training, a desire to quickly and in a short time to achieve high results.

The dangerous state of overtraining?

Status overtrained athlete is dangerous to health, as the protective function of the immune system is reduced in this period, which can lead to colds and infectious diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system, exacerbation of chronic diseases. Overtraining occurs imperceptibly and gradually for quite a long time. The first stage lasts fatigue, usually up to two weeks with no apparent symptoms or signs that are inherent in this state.

During this period, the increase is even possible results, the state of cheerful with a sense of light not passing fatigue. This is its main threat. If the first stage of exhaustion goes unnoticed, then it comes the second stage with obvious signs of disease. In this case it is Natural bodybuilding necessary to take urgent measures of rehabilitation, because otherwise the recovery period can be significantly delayed up to one year.

Signs of overtraining

Depending on the individual athlete, two types of overtraining with characteristic features. In some athletes this condition is accompanied by:

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– Depression;

– Slow response;

– Sleepiness;

– A decrease in heart rate.

The other type of athletes on the contrary there are:

– Anxiety and restlessness;

– Irritability;

– Disturbing dream;

– Reduced weight;

– Increased heart rate.

As in the first and in the second case there is a reduction of the results and there is no desire to train


The main cause of fatigue is the body’s inability to recover from excessive physical and psychological stress, as a result of violation of the basic principles of sports training:

– Gradual increase in load;

– Alternation of small, medium and heavy loads;

– Training division into cycles:

– Preparation;

– Competition;

– Rehabilitation or transition.

Another very significant cause of fatigue may even be the average load during the so-called “dry” when a sharply limited number of fluid intake.

How to avoid overtraining?

The need for training in the conditions of incomplete recovery of the body, requires a highly skilled organization of the training process. There are a number of educational, physical therapy and medication rules to prevent fatigue during bodybuilding.

Rule one:

You must strictly adhere to all the (above mentioned) the principles of sports training.

Rule two:

It is necessary to determine for themselves the minimum, medium and large volume of training load in a certain period of training and strictly alternate in their training cycles.

Rule three:

Organize high-energy fortified and balanced nutrition.

Rule Four:

To ensure restful sleep. Learning to go to bed early and sleep before waking up without an alarm clock self.

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Rule Five:

Stick to the rules of less is more. At high intensity is necessary to reduce the amount of training load and vice versa when a large amount – it is necessary to reduce the intensity.

Rule six:

Be sure to use a regenerative means in the form of swimming massage, massage and baths.

Rule Seven:

At higher volumes and intensity of training loads, use nedopingovye reducing medication. To do this, be sure to consult with your doctor.