Oxymetholone as a fat burner

Oxymetholone as a fat burnerIt argued that steroid Oxymetholone has a good fat-burning effect, and if the right to use it, you can lose weight, get rid of the fat and make muscles more visible relief and expressive. So it is true, but there is no experimental evidence of this has not been until recently. Now, when there were credible evidence, to talk about and discuss it can be serious.

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Fat-burning properties of oxymetholone

Incidentally, among the steroids are not only Oxymetholone has 80 mg testosterone steroids with credit card a week fat burning properties . For example, they are endowed with the least popular drug Stanozolol, both injectable and oral forms it. There are other similar steroids, but it is safe to talk only about those two, because information about them has been confirmed and experimental validation.

Oxymetholone is a very interesting steroid with a really unusual characteristics.

If we consider only the structural composition of the drug, you might think that he is useless and has no fat-burning, no anabolic properties. But its practical application proves the opposite – these qualities have oxymetholone are not just present, but also more pronounced than most similar products. Earlier, from the point of view of the classical virtues of steroids the quality of the drug was considered highly questionable, it was believed that the muscle gains it gives at most due to water retention, so use it with a vision for a sustainable long-term whats a good testosterone level result is inappropriate. Few things have changed at the end of the last century, when the development of methods for determining the doping of athletes forced to puzzle over the search for other, still “elusive” agents. One such alternative was Oxymetholone.

Through trial and personal trials in the 90s bodybuilders determined that he almost did not detain a liquid and gives the best results when using long courses, besides it safely can be taken in preparation for a competition, stopping the reception of only a few days before taking doping tests.

An experiment at the University of Southern California

Disputes and disagreements about the properties of oxymetholone subsided after the publication of the results of an experiment conducted by the University of Southern California. As an experiment, the subjects took part in men aged 65 to 80 years.

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This choice is not accidental and is made in order to obtain the most accurate results. It is known that at this age level of testosterone in a man is at a low level and hardly changes is glucose a hormone due to natural factors, so that the action of anabolic drugs can be tracked more accurately.

During the anavar permanent fat loss experiment, all men were their way of life and are not subjected to forced physical activity that is not engaged in any purposeful sport exercises.

This condition should be excluded most significant the factors that could affect the study results. Another important condition – restricted diet in which all subjects consumed by 1 g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

What are the results of studies that could confirm and refute that? So, the first – the drug really has anabolic effect and stimulates the growth of muscle mass, an average where can i buy injectable steroids of three experiments, each participant received an increase in weight of about 3.3 kg, taking 50 mg of the drug per day.

Those who took 100 mg per day, received an average of 4.2 kg of weight gain during the Oxymetholone LA® (oxymetholone) same period. Given the fact that the participants in the experiment were not engaged in physical training and their daily protein intake was restricted only to the standards required for anabolic steroids and cancer the normal functioning of the body, muscle growth turned out quite big.

Second – for the three-month period of use of the drug study participants not only gained weight, but also lost a significant portion of fat, especially in the stomach area (abdominal). Against the background of fat loss resulting in weight gain to get more than just the difference in weight prior to the experiment and after its completion.

Some statistics: on average from the two groups of men who took 50 and 100 mg per day Oksmetolona, ​​total adipose tissue decreased 2.6 kg, with about the same parameters irrespective of the dosages used. But if the first group in the abdominal region had only 1.7 kg, then the second, the figure was 2.2 kg. Once again, remember that all of this with no forced exercise.

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We must not forget about the side effects. It is said that all oral anabolic steroids have a strong burden on the liver and disrupt its normal functioning, and that Oxymetholone is no exception. Despite this, in the course of the experiment recorded only one case of a strong increase increasing index alanine aminotransferase greenville sports league (ALT). In fact, this was provoked not so much the action of the steroid, but also a significant dose of alcohol – man drank four glasses of wine in one evening.

After a while, when it re-examined, ALT level was within the normal range. If we evaluate the experiment completely, ALT performance in some subjects, though outside the normal range, still remain within the recommended standards.

Based on the analysis of the results of this experiment and many athletes reviews Oxymetholone can be inferred from the three main conclusions.

Firstly, the drug gives very good muscle growth of good quality. Moreover, the mass increases, even without any effort on the part of the athlete, and if you add to this high-protein diet and regular exercise, you can achieve the results impressionable. Secondly, Oxymetholone has a fat burning effect, it helps to lose weight and get rid of body fat.

And most importantly, it burns fat in the most problematic area – abdominal. Integrated action provides faster results than the is there a safe testosterone booster alternate use of steroids to build muscle and powerful fat burners, such as Clenbuterol. And third, the rate of oxymetholone is safe in terms of side effects and does not lead to significant violations of the liver, which can not be said of most other steroids.

The drug

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At first glance, oxymetholone cost may seem high sports outlet, but when you consider its complex effect, high efficiency, safety, and compare it with all other drugs, the current price seems quite justified. Proper use of the drug brings the following results:

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  • The rapid increase in muscle mass;
  • The increase strength, endurance and speed recovery after heavy loads;
  • Acceleration of protein synthesis and metabolism;
  • Stimulation of synovial fluid, improve joint mobility and eliminate pain in them;
  • The increase in red cell blood;
  • Accelerating the production of hemoglobin core burn fat burner and erythropoietin;
  • Suppression activity globulin, sex hormone binding.

Due to the relatively high androgenic activity, equal to almost half of the corresponding figure in the natural testosterone oxymetholone use is not recommended for women. Despite this, many athletes still use it safely, albeit in small doses – 50 mg in comparison with common men dosages of 50-200 mg per day.

Returning to the issue of side effects, it must be said that they are not so much, as it is to believe, and they pose no threat to health. Most often, athletes faced with such minor side effects like loss of appetite, reduced body’s own production of testosterone, a toxic effect on the liver.

Although the results of the University of Southern California showed no significant effects on the liver, it takes only one of these data is not reliable, besides athletes reviews about this very contradictory. Do not discount the individual factor and take into account that different people are not equally affected by the drug.

In general, bodybuilders evaluate this drug is positive, it can be recommended to anyone who wants a short time to get a good gain in muscle mass and lose fat at the same time. It is unfair to overlook estrogenoobuslovlennye side effects such as fluid retention, high blood pressure and hypertension.

Yes, they are, but you can get rid of them with the help of anti-estrogens such as Clomid or Tamoxifen.

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