Plus, from some stage of preparation, the coaches forbade us to swing, only speed-strength work remained, because the javelin thrower should not only be strong, but also flexible, biting.


Before the second class, we studied with my brother in our native village, in the 466th school.

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In 1980, the family moved to Leningrad, my brother and I moved to another school. I was very ill with health, sore throats chased me. When I was in the third grade, after another exacerbation of tonsillitis, I developed a complication in the form of a rheumatic attack on the steroid-usa heart. Everything ended up with a hospital where the diagnosis of first degree rheumatism decompensated with an attack on the heart was made, and a heart defect was also questionable. At that time there was still no such equipment as a modern ultrasound, and heart disease could not be accurately diagnosed. Until 1988, I was under the supervision of a rheumatologist. “I was registered”, as it was then called. Every month I went to the reception, I was given an injection of a monstrously painful drug called “Bicillin-6” – and, accordingly, all this time I was relieved of the serious burden on physical education classes. In my magazine for physical education there was only one result: throwing a ball. In order not to lie, I threw this “shell” at 46 meters.

Such were the conditions of my “equation.” Of all this set, I could not do anything with the problems of my family, which were long before me, could not, of course, do anything about the situation with my brother (unless it was not born, right?), Could not “cancel” my rheumatism. And among all these “I can’t” in my head, the question has already begun to be born: “What can you do, boy? Is there anything you can do? ”

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It is clear from the history that the prerequisites for a sports career for this boy were minimal, if not to say ridiculous. But very soon I found myself in the athletics section. How did this happen?

A young graduate of the Nikolaev Institute of Physical Education Borisyuk Sergey Ivanovich lured me in there. Then, in the 80s, coaches still went to schools and chose children who were talented in their specialization. After seeing the magazine and seeing my result (on throwing the ball, but what about it!), Sergei Ivanovich asked the physical education teacher why I was not in sports, but in school uniform (it was at the school stadium). “He is freed from physical education lessons for life,” replied the gym teacher. Sergei Ivanovich suggested that I go in for sports, very carefully, with regular medical examination. I said that I did not want to throw a spear, but I wanted to rock (then it was so called). Imagine, this one here is impudent with the release of physical education and a medical card as thick as “War and Peace” also set some conditions.

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You can’t throw the words out of the song; I never was flexible and “gift”. So: I do not want to learn, I want to get married – in the sense that I don’t want a spear, I want to pump muscles. “You will,” answered Sergei Ivanovich. I remember how I asked him: “Sway? With a barbell? From the present? ”And everything, one might say, to this promise, I was“ bought ”with all my not very healthy giblets. For the sweet cake in the form of the promised barbell, I went to the athletics section. It was 1985 year.

Why and from where, actually, did such a thought appear in my head – “swing”? Not from the good life and not from the wonderful nature. Yes, I dreamed of becoming big and strong, because at that time I was seriously offended at school: I was physically feeble, a year younger than anyone, and of course I was in conflict, I was daring, I tried to assert myself, but I could not physically oppose anything. I had a list of offenders with whom I was going to take revenge when I “become strong.” It’s not even so much to take revenge on physical actions, but to show that I am now strong and big, and you were like that and remained so. In dreams was just such a moral revenge. This I can now analyze, before self-examination I have grown very, very long. In general, I have never had the desire to enroll in the boxing section to learn how to beat offenders, but I just wanted to see their eyes at the moment when they realize how cool I have become. Of course, I was eager to start doing the barbell as quickly as possible, and I was indifferent to direct specialization, athletics. The merit of the coach as a teacher was that, having become interested in “iron”, he was able to gradually instill in me love for throwing a spear. In general, I can talk a lot about Sergey Ivanovich, he became, in fact, my second father, he did for me at that time, probably more than anyone eminence lab else. My own father, of course, worked, cared for me, tried to create conditions, but still life values, certain character traits, even such simple things as talking about what is happening in my life or what is troubling – all I received from the coach. He reformatted the image of the father in my mind. And I still think that a coach cannot be a formal person. If there is no contact with the teacher, the student does not learn anything.

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As for sports, I consistently engaged in athletics and by the end of the school was already significantly larger and stronger than my classmates. It would seem that aspirations came true? Not certainly in that way.

Because of the dream of “iron”, I came to athletics, and, unfortunately, because of her, I left the sport. He stopped classes immediately after leaving school. At that time I was already anavar for sale usa studying at such a level that I needed to devote most of my time to training and get ready to go to college with them. Lesgaft to pursue a career. But I did not want to go to a sports institute – partly due to the fact that at that time there was no military department, but I really wanted to continue to train. Plus, from some stage of preparation, the coaches forbade us to swing, only speed-strength work remained, because the javelin thrower should not only be strong, but also flexible, biting. Swaying my muscles, I began to lose just such an indicator as flexibility, I began to “fasten myself” – of course, these conditions did not suit the future athlete. Recall how it happens: 16-17 years old, senior class, everyone is walking … a lot of things are available to a teenager from a previously forbidden one. There were all the factors, and I threw the athletics. 30 years have passed, and I still in my dreams sometimes in the throwing sector prepare for the attempt. I love javelin throwing and quite proudly sometimes call myself not a bodybuilder, but an athlete.

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It turned out that so many shortcomings, the sport that was lost or spoiled in early childhood, straightened up, gave help, gave direction, opportunities, tools, helped to master their strength. And everything else in my life will later happen through the prism of the sport that I have chosen for myself. Remember from Saltykov-Shchedrin: “Wake me up in a hundred years and ask what is being done in Russia now. And I answer: drink and steroids with credit card steal? From far 1985 to this day, at what point in the biography of Lindover you should poke and ask what he does in a certain year, you can answer: it’s swinging that he still does. And there is. And it suits me, and I hope it will continue this way.

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At 15 years old, doing javelin throwing, with a weight of 70 kilograms, I squatted deeply, as they say, “on the floor”, with a 140-pound barbell, jumped from a place of 3.05 meters and could throw a snowball at a nine-story house. The base for bodybuilding was, I think, worthy, but as an adult I was very sorry that I could not achieve serious victories in athletics. I always wanted to act, win, have a result, I have a competitive character, and the coach has developed my competitive spirit to an enormous scale. We competed in everything: who will pull up more, run faster and in the end will hear the most welcome praise from Sergei Ivanovich: “Man.” You can not imagine what it meant to me! The next chance to come out and win came to me only after 35 years, many do not have such a chance, so I did everything, it seems to me, not to miss it, but more on that later.