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Primobolan a (methenolone acetate)

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Primobolan a (methenolone acetate)This section will focus on oral Primobolan formulation that contains a substance methenolone acetate. By its action it resembles an injectable Primobolan Depot (methenolone enanthate), but is designed for oral use. At one time, Schering produced inetsirumy methenolone acetate (Primobolan acetate, out of production since 1993), which was very useful for athletes. This preparation is not enough, since he was a favorite among European athletes, the speakers at the event. Although now there are oral acetate, similar in action, but does not replace it completely (the injection was more effective).

Despite the ether, methenolone is very mild anabolic steroid. Androgenic ability of this preparation is quite low, as its anabolic properties. At the reception of this preparation is impossible to achieve great results.Primobolan is applied when the athlete needs a mild anabolic agent, especially in the latter stages of training. It can also be selected if the side effects are concerned. It considered positive the fact that Primobolan is not c17 alpha alkylated ether, which is typical for oral steroids. Due to the absence of the drug substance it is one of the few oral steroids produced for commercial purposes, which does not give a large load on the liver. Although rarely affects the amount of drug in liver enzymes, it does not cause serious problems. Unfortunately, alkalinization and 17-beta esterification of Primobolan not protect him during the first pass, and the initial dose does not disperse. Therefore, when you use oral Primobolan requires a high daily dose.

Primobolan is not aromatized, so there will be problems associated with estrogen. This is useful before competition, as subcutaneous water retention (due to estrogen) can seriously reduce the fortress and muscle definition. Therefore, a non-aromatizing steroids are necessary before the competition, they provide a dense, firm muscles. Moreover, in the absence of excess estrogen unlikely gynecomastia symptoms.With this steroid will not have the need to use an anti-estrogen. It is said that Primobolan has no significant effect on the production of endogenous testosterone. This is true in a small clinical doses, but not for bodybuilders. For example, in the study of more than half of the athletes taking only 30-45 mg, marked suppression of gonadotropin levels from 15 to 65%. This dose is far lower than usually take athletes.Undoubtedly, its increase further worsen the situation. At the end of Primobolan cycle must take HCG and / or Clomid / Nolvadex, stimulate testosterone, unless Primobolan deliberately did not use at low doses.

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It is important to note that although the androgenic effects Primobolan is weak, the side effects is still possible. There have oily skin, acne, hair growth on the face and body. Men are predisposed to baldness, you should avoid the use of this drug (it is better to use an injection of nandrolone). Side effects are rarely serious enough to affect the cycle, although we can not completely rule out the possibility. Primobolan – one of the most soft and safe steroids. Women, elderly, athletes and people who are sensitive to steroids, can safely try this drug.

The daily dosage for man ranges from 75 to 150 mg. If you get only 5 mg tablets in Mexico and Yuzhn.Africa, it would be tedious and expensive. Such a mild anabolic like Primobolan is usually used in combination with other steroids for optimal effect, so if combined with other drugs, can be used a smaller dose. During the diet or in the last step, you can add a non-aromatizing androgen Halotestin or trenbolone.This combination will improve the appearance, give the castle and muscle definition, and will not cause fluid retention. Among competing bodybuilders such a combination is very popular, as it quickly leads into the mold before the competition. This medication is sometimes used with stronger androgens during the build-up in training. For example, to effectively use testosterone, Dianabol or Anadrol 50, although some will be smooth because the estrogenic component.

, Primobolan – the most popular steroid among women. At a daily dose of 50-70mg masculinizing symptoms are very rare. Since this drug can not expect a large increase in muscle mass, however, he makes a slow but quality increase. Some women added to other anabolic steroids, such as Winstrol or oxandrolone, wanting to improve cycle efficiency. Although both drugs are normally tolerated by women, can not exceed the dose. There are also serious androgenic effects, even when combined with very mild anabolics. At high doses, these weak anabolics can be dangerous for women. Therefore, we do not recommend taking an average dose, and to start with a lower dose.

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On the black market oral Primobolan is popular, though still less common than the injectable. This is due to the high injection efficiency, which at the same active matter digestibility give 100%. With tablets can also be relaxed, if they are not 50 mg (cm. Above). On the US black market price of one tablet of 5 mg may be $ 1, which is of course a lot, considering that the daily dose exceeds 100 mg. Tablets of 25 mg advantageous price is 2-3 times higher, but also the content in them substances is 5 times more.

Fakes: All Tablets 5 mg Primobolan genuine. They are produced in Mexico, Europe and various South American countries. They are packaged into blisters and bottles typically at 30 and 50 tablets. Cheaper pills with a small dosage is not fake, so buy them safely.

Primobolan Tablets 50 mg are no longer produced. Fakes were many, until they were withdrawn from the French market in 1993. Counterfeits still possible. Avoid them!

Tablets 25 mg are still manufactured in Europe and elsewhere, sometimes they can be found in the United States. Tamper is not, although after stop release tablets of 50 mg, the situation may change. Therefore, it is a matter of time, counterfeits will be available soon. Tablets 5 mg are more expensive, but buy them safely.