Roads collapsed, bridges were not built, but nightclubs flourished, which I sometimes visited with friends.


Now everyone knows about proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories, and then the principle was the same – eat more buckwheat and chicken and do not eat sweets. Of course, everything is not so primitive, but on the whole the promise was just that. I was lucky that I didn’t have to break myself, alter the eating habits – the food I loved turned out to be the one that is recommended when eating athletes. If you compare with my current diet – even by check from the store – you can find the same or similar products: chicken, fish, eggs, and so on.

In 2000, among the usual rocking began to appear fitness clubs. What is different from the fitness club rocking, you ask? Do not believe it, there was a shower buy injectable steroids online with credit card, there was a dressing room, there were at least some conditions. It was a place where they did not spit and did not blow their nose on the floor, and even the shells were laid out in some special zones! That is, the first clubs looked far from what the gyms now look like, but all that was in them seemed like a big step forward and a big breakthrough soma max 10. When similar clubs began to appear in our district, we visited them with friends for about a year, moving from one to another.

In September 2000, I became a father, my daughter was born. My weight at that time still exceeded the desired mark of 100 kilograms. It would seem that now I have become a man in every sense of the word, but I didn’t want to stop there – my dreams and desires to train further remained with me.

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With work in my city was bad, I could not get a job by profession. Roads collapsed, bridges were not built, but nightclubs flourished, which I sometimes visited with friends. And in one club a girl came up to me and, noting my good physique, asked what I was doing. I replied that, in a word, nothing. Actually, I have no work, but I am looking for it. Then she suggested: “Do you want to try to get a trainer in a fitness club?”

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I thought that coaches in clubs where I worked with friends are attendants and they are unlikely to get a decent salary. When I was told that a good coach earns significantly more than many office workers and even serious managers in the company, I did not believe it, but decided to try.

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I wondered why the thought of such work did not even enter cheap steroids for sale my head. Why did I tell this girl that I don’t do anything? From childhood I wanted to rock. Raised barbell with breaks for hospitals, studies and work. Always 60% of my time was filled with workouts, and I still continued to internally call it “nothing”:

– Stas, what are you doing?

– Never mind.

A huge piece of life in which I laid out in full, I called it nothing and did steroid usa not consider it at all as work, occupation, profession, foundation. I was constantly looking for some “right” classes in areas I didn’t need. So was it any wonder that I didn’t reach any heights there?

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So, having found the correct vector, I decided to try myself in the profession of a coach.

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…About work

In those days, databases simply did not exist. Some of my friends said that it makes sense at the interview to think up some non-existent titles and merit for myself, for example, that I am a participant in some competitions – I replied that I could not do that, because my conscience does not allow. In general, the presence of conscience is a heavy burden, and over the years this load is becoming heavier, but I’ll definitely never give up.

And when I came to the interview to the director of the club (I still work at this club for 17 years already!), He asked me what I did, what kind of sport, what regalia I have. I told everything as it was: there was athletics methyldrostanolone for sale, such and such were results in javelin throwing, and then there was a period when I just trained. It turned out that the director of this club was an athletics coach. He knew my coach Sergei Ivanovich and even saw me during classes – I looked very funny in childhood, so nosatky, curly, it was impossible not to pay attention to me. The director was very impressed by the fact that I told the truth without embellishment, he took me to work.

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Since 2001, I began to learn the profession of a coach. At first I, of course, had very little knowledge and was nervous, how can I teach people, really knowing only how to train myself. All my colleagues worked (they looked much less sporting than I did) and had a huge client base, that is, they performed 200-250 workouts per month, but I didn’t have them at all. Zero! The first personal training appeared in my work schedule only at the end of the first month, it was extremely painful for vanity. Maybe I behaved myself in relation to the team in some way, perhaps it seemed to me that I deserved more, and they were smaller (naturally, it was not so, and you couldn’t put your ambition in your pocket).

If I draw conclusions, I implement them extremely quickly, I just need to find a starting point. And I confess that after two or three months, when the manager of the club called me and asked how were things, I replied that I was going to become the best coach of this club. Successes – let me remind you – were, to put it mildly, very modest, but frankly speaking – a hole. Well, the manager then just smiled.

Everyone probably has this moment when you are confident and feel that this is all, you are a pro! Self-esteem to the sky, like a peacock’s tail. And you apply this experience (it seems to you that you apply), and andriol testocaps for sale the result is exactly the opposite. Or none. “I am a guru and a star of knowledge about building a body! Now I will tell you how to train correctly, and you will immediately achieve the desired results and order a hundred thousand trainings from an incomparable me. ” Oops! And the output is zero. Again such a call – again zero. So you do wrong and wrong. And no point further in this persist.

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The number of training sessions I ordered, the results of my clients and my earnings are the measure of my own professionalism as a trainer. And no matter how I was erudite, experienced and generally brilliant in my eyes, it didn’t bring me one iota to accomplish the task. It was time to learn something new. It is not a shame to study, no. It is a shame to go with the flow and not try to change anything.

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The first thing I noticed is communication with customers. It took me a lot of time to understand that a personal instructor should not try to dump all the baggage of unstructured knowledge on the client, surprise him with vague terms, while absolutely not trying to create a warm spiritual atmosphere. After all, at first it seemed to me that the science of communication – it does not matter that it is not at all about the result. Over time, it became clear that the ability to communicate is even more significant than anything else. And a few months of lack of clients led to the idea that we need to learn to talk to people in some new way.

Also, almost as soon as I got a job at the club, I began to study the profession of a coach in depth. My choice fell on the Ben Vader College of Bodybuilding, in the gym instructor specialty. This is strange, but without having a basic understanding of physiology, biochemistry, dietology, I very quickly and easily absorbed this knowledge. It was then that I realized that learning is different, and this difference lies in the awareness of the need for knowledge. I knew and understood that I really needed this maxtreme pharma reviews knowledge, therefore I assimilated it without problems.

It took me about two or three months to catch up with all my colleagues, and a year later I was the best coach. I had a monstrous amount of training, sometimes 12–13–14 per day. This volume and my efficiency brought great practical experience, and gradually I gained confidence in my knowledge, I saw that they help people quickly and seriously transform.