Secrets on the weight of food

weight of foodHeavy diligent training – this is only half the battle, friends. Equally important is the time to deliver the muscle building material – proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. In other words, you have to eat even at full capacity mental strength!

What could be more difficult workouts themselves? Perhaps you have already guessed, correctly – is food. Believe me sit down with a heavy barbell is easier than eating on bodybuilding laws. The fact that the power supply to ground, is fundamentally different from an ordinary diet. See, judging by the amount eaten, most considered the main meal – lunch. For us, the athletes – it certainly Breakfast. Recently, after reading fashion weekly magazines, more and more people are beginning to consider the meat harmful, we, again, we eat it very much. Many people do not eat after six, but we, for the mass of the set, and the night can get a bite to eat.

In general, we focus on finding the differences and summarize which says that the power of inhabitants and athletes almost has nothing to do. Plus, the normal athletes, in whole or the maximum limit themselves from alcohol, sweets and various other vrednoty.

It would seem, we live once, why limit yourself in this kind of pleasure, adhering to the rules of supply? But how do you know the outcome is always brings time. Look for the common man and bodybuilder years 40. Just think 40 years is this age? All of life is yet to come! But that’s only everyman Oral steroids looks already 60, it hurts shortness of breath and other diseases … Bodybuilder same looks and feels great. Well, what power was proved to be correct?

1 / Eat every 3 hours

Let’s start with the very essence of the problem -Traditional diet three times a day is contrary to human nature. We imposed it our parents, their parents, etc. But the physiological needs of the body other, they are such a regime only hurts. A good example of this would be virtually any older generation of people – the problem of excess weight on your face there.

The fact that three meals, between meals takes 4 to 6 hours, and a very large gap, which causes a sharp drop in blood sugar and promotes the development of catabolic hormones. The latter, in turn, entails the destruction of muscle tissue.

Plus, if you eat infrequently, then forced to eat every meal excessive portion, which is not good. Excess carbohydrates in the diet contribute to enhanced “production” of insulin that converts blood sugar into fat. That’s the reason why regular weight gain with age a person.

As you know, due to the fact that you eat three times a day, blood sugar levels can not be permanent. He kept galloping. As a result, this leads to disruption of hormonal metabolism, which is accompanied by low muscle tone and mood swings.

Remember, if you have taken the path of bodybuilding and a healthy lifestyle Warm up before exercise then you will need to eat small amounts, but often. Eat every 3 hours. This approach to nutrition not overload your stomach, does not entail an overabundance of insulin and will not lead you to obesity. In addition, this food contribute to weight set as a positive influence on the process of muscle recovery and accelerates it.

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2 / Download protein

Power to weight is based on a very large amount of protein consumed daily. Practice shows that a stable growth of muscle mass can be achieved by use 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. If this rule is neglected, muscle growth can significantly slow down or not at all to receive.

However, more protein – does not mean better, how many might think now. Self-protein does not make your muscles grow. It is the only building blocks of new muscle fibers, and the body can absorb it and send it to track a limited number. So, by the way, at a time, your body is able to absorb about 35 grams of protein from food.Anything more – simply disposed of. This fact is one more “yes” to the question of the fractional power.

Be sure to include in your diet foods high in protein composition. It may be egg, fish, meat, cheese, etc. Make sure that you fit into your daily protein rate, based on the calculation of 2 grams per kilogram of bodyweight. You can also resort to the help of sports nutrition, but do not confer on the protein powder of high hopes. Yes, they certainly are effective and help speed up muscle growth, but it is only additive to the basic diet, rather than a substitute for it.So try to protein powder does not exceed 50% of your daily requirement, and the remaining 50% were in the natural protein sources.

3 / Drink more water

Most of us, unfortunately, do not drink water as much as the body needs. In today’s world, people are likely to drink a glass of fizzy drink than a glass of clean water and it is very sad, my friends. After all, instead of just to give your body the desired product, we make it to filter the water contained in beverages of all sorts of chemicals. And this, by the way, spent a lot of energy, which is so necessary for a set of muscle mass.

Know, friends, that our body and muscles in particular need clean water, without admixtures. Sci found that how much water in our muscle cells, and their strength depends potential!

In training you can not notice the flow of fluid, as strength training is not accompanied by such a strong perspiration as aerobic. However, this does not mean that the water your body uses slightly. On the contrary – the water consumption simply crazy and the availability of its reserves in the body depends for intensive training and proper operation of the internal organs.

As a summary of all of the above, it can be noted that in the day you should drink at least 2.5 liters of water, at what water clean, a variety of drinks do not count! At the very same workout, too, need to restock, and liquid every 20 minutes, drink water, even if you do not feel thirsty, as such.

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4 / The right carbs

For ordinary people, the enemy of carbohydrates rather than one, because they lead them to obesity. Although correct to say not the carbohydrates, as such, and their excess. For athletes, the same things are different.Carbohydrates – a friend of ours and a major source of energy for training and further muscle growth. Be sure that the lack of carbohydrates in your diet will lead to an absolute stop muscle growth. It is therefore important to consume about 4-6 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of bodyweight each day.

However, before you start downloading themselves fanatically uglevodosoderzhaschimi products, you need to understand that not all carbohydrates are the same. They are fast and slow and affect the body in different ways.

The first is characterized by the fact that once in the body, they quickly break down to glucose as quickly raise blood sugar levels. Such kind of carbohydrates include all sorts of sweets, fruit, pasta and rich products. If you go too far with fast carbohydrates techniques, in response to their arrival, the body begins active secretion of insulin – the hormone that “converts” excess sugar into fat, to prevent thickening of blood. That way, you and the rationale why they say that the sweet fattening. But then again, this expression is applicable to more than simple inhabitants who do not where to spend all the energy derived from carbohydrates fast. It turns out that they ate cake, and “converted” his whole benefit in body fat on the sides.

For us – bodybuilders, it’s not scary. The energy obtained from carbohydrates fast, immediately sent in the right direction – the restoration of muscle tissue and their further growth. However, their use is justified only twice a day – in the morning, when the body after a night out, exhausted, and he urgently needed to replenish energy reserves and immediately after exercise, in fact, for the same reasons.

A characteristic feature of slow carbohydrates – this is their slow assimilation and the gradual saturation of the body with energy. Blood sugar, thus, remains stable and does not cause the body to insulin secretion. Accordingly, there is no risk “recycle” unwanted fats in excess. To slow carbohydrates include all kinds of cereals, potatoes and various vegetables – these products should be your main suppliers of carbohydrates.

5 / Do not overdo sports nutrition

Now sports nutrition advertising has reached such a level that many beginners mistakenly believe that the powdered proteins can completely replace the natural sources of protein. This is a big mistake, my friends! All sports nutrition belongs to a class of food additives, which means that they can not work independently, but only in addition to the basic diet. Of course, this does not mean that we should abandon the protein powder – no not in any way, it just means that you need to take them correctly.

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The fact is that in the production of sports nutrition, in particular proteins, they are deprived of their natural satellites – a variety of vitamins and microelements. As a result, they can provide you with the protein component, but unlike natural analog – are not able to satisfy also vitamins and microelements. Therefore, the recommended daily dose of protein to obtain at least 50% of the natural foodstuff, and the rest can be usefully replace additives.

6 / Do not forget the fish

For any athlete, fish – is the main assistant in achieving outstanding results. What’s the secret? The fat “omega-3”!Fish oil, friends, in contrast to animal fats, not only not harmful, but also useful, especially bodybuilders. Due to its high biological activity, fish oil is able to accelerate the accumulation of glycogen in the liver, which is an order will accelerate muscle recovery. Of the additional bonuses, you will get help in the prevention of heart disease and solution of joint inflammation. Plus, it is also a good source of protein, which is not unimportant for us – who want to gain muscle mass. Try to eat fish at least twice a week, this will be enough to provide the body with beneficial fats

7 / Sports Supplements

Basically, sports nutrition addicted already more or less experienced athletes and beginners at first you can do without it. But why make the path to the ultimate goal of longer? If you start bodybuilding, already from the first day of training, you can easily include in your diet three supplements – creatine, glutamine and BCAA. The effectiveness of these supplements is through the roof, and if you have the opportunity to take them, it would be foolish to abandon it.

In short, creatine promotes the production of phosphocreatine – a kind of fuel for muscle contraction. The more of this substance in your muscles, the stronger they are hardier and therefore training has been very effective.

Glutamine – this is one of the essential amino acids that much is spent on training, and its deficit will slow down the processes of muscle growth and can adversely affect our immunity. Therefore, to make it more than worthwhile.

Finally BCAA – a group of amino acids, in which the muscle tissue is much more than others. Heavy training mercilessly consumes them and if they feel an acute shortage, then you run the risk catabolic processes that adversely affect the growth of muscle. Therefore, BCAA supplementation not only protect you from the destruction of the old muscle fibers, but also ensure rapid recovery after workouts.