Sex and workout

Sex and workoutSex problem in bodybuilding is very vital, and a single point of view on this issue is still there. In this article, we will try in detail to answer two frequent questions: does the sex progress in a difficult sport, and how to speed recovery after sex.
Many professional athletes treat this issue very seriously, for example, Muhammad Ali would refrain from sex for 6 weeks before the fight, because he believed that it negatively affects his condition and the results of the battle. Nevertheless, modern scholars agree that there is no physiological evidence that workout sex hinder progress in bodybuilding or powerlifting. At the same time, some studies have shown that sex can even help athletes, because it increases the concentration of testosterone in the blood and is a sort of training for endurance. In other words, sex can serve as a kind of physical Sex and workout that accelerates physical recovery.
According to reputable sports doctor – Jan Schreyer, who carefully researched this issue, sexual abstinence can increase mental focus and aggression during the training. There is evidence that during and after intercourse the inhibition of the Central nervous system. Many athletes feel fatigue and weakness after rough sex the next day. Therefore, it is not recommended to have sex workout a performance or competition within 2-3 days.
Sex, testosterone and prolactin
Studies have shown that immediately after intercourse the blood increases the concentration of prolactin hormone. This hormone can have an undesirable effect in the sport, as it lowers testosterone levels and inhibits mental activity. However, this effect will not last long, and as shown by tests, the level of testosterone does not have time to decrease. Thus, we can say that an orgasm does not decrease testosterone levels in the blood.
In addition to the short-term effect of better sex workout on testosterone levels, scientists decided to test the effect of prolonged abstinence on his level. The first results were published in the journal "Archives of Sexual Behavior" Volume 5, Number 2. A quote from the conclusion:
Twenty men were examined within 2 months for Testosterone Cypionate Injection levels and intercourse frequency. The level of testosterone was higher in people who had a lower degree of sexual activity.
Another study (J Zhejiang Univ Sci) showed that sexual abstinence leads to higher testosterone levels only on day 7 (145%), after which the level of the hormone starts to decline gradually to the original level.
It is interesting to note that the testosterone level increases significantly if men experience sexual arousal without subsequent orgasm. Tells in detail how an article in New Scientist 22 Aug 98 11 research for the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute. So, 15 minute viewing of Erectile dysfunction a film with pornographic content can increase testosterone levels 100%. Another study, published in Psychoneuroendocrinology showed similar results. Thus, we can conclude that sexual stimulation without orgasm can significantly increase the level of testosterone. However, it should be noted that this approach is not recommended practice because of the risk of occurrence of sexual dysfunctions.
Loss of protein and energy during the sexual intercourse
Many athletes are worried that during ejaculation is lost large amounts of protein that affects muscle growth and recovery. In addition, physical activity during sex is accompanied by large energy costs. Simple calculations show that, on average, during sexual intercourse consumes about 50 calories, loss protein can be considered generally negligible and within the volume of ejaculate contains only 0.1 g of protein (and only 11 milligrams of carbohydrates and 6 milligrams of fats). Thus, "flow" of protein is possible not to worry.
Performance athletes
Much less clear is the question of mental concentration and tone, which is an important factor of success in bodybuilding . However, this aspect has been verified in research (Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 4, January 12, 2001). Evaluated the performance of several runners, depending on their level of sexual activity 48 hours prior to the workout. The results showed that sexual activity does not affect athletic performance athletes.
Another Italian scientist Emmanuele A. Jannini, writes in his article: "the belief that sex can affect athletic performance and recovery is mistaken, and objective research showed the opposite results – sex can improve the performance of athletes.
Sex after a workout
Experts recommend to have sex after a workout, due to the fact that orgasm increases the activity of immune cells (natural killer cells) and increases the ability to recover. This approach can even be used as a method for preventing overtraining.
Sports doctors have come to a compromise, and is recommended to do the following:
1. Sex can be practiced an unlimited number of times, if you do not feel tired the next day. Otherwise, it is possible to reduce the frequency of sexual acts to 1 times in 3 days.
2. After sex it is advisable to sleep at least 8-10 hours.
3. Not to have sex before exercise, as this may cause a temporary rise in the level of prolactin.
4. Not to have sex for seven days before the competition, because on the seventh day of abstinence testosterone level is the maximum.
5. Sex can be enjoyed after a workout
Sports nutrition to enhance potency and libido
In addition to abstinence is an effective and safe solution for auxiliary additives, which may drastically change the situation. It is recommended to use anabolic complexes and testosterone boosters. These supplements accelerate recovery after workout sex videos, increase libido, and expedite the growth of muscle mass and strength.
The most proven aphrodisiac plant origin – Tribulus terrestris. Supplement safe for health and has no negative impact on hormonal balance. You can also use other boosters and systems, which have complex composition. For example, Myotest from SAN.